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Smile Jamaica 4 hours and 20 minutes: 00 – Digital Dubplate Only; Online Show! A-Z Herbtunes

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420 Weekend. 4 hours and 20 minutes of Cannabis Reggae/Dub posted at 4:20 AM. Go deh!

<Acoustic Levitation inna Irie Meditation>


<Smile Jamaica’s Bongrip Symphony; 2 min 45 sec>

A1 Pot 2

<Livicated to the insomniacs, nite owls and graveyars shifters; 30 sec.>

Happy 420. Yeah, it’s a Monday but here is 4 hours and 20 minutes of Kaya-tude to get you through the case of the Mundanes. 20 sec.

Cooked this show up in my Secret Dubratory. About 50 songs devoted to the Seen Leaf with all my 80 plus Cannabis soundbytes, movie clips and other tomfoolery.

Played my favorite Seven Leaf gems from A to Z. Took a break to smoke some spliff with Queen Elizabeff

Then I wheeled it backwards from Z to A till it adds up to 260 minutes and zero seconds.

Livicated for the Night Owls, insomniacs and graveyard shifters. Posted at 4:20 AM. Wake ‘n’ bake!

bless, robt

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Smile Jamaica 2nd Annual Digital Dubplate Only, Online Canna-bliss Show


4:20 2015 A – Z vs. Z-A

0-30 min. 

<1001 Names for the Seven Leaf; 1 min 14 sec.>

  • Aswad – Pass the Cup 12”; Not Satisfied (Deluxe Edition) (Columbia/Legacy) ’82 UK
  • Peter Broggs – International Farmer; International Farmer (RAS) ’82 DC
  • Capital Letters – Smoking My Ganja 12” Disco Mix; Headline News (Greensleeves) ’79 UK
  • Sammy Dread – Plant Mi Sensi; Jah Live! (Heartbeat City) ‘98
  • Eek a Mouse – Ganja Smuggler; Live at Reggae Sunsplash (Genes) ‘83
  • Future Pigeon – Mummy Rock; Echodelic Sounds of Future Pigeon (Record Collect) 2006:Los Jah-ngeles, Colly-fornya
Egypt one 043
‘” heard a coughin’ in the coffin when I pulled back the lid in that Egyptian Pyramid/1″

30-60 min.

<Ganja Choir; 1 min.>

  • Ganja Woman – Light Up a Spliff; Pro Cannabis 4 (EFA) German
  • HR – Who’s Got the Herb; I Luv (Railroad) ’91 Jah-tlanta, Jah-rgia
  • Inner Circle – Mary, Mary; Best of (Island) ‘92
  • Jah Lion – Colombia Colly; Colombia Colly (Mango) ’76; Lee “Scratch” Perry/Black Ark
  • King Sighta – Dolla Fe a Reaffer (sic); Master of All (Phil Pratt/Jet Set) ’76
  • Carlton Livingston – 100 Weight of Collie Weed; Retrospective (Grade One)
Don’t drive 55 in a 35 with 100 Weight of Collie Weed in the trunk

 60-90 min.

<The Hardstuff – 3 out of 10 will dead in a year; 20 sec.>

  • Niney & Max (Romeo) – Aily and Ailaloo; Blood and Fire
  • Johnny Osbourne – Mushroom; Fally Ranking (Greensleeves) ’72 UK
  • Pioneers – Feeling High; From the Beginning (Jet Star) best of 1969-1976
  • Queen Omega – Ganja Baby; Weed a Bun vol. 1 (Charm) 2005
  • Norris Reid – Collie Field; Roots & Vine (Rockers International) ’85 Augustus Pablo prod’n
  • Sister Carol – Wicked Collie; Jah Disciple (RAS) ’89 DC
  • Toyes – Monster Hash; The Toyes (CD Tunes) ‘96
  • Toyes – Smoke Two Joints; The Toyes (CD Tunes) ‘96
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Freddie vs. Frankenstein. What no Green Hornet? No Green Lantern? Where is The Hulk?

90 min – 2 hr.

<Philosophy of Hash; 30 sec.>

  • UB40 – Mi Spliff; Baggariddim (DEP) ’85 UK
  • Vibronics & Weeding Dub – Sound of Reality; The French Connection (Hammerbass) 2012; harsh penalties for herb in France
  • Bunny Wailer – Cease Fire; Roots, Radics, Rockers, Reggae
  • Yellowman – Sensimilla; Dancehall 2 (Soul Jazz)
  • Benjamin Zephaniah – Get High; Rasta (Workers Playtime) ’89 UK dub poet
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Cease Fire….and light the chalice….will bear you no malice….

2-2 and ½ hr.

<Hemp in India; 1 min 37 sec.>

  • 10 Ft. Ganja Plant – 10 Ft. Ganja Plant & Weed; bushrock (ROIR)
  • Bush Chemists – Light Up Your Spliff; Light Up Your Spliff (Conscious Sounds); ’96 UK: Smoking spliff wif Queen Elizabeth Set
  • U Roy – Chalice in the Palace; Big Blunts vol. 1 (Tommy Boy)
  • Heavy Manners – Taking the Queen to Tea; Heavier Than Now (NeVo) ’96; female vox; Jah-cago, Ill. ska group
  • Dillinger – Buckingham Palace; CB 200 (Mango) ’76
  • Peter Tosh – Buk in Hamm Palace; Mystic Man (EMI America) ‘79
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Queen Victoria smoked herb to cope with brutal menstrual cramps. Smoking spliff wif Queen Elizabiff

 <Marijuana Lab Rat; 1 min 8 sec.>

2 and ½ – 3 hr.:

  • 2 Bad Card – Weed Specialist; CD Single (ON U Sound) ’85 UK
  • Zion Train feat. Afrikan Simba – Healing of the Nation; Homegrown Fantasy (China) ’95 UK mutant dub; Revelation 22:2
  • Yellowman – Don’t Burn It down; Don’t Burn It Down (Shanachie) ‘88
  • Sylford Walker & Welton Irie – Lambsbread + Lambread International (Blood and Fire) ‘79
  • Linval Thompson – I Love Marijuana; I Love Marijuana (Trojan) ’78; riddim shower (vox)
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Your red headed friend – Lambsbread. Fluffy like a lamb’s tail

3 – 3 ½ hr.

<Parents Beware: pot = violent crime = murder; 35 sec.>

  • Ranking Dread – Marijuana in My Soul; Rockers From Channel One (Trojan); riddim shower (dj)
  • Soom T – Saved by a Ganja Leaf; Ode to a Carrot (Jahtari); 2000 female weedstepper form Jah-sgow, Scotland
  • Big Joe & Bim Sherman – Natty Cale; Tribulation (Pressure Sounds) ’78
  • Rupie & Sidy – Herbert Spliffington; Rupie’s Scorchers (Trybute)
  • Pupajim – International Farmer; Jahtarian Dubbers vol. 2 (Jahtari) 2010 Jah-many; Peter Broggs dubstep cover
  • Melodians – Irie Feeling; Irie Feeling (RAS) ’83 DC
  • Meditations – Woman Piabba; Reggae Crazy (Nighthawk); ’76 St. Louis label, best of
  • King Kong – Legalize It; Rumble Jumble Life (Massive B) ’97
  • Barrington Levy – Sensimilea; Trojan Ganja Reggae Box Set (Trojan)
  • Gregory Isaacs – Mr. Cop; Reasoning With the Almighty (Trojan) ’77 Lee “Scratch” Perry prod’n
Experimental Agriculture Farm in Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province
International Farmer. I hope that’s Afghani Primo

3 and ½ hr. – 4 hr. 

<80% of first time cannabis users die first toke; 32 sec.>

  • Clive Hunt & the Dub Dancers – Satta I; & the Dub Dancers (Makasound) 2008
  • Fun Boy Three – Farmyard Connection; Waiting (Chrysalis) ’83: two farmers named Peter & Bob
  • Ethiopians – Well Red; Original Reggae Hit Sound (Trojan)
  • Ronnie Davis – Kaya; Trojan Ganja Reggae Box Set (Trojan) ’78 Marley cover
  • Culture – International Herb; International Herb (Shanachie) ’79 UK
  • Black Slate – Legalise Collie Herb; Amgo: Best of (Ensign) ’80 UK
  • Jah Stitch – Jamaican Collie; Bushyard Telegram (Tamoki Wambesi); over Winston Jarrett
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Smile Jamaica’s Adventures in Kaya-tude for 25 years. 4 down, 46 to go!

4 hr. – 4 hr. 20 min.

<Music While Stoned; 14 sec.>

  • Tristan Palma – Sensimilla; Return of the Rub-a-Dub Style (Echodelic Sound)
  • Joseph Cotton – Nuh Eat From Morning; Jah Warrior & Friends (Hammerbass) 2003 Fr.; mutant dub
  • The Itals – Herbs Pirates; Calling Rastafari (Nighthawk) ’82 St. Louis, Jah-ssouri
  • Trinity Verses Dillinger – Rizla Skank; Trinity Verses Dillinger (Bush Ranger) ‘77
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Thanks for listening to Smile Jamaica’s Digital Dubplate 4/20 Canna-bliss Show. 4 hours 20 min 0 seconds


<Don’t be a thrillseeker; 8 sec.>

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive: Jah-nuary 17, 2015 (Stream + Annotated Playlist): Livicated to MLK

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Blessing to MLK: When he moved from Civil Rights to Anti-War and Pro Worker Rights, “They” took him out


Livicated* to MLK and his fight for human rights

*livicate – never dead/dedicate



<Smile Jamaica Approved: Green Bay Packers; 36 sec.>

WTF? Heinous. Just heinous. The Green Bud Bowl Packers peed a sure victory down their leg to a guy (QB Wilson) who probably doesn’t go for 4 down, 46 to go.

I must have had two dozen text messages from people. Ran the gamut from condolences to ha ha.

There weren’t any tears at the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

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Not a fan

The mood at the Ark-Ives was more like this:

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Green Bay? WTF!

Forward ever, backwards never


The High-lights of Jah-nuary 17, 2015: Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives; 45 sec.

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Smile Jamaica Annotated Playlist: Jah-nuary 17, 2015

Set 1:

  • Big Youth – Get Up Stand Up; Hit the Road Jack (Trojan) ’76 UK vinyl; Wailers cover
  • Hot & Rich – Funk for Louis; Meet: Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics (ACL) 2000; Dub Album of the Week
  • Cedric ‘Im Brooks & the Light of Saba – Rebirth; Light of Saba (Honest Jon’s); ’76 nyahbinghi jazz
  • Rupie Dan & Jenifah Gad – Marcus Seh; Solid Foundation (Flag) ‘92
  • Fred Locks – Collie Herb; 10” (Sip a Cup) 2003 mutant dub; 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Horace Andy – Collie Herb; In the Light (Blood and Fire) ’77 bonus herbs
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Early addition to the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

Set 2:

  • Gussie P – Who’s Safe; 10” (Sip a Cup) 2003 MLK “I Have a Dream” speech; 8/23/63
  • The Archives feat. Ichelle Cole – Boof Baff;  The Archives (ESL) 2012 female chanter on vox
  • Gondwana – Sentimento Original (Original Feeling); Together (RAS) ’99 Chilean roots; herb tune
  • Bunny Wailer – Liberation; Liberation (Shanachie) ‘88
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Great late 80’s offering from Bunny. Smile Jamaica Approved

 Set 3: Best of Smile Jamaica 25 Years 

  • Gregory Isaacs – One More Time; Cool Ruler (Virgin Front Line) ’78
  • The Selecter – Out on the Streets; Too Much Pressure (Chrysalis) ’80 2 Tone UK ska feat. Pauline Black on vox
  • Aswad – Pull Up; To the Top (Simba) ‘87

<Aswad one of the first 20 additions to the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive; 23 sec.>

  • Mighty Diamonds – Babylon is Dangerous; The Real Enemy (Rohit) ‘87
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Las Vegas Tower Records; May ’88. One of my earliest adds to the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

Set 4:

<Wailers – Live at Leeds; Just Bob & Peter; 23 sec.>

  • The Wailers – You Can’t Blame the Youth; Burnin’ (Deluxe Edition) (Tuff Gong) 11/23/73; Live at Leeds in UK; 20 sec.
  • Zema – Give a Little Love; Look at the Heart (Melchizedek) ’99 Los Jah-ngeles, Colly-fornya female singer
  • Sylford Walker & Welton Irie –  Lambsbread + Lambsbread International (South East Music) ’79 J’can flavor of herb
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Herb inflation since 1979: 1200%

<1979, Jamaica: Qtr pound of ishense: 1 dollar 5 cents; 20 sec..>

 Set 5: Vinyl is V-Ital!

  • Bim Sherman – Got to Get On; Haunting Ground (Revolver) ’86 UK: cover of Keith & Tex “Stop that Train”
  • Charlie Chaplin – Jamaican Collie; Chaplin Chant (Tamoki Wambesi); UK herbtune
  • Azeem – God is Watching; Dreadfly (Joe Gibbs) ’82 Miami
  • Mother Liza – Bore Nose Possie; Chant Down Babylon (Gorgon) JA female deejay
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favorite singer in the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

 Set 6:

  • Peter Tosh – Fools Die (Wisdom); Talking Revolution (Pressure Sounds); acoustic at WXFM Jah-cago, Ill.

<Tosh rarity for sure-ty>

  • Sarah B Band – Let You Win; Realign Your Mind (Sarah B Band); local SLC reggae
  • Barry Issacs – Mission Against Herbs; 10” (Reggae on Top) militant steppers herbtune
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Collection of rare Tosh performances. Tracking this each Ark-Ive Edition this winter and spring. Selah!

Set 7: Jamaican Jukebox: 7″ 45’s

  • Benjamin Zephaniah – Now Not Now; Dub Ranting (Radical Wallpaper) ’82; UK dub poet. 7″ picture 8 track of dubpoetry
  • Ilements – Free Up the Herbs; 7” (Irie Ites) 2010
  • Errol Dunkley – Train to Zion; 7” (Topco) ‘75
  • Iron Phoenix – Natty Dread Christmas; 7” (Observer)

<Xmas in Jah-nuary; 27 sec.> 

Rare gem from the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive bought at the KUSF (U of San Francisco) Rock ‘n’ Swap. That station is now classical not college music

<KUSF: From best college station in the nation to classical music; 33 sec.>

 Set 8: Mutant Dub

  • Prince Far I & Singers and Players – Water the Garden; Pay It All Back vol. 2 (ON U Sound) ’88; mutant dub set

<Reggae History Lessons: Pay It All Back Sampler Series for ON U Sound label>

  • Soho – Zombies Walk the Cardboard City; Goddess (Atco) ’90 UK
  • GT Moore – Secret Love; 12” (Jah Works) 2009 UK
  • David Holmes – Slashers Revenge; Let’s Get Killed (Go Beat) ‘97
  • Dr. Israel – Residence Dub; Land of Baboon (Baraka Foundation) ’96 

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Smile Jamaica’s Jamaican Jukebox: Reggae Record Label Gallery of 7″ 45 RPM

Tuff Vinyl
When I retire, I won’t be a greeter at Mall-Wart. I wanna work here


Thanks for listening to Smile Jamaica live at KRCL and online here or at Mixcloud

Here is how we did on the Jah-gust 2, 2014 Mixcloud charts:

  • Vinyl: 7
  • Dub: 18
  • Reggae: 33

Thanks and keep spreading the word to your friends and family who love the Roots & Dub on Black Wax

I will add last week’s show of 3 hours of Jamaican Jukebox 7″ 45s in the AM (Jah-gust 9 show). Here is a little preview of the record label artwork of the songs you can hear me play

bless, robt



The photo gallery from Smile Jamaica’s: Jah-gust Jah-maican Jukebox: 7″ 45 RPMs: Jah-gust 9, 2014








blooddonzajahwally nattychalawadomamado


innerrose R-4678770-1371987808-3267





tribalwar truepersuaderstimebomb




Smile Jamaica Playlist: Aug. 2, 2014 (Stream + Playlist); Isaiah 63:1 – Bozrah vs. The Hairy Eyeball



Jump straight to Smile Jamaica Jah-gust 2, 2014 Stream

Summer of Roots continues into its 3rd month: Jah-gust on Smile Jamaica

<August? No, Jah-gust!; 16 sec.>

Here is what I featured on this week’s edition of Smile Jamaica: Aug. 2, 2014

I tell you the story about how Reggae and the Bible and the Hairy Eyeball all mashed up at my sister Stacey’s wedding 20 years ago.

Isaiah 63:1. Verse I turned to at random from Gideon Bible at my sister’s wedding. Reggae lyrics synchronicity: “Who is this man from Bozrah with his garments dipped in blood?” Eerie

<Bozrah and the Hairy Eyeball: Wedding Bell Blues; 2 min 38 sec>

Sista Stacey; her youngest Hayden; eldest Mason – Jah-buquerque, New Jahxico

I love the TV show Ancient Aliens. When I retired from doing political interviews on Radioactive  KRCL (2003-2012), I ditched the hopeless of change and embraced my Ancient Alien heritage. Modern Aliens, the Greys? Meh…

<Hovercraft soundbyte; 27 sec.>

Smile Jamaica’s version of “church”. Every Friday Night H2 Channel. The Anunnaki are coming back in 2800 AD.


Jah-gust 2, 2014: Smile Jamaica Playlist with photos, captions and sound bytes.

bless, robt

My Uncle Anunnaki


  • The In Crowd – Born in Ethiopia; His Majesty Is Coming (Creole) ’78 Fr. Vinyl;
  • Prince Jammy – Jammin’ for Survival; Rodigan’s Dub Classics: Serious Selections Volume 1 (Rewind Selecta) ’96 dub comp; Dub Album of the Week
  • Laurel Aitken – Heile Heile (The Lion); Woppi King (Trybute)  tribute to HIM by ska legend
  • The Abyssinians – In a Kalda; Reunion (AO!) ’98 song about horse racing in JA
  • Black Roots – Oh Mama Africa; On the Ground (Sugar Shack)  2012 UK
  • Gregory Isaacs & Kenny Knots – Bush Ganja + Love Is the Key; 10” (Inner Sanctuary) 2005 4:20 Cannabis Servic Announcement
  • Hollie Cook – 99; Twice (Mr. Bongo) 2014 mutant dubstress out of UK***End of Set 1
His Majesty is Coming….Look busy!
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Jammin’; Live Forever (Tuff Gong) last live Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania; 9/23/80: Stanley Theatre
  • Sarah B Band – Realign My Mind; Realign My Mind (Sarah B Band) 2011 SLC group
  • Danny Red – Little More High Grade; 10” (Sip a Cup); 2003 mutant dub herbtune***End of Set 2
2 down, 48 to go! Sip a Cup (.i.e. smoke the chalice). High Grade for half the price if we legalize it!
  • Mike Brooks – Train to Buzz Rock; 10” (Teams); Bozrah with his garments dipped in blood: Isaiah 63:1
  • Zema – Free at Last; Black Sheep (Melchizedek) female roots out of So Cal
  • Bunny Wailer – Put It On; Rule Dancehall (Shanachie) ‘87***End of Set 3
Isaiah 63:1. Man from Bosrah with his garments dipped in blood.
  • Jackson Browne – Everywhere I Go; I’m Alive (Elektra) ’93 Rockers do Reggae set
  • The Clash – Guns of Brixton (w/ Paul Simonon intro) – London Calling (Epic) ‘79

<Paul Simonon on Reggae and The Clash; 1 min 25 sec.>

<Reggae History Lesson: Paul Simonon’s bass prowess; 35 sec.>

  • Ben Harper – Burn One Down; Voodoo Child (bootleg); herbtune; Bonn, Germany; 10/20/97
  • The Members – Offshore Banking Business/Pennies in the Pound (Virgin) ’79 UK New Wave group***End of Set 4
Paul Simonon, bassie for The Clash: When they kick at your front door, how you gonna come? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun
  • Casselberry and DuPree – Positive Vibration; City Down (Icebergg) ’86 Milwaukee, Jah-sconsin; Marley cover; Vinyl is Vital set
  • Derrick Morgan – Great Collie Herb New Style; Sly-Robbie + the Taxi Gang: Purpleman + Friends (Vista Sounds) ’83 UK herbtune
  • The Eclipse Band – Corrupted Society; Inner Reggae Rhythm (Only Roots) ’78 Fr.
  • Dillinger – Melting Pot; Badder Than Them (A & M) ’81 US
  • Barry Brown – Masses of the People; Stand Firm (Justice) ’80? JA***End of Set 5
Vinyl is Vital out of Jah-waukee. Great female duet on Marley. Smile Jamaica approved!
  • Spiritual Rez – Anunnaki Invasion! + Bring It On; Apocalypse Whenever (Spiritual Rez) 2014; Boston, Jah-suchusetts

<Anunnaki Return from the Heavens; 12 sec.>

  • Jean Binta Breeze – Lovin Wasn Easy; LKJ Preents (LKJ) ’96 UK female dub poet
  • Winston Fergus – Ganja Defenders; 10” EP (Dubwise) mutant dub herbtune***End of Set 6
Not the Sumerian ZZ Top but the Anunnaki. “Those who come from the sky”. Coming back in 2800 AD.
  • Peter Tosh – Babylon Queendom; Equal Rights (Legacy Edition) (Columbia/Legacy) ’77 dubble disk rarity
  • The Emotions – More Questions Than Answers; Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles (Stax); US soul females do reggae
  • Elvis Costello & the Imposters – Watching the Detectives; Spectacular Spinning Songbook (Hip O Select) 2011 Rockers do reggae***End of Set 7
costello HS 67
Perhaps the greatest white bwoy Reggae tune of all time.
  • Red I feat. Brother Culture – Jahdgement Time; Jahdgement Time (Red I) 2012 mutant dub out of Phillipines. Mutant dub set
  • Dubblestandart vs. Sly & Robbie – Preemptive Dub (dub rmx); King Size Dub 10 (Echo Beach) Jah-stria dub
  • Gussie Ranks & Alcapone – Bully Bwoy + Herb Affair; 10” (Digital Conscious) 2010 herbtune
2 Down, 48 to go!: Washington DC legalization on the ballot; Nov. 2014

Smile Jamaica: Reggae History Lessons Tab



I added a new Tab up top on the Smile Jamaica Webpage entitled Reggae History Lessons

I’m going through Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive air checks and harvesting the stories that I call Reggae History Lessons. My show for 25 five plus years has been to entertain and maybe do a little dab of educating about the Roots & Culture behind Reggae.

All my knowledge of Reggae and Dub for over 25 years makes its way into the show.


Sound clips plus the Smile Jamaica definition and visual cue.

<Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Reggae History Lessons>


  • Dubplate
  • Bob Marley’s tragic illness

4/19: Cannabis Service Show

  • Kif
  • Lambsbread
  • Sinsemilla

bless, robt

Bob Marley Smoking Marijuana

One more 420….Smile Jamaica’s Cannabis History Lessons (4/19/14)

Celebrating his 5-4 victory over Al Gore on Airforce One Love


Hope everyone came out of the Holiday weekend okay. One last 420 before I move on in another musical direction.

Things you may not know and I didn’t tell you during the 20 Days of Cannabis

  • Adolph Hitler’s birthday – Apr. 20th (1889)
  • Bay of Pigs attack – Apr. 20th (1961)
  • Columbine High School Massacre – Apr. 20th (1999)
  • Deep Water Horizon catastrophe – Apr. 20th (2010)


I have been doing Smile Jamaica Reggae Radio since Oct. ’89; under George “Ganja” Bush the Elder’s term. History degrees and working in a Research Library also from about ’88’-89.

So I combine my “vocation with my avocation” through little segments I like to call Reggae History Lessons. I am going to add a category of these short sound clips from the Ark-Ive Edition podcasts and a description.

Here is what I “harvested” (pun intended) from the Apr. 19: 20th Annual Cannabis Service Show:

Cannabis History Lessons (4/19/2014 Ark-Ive of Smile Jamaica) ; #1

Kif – Author Paul Bowles, who lived in North Africa, talks to the kif seller. I said, “Kif. From the Arabic kayaf. “To make high”. The sticky trichomes that shake loose from buds and are pressed into bricks of hash in Morocco and North Africa” (53:46-54:31 on sound file)

Kif – Morocco hash

Kif – Paul Bowles clip & Smile Jamaica explanation (45 sec.)

Now Wikipedia on Kief

 Cannnabis History Lesson #2:

Sensimilla – From the Spanish “without seeds”. Buds without seeds have higher potency or so I’ve heard.  I laugh sometimes at the grocery store when I see watermelon labeling in spanish “Sandia sinsemillas”. Seedless. Makes sensi to me! (54:56 in sound file)

Wikipedia definition

Sinsemilla Smile Jamaica explanation; 5 sec.


Cannabis History Lesson #3: Lambsbread

I said, “a type of flavor in Jamaica so called because of the fluffy nature of the buds on the stalk looked like a lamb’s tail. From lamb’s tail to lamb’s breath to lambsbread. 

Lambsbread – Urban Dictionary

Smile Jamaica Lambsbread explanation (21 sec.)

“Lambsbread collie makes you jolly!”

bless, robt

“It nah Miller Time. Lambsbread Time!” – Gregory