Smile Jamaica Lexicon



I have been collecting Reggae and Dub music since Oct. 1986. I have been doing Reggae Radio since 1987.  My personal library has probably 200 books in Reggae, Bob Marley  and Rastafari. I have a PhD.* in Reggae-ology from your College for Musical Knowledge: Bob Marley I-niversity.

*piled higher and deeper

These are the unique words and lingo from Smile Jamaica set breaks and 25+ years of Reggae fascination. From A-Z

From the dictionary definition of lexicon: the vocabulary of a particular languagefield, social class, person, etc.

bless, robt

The Smile Jamaica Lexicon>>>Soon Come. After conclusion of Cannabis Service Month>>>>>

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Smile Jamaica is hosted by Robert Nelson on 90.9 FM KRCL in Salt Lake City, Utah (Saturdays, 4-7 p.m. MT). Ark-ives available weekly here at the Smile Jamaica blog.

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