Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Sept. 17, 2016 (Stream + Tracklist) All Vinyl – Cut d’ Chatter, Spin d’ Platter!


<27 years of Smile Jamaica!>


Fall Radiothon is my anniversary for co-hosting (and then hosting) Smile Jamaica Oct. 1989.

That adds up to 27 years folks! And so I choose to celebrate with deep gems out of the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: 3 hours of the black wax attack.

Memories by the score rotating at 33 and 1/3 RPM

bless, robt

No digital for I ‘n’ I

Internship at the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

Annotated Playlist: Sept. 17, 2016 – Smile Jamaica All Vinyl

Set 1:

  • Morwells – Reggae Party; Wiser Dread (Nighthawk) ’82 St. Louis – 3 Hours All Vinyl
  • King Tubby – Roots of Dub (Moll-Selekta) ’75: Dub Album of the Hour
  • Ras Tesfa & Jafrica – These Things; Voice of the Rastaman (Shanachie) ’85 NJ
  • Dennis Brown – Concrete Castle King; Visions (Blue Moon) UK ‘78
  • The Gladiators – Oh What a Joy; The Gladiators (Virgin Front Line) ’80 UK
  • Lillian Allen – Conditions Critical; Conditions Critical (Redwood) ’87 Canadian Dub Poet
  • Bobby Culture, Brimestone & Fire, Louie Rankin, – Big Big Bust; Tidal Wave (Unicorn) ’83 Santa Monica, Colly-fornya; 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement

<Big big bust; 6 sec.>


Set 2:

  • Paul Blake & Bloodfire Posse – Pink Panther; Are You Ready? (Synergy) ’86 UK: Henry Mancini soundtrack
  • John Brown – Easy Dreadlocks; Atra 10 Track (Atra) ’88 comp. UK
  • Tapper Zukie – Simpleton Badness; Man Ah Warrior (mer) ‘73/’77 NY dj
  • Aisha – Every Problem; Daughters of Zion (Twinkle) ’95 UK


Set 3:

  • Peter Tosh – Wanted Dread & Alive; Wanted Dread & Alive (EMI America) ’81 US – my first Reggae LP; 39 sec.

<Mom not a fan of the Seven Leaf nor Ted Nugent; 36>

  • Sophia George & Charlie Chaplin – Ain’t No Meaning; Fresh (Winner) ’85 UK
  • Mexicano – Lovers Conversation; Jah Woosh – Gunfight at O.K. Korral (sic) (Pioneer International) Can.
  • Edi Fitzroy – Youthman Penitentiary; Youthman Penitentiary (Alligator) ’82 Chicago blues label
  • Augustus Pablo – East of the River Nile (Shanachie) ’77: Dub Album of the Hour
Mama Nelson – original funder of the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive: first Reggae LP

Set 4:

  • Eek a Mouse – Do You Remember?; Skidip (Greensleeves) ’82 about Middle Passage

<The Days of Slavery; 8 sec.>

  • Cornell Campbell – My Country; Roots, Rock, Reggae (Creole) ’78 Fr.
  • Abbacush – Back Attack;  In Progress (People Unite) ’84 UK female roots group

<Abba – father; Cush – mother Africa; 9 sec.>

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Punky Reggae Party (Dub); 12” (Tuff Gong) ‘77

<Punky Reggae Party – no boring old farts!; 26 sec.>

packed like sardines in a tin

Set 5:

  • Singers & Players feat. Brent Dowe – These Eyes; Vacuum Pumping (ON U Sound) ’88 Melodians singer does The Guess Who
  • Gregory Isaacs – Rock On; Reggae Party (Disc Internatiopnal) ’83 FR.
  • U Roy & Delroy (Wilson) – You Keep on Running; With a Flick of My Musical Wrist (Trojan) ’71 dj comp
  • Sista Ruby – Supa Dupa; (Keyman) ’99 UK: Dr. Alimantado prod’n


Set 6:

  • Bunny Wailer – Burial; Sings the Wailers (Mango) ’80 Peter Tosh cover
  • Phyllis Dillon – Right Track; Popular Roots (Virgin Front Line) ’85 2 LP UK label sampler

<Reggae History Lesson: Virgin Front Line labell 31 sec.>

  • Johnny Clarke – Cold I Up; Trojan Story vol. 2 (Trojan) ’82 UK: 3 LP Box Set
  • Papa Kojie & Blue Riddim – Nancy Reagan Re-election Remix (ORA) ’85 St. Louis

<Nancy Reagan nostalgia; 9sec. >

  • Scientist – King of Dub (Kingdom) ’81 Dub Album of the Hour
“She sit upon the lap of Mr. T, leading us all to World War III”

Set 7:

  • Krieger-Densmore Reggae Bonanza – Get Up Stand Up; 12” (Rhino) ’83 US – ½ Doors do Bob Marley
  • Pressure – Stir It Up; Pressure (Pool Production) ’83  US; Bob Marley cover
  • Marcia Grifiths – Here I Am; Sweet Bitter Love (Trojan) ’74 Al Brown soul cover
  • Pluto & Trinity? – Vampire Year; Ire Mas Rockers (Top Ranking) ’80 FL


Set 8:

  • Sister Netifa – Daughters of the Soil; Woman Determined (Aluta) ’88 UK dub poet
  • Michael Johnson & the Killer Bees – Holy Smoke (Dedicated to the American Indian); Groovin’ (Tropic Sounds) ’87 Austin, TX
  • Don Carlos – Cool Johnny Cool; Deeply Concerned (RAS) ’87 DC
  • Basement 5 – Work: Dub; In Dub (Island) ’80 UK members went on to Big Audio Dynamite
  • Prince Far I – Jamaican Heroes; Jamaican Heroes (Trojan) ’80 UK
Killer dub poet

Words of Wisdom

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (Stream + Tracklist): Sept. 9, 2016 – Vote for We!



Pess-optimism vs. cynical realism

Yeah. I am none to happy with our electoral choices. Tweedledum vs. Tweeledee.

So either way we’re gonna get more war and more backbiting and fighting over who can give more kasheesh to the Richie Riches and Military welfare. Gridlock is the norm now.

But all I can say is: Reggae has been warning it would come to this for 50 years. That’s why I keep trodding through creation in a Irie fascination.

The Rastas put that pessimism to beautiful musical backing because as Bunny sang, “Who feels it knows it.”

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. And it’s only 4 years til we do it all over again

bless, robt


Smile Jamaica Annotated Playlist: Sept. 9, 2016; 48 sec.

Set 1:

  • Martin Campbell & the Hi Tech Roots Dynamics – Jah Love; Rootsman The Real Thing (Channel One UK) ’97 UK vinyl
  • Yabby You & the Prophets – Zambia; Dub It to the Top (Blood and Fire) ’76-’79: Dub Album of the Hour
  • Linval Thompson – Dread Are the Controller; I Love Marijuana (Trojan) ‘79
  • Storm – Hard Not to Like You; Hits From the Past (Links) mid 70’s female lovers rock
  • Bunny Wailer – Time Will Tell; Retrospective (Shanachie) ’81 Bob Marley cover
  • Yellowman – Operation Eradication; One in a Million (Shanachie) ’84 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement – anti-mj in Jamaica

<Operation Eradication – Reagan makes Jamaica get rid of the Collie Weed; 77 sec.>

  • Ken Boothe – Show Me That Love; 10” (Education) 2006
Jamaican military’s war against the Seven Leaf – Operation Eradication

Set 2:

  • Prince Buster – Oh Carolina; Original Golden Hits vol. 2 (Melodisc) ’60 RIP

<Cecil Bustamente Campbell – Prince Buster, Jah’s Heavenly Choir; 83 sec.>

  • Randy’s All Stars – Mission Impossible Theme; 300% Dynamite (Soul Jazz)
  • Zema – Free at Last; Black Sheep (Melchizedek) SoCal female singer
  • Hopeton Lindo – Territory; 10” (Tuff Scout) ‘87
Prince Buster deejay cameo in The Harder They Come

Set 3: Best of Smile Jamaica 26+ Years

  • Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Vote For We; Stop That Train (Greensleeves) ’83 

<Election 2016: Ebola vs. Hemoragghic Fever; 29 sec.>

  • Lovejoys – Chances Are; Reggae Vibes (Wackies) ’83 sister duo
  • Cultural Roots – Worries Me a Yard; Runninb Back to Me (Mango) ‘88
  • The Symbals – The Human Race; King Tubby on the Mix vol. 2 (Original)
  • L. Moodie – Untouchable Dub; Moodie in Dub vol. 2 (Moodie Music) ’74: Dub Album of the Hour
Will KRCL let me spin Smile Jamaica from Canadian exile?

Set 4

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Roots; Exodus (Deluxe Edition) (Tuff Gong) ’77 B-side

<Exodus – Movement of Jah People; 36 sec.>

  • Josey Wales – It Have Fi Bun; Outlaw (Live & Learn) ’84 herbtune
  • Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde; CD Single (ESL) ’98 herbtune w/ Pam Bricker vox

<Lebanese Blonde – Whenever I get low, I get high; 17 sec.>

  • Johnny Clarke – Dem a Say Rasta; 10” (Observer Gold) over Jacob Miller riddim


Set 5: Vinyl Is Vital

  • Clint Eastwood – Roots, Rock, Reggae; Death in the Arena (Channel One) ’78 JA
  • Carlton & the Shoes – I’m in Chains; This Heart of Mine (Quality) ’82 JA
  • Full Experience feat. Aura Lewis – Can’t See You; Aura Meets Lee “Scratch” Perry at Black Ark Studio (Blue Moon) ’76 Fr. Black Ark prod’n
  • Heptones & Jah Lion – Mr. President; Upsetter Disco Dub: Turn and Fire (Anachron) ’77 Neth

<Mr. or Madame President?; 21 sec.>


Mr. President or Madame President. What you gonna do about the working class?

Set 6: Rockers do Reggae

  • Paul Simon – Mother and Child Reunion; Paul Simon (Warner Bros.) ’72: Rockers do Reggae

<Paul Simon records in Jamaica; 18 sec.>

  • Gabriella Cilmi – Ob-la Di, Ob-la Da; White Album Recovered 1 (Mojo) 2008 Beatles Caribbean cover
  • Eddie Floyd – Baby Lay Your Head Down (Gently on My Bed) (Stax) Complete Stax/Volt Singles Collection vol. 3 (Stax) ’73 soul reggae: Memphis in Jamaica
  • Wingless Angels – Zion Bells; Wingless Angels (Mindless) ’96 Keith Richards, Justin Hinds + nyahbinghi
  • The Upsetters – Drum Rock; Bill Laswell – Dub Massive Chapter Two (Trojan) 2005 remixes: Dub Album of the Hour
Nyah Keith and the Wingless Angels

Set 7:

  • Peter Tosh & the Wailers– Fire, Fire; Honorary Citizen (Columbia) ‘68 single
  • Mike Brooks – Feeling of Reggae; Classical Anthology (M-10) ’78 best of
  • Prince Mohammed – Casanova Ride; 10” (Rockers) A. Pablo prod’n


Set 8: Mutant Dub

  • Survival Soundz – Dub Is Dub; Land of Baboon (Baraka Foundation) ’96 illcentric dub
  • Playgroup – Going Overdrawn; Epic Sound Battles Chapter Two (Cherry Red/ON U Sound) ’82 instrumental
  • Samia Farah – Je Me Mefie; Samia Farah (SAM) 2008 Fr.-Tunisian female singer
  • The Archive feat. Ras Puma – Sensibility; Archives (ESL) 2012 DC: herb tune
  • Audio Active – Psycho Buds (Asian Dub Foundation rmx); Bong EP (Birdman) 2000 Jah-pon meets UK Hindi dubbers


Prince Buster in Jah’s Heavenly Choir


Smile Jamaica Digital Dubplate (Stream + Tracklist): Roots Reggae Roulette!



Getting ready to embark on a major remodel project in my house in the Sugarhood (lower Sugarhouse) area of Salt Lake City.

I’m tired of living like a music hoarder. So I am biting the bullet: wiping out two small bedroom and replacing them with one big room with shelves from floor to ceiling.

A Librarian (me) with his own personal Library. But in order to do that, I have to move 35 years of music collecting into my garage.

I took last Saturday off to do that and pulled about 50 representative favorites aside for what I call Digital Dubplate shows: 3 hour editions of Smile Jamaica cooked up in my home studio.

The memories of collecting this music over the decades, as I pack CDs into boxes and records into crates, really makes me nostalgic. Because so many record stores have gone out of  business, my whole way of life is crashing down.

Forward ever, backwards never!

bless, robt


Smile Jamaica Digital Dubplate: Fall 2016

0-30 min

  • Don Carlos – Just a Passing Glance + Dj version; Just a Passing Glance (RAS) ‘84
  • The Congos – Children Crying; Heart of the Congos (Blood and Fire) ‘77
  • Paul Simon – Mother and Child Reunion; Paul Simon (Warner Bros.) ‘72
  • Althea & Donna – Make a Truce; Uptown Top Ranking (Virgin Front Line) ‘78
  • Cocoa Tea – Rocking Dolly; Rocking Dolly (RAS)
  • Earl Zero & Soul Syndicate – Home Sweet Home; Visions of Love (Epiphany) ‘79
  • Lacksley Castell – Righteous Stand; Morning Glory (Negus Roots) ‘82
  • Junior Delgado – Armed Robbery; Brothers (DEB) ‘77
  • Judy Mowatt – Rock Me; Love Is Overdue (Shanachie) ‘86
  • Prince Far I – Johnny Get Worse; Silver & Gold (Blood and Fire) dj to mid 70’s Slickers Johnny Too Bad 


30-60 min

  • The Upsetters – Nebuchadnezzar; Chapter 2 of “Words” (Trojan) ’72 Perry produced melodica instrumental
  • Carlene Davis – The Harder They Come; 15 Classics of Carlene Davis (Sonic) ’80 Jimmy Cliff cover
  • Prince Buster – Satta Massagana; Sister Big Stuff (Sunspot) ’72 Abyssinians cover
  • Jimmy Cliff – No Woman, No Cry; Follow My Mind (MCA) ’75 Bob Marley cover
  • Akabu – Africans United; Warrior Queen (ON U Sound) ’95 UK female roots group
  • Jah Lloyd – This Ya Corner; Final Judgement (sic) (Teems) ’74
  • Johnny Clarke – Rebel Soldering; Don’t Trouble Trouble (Attack) ‘75
  • Lee Perry & the Upsetters – Justice to the People + Verse 2; Give Me Power (Trojan) ’73 


60-90 min

  • The Slits – Heard It Through the Grapevine; Eastbound & Down Soundtrack (Fat Possum)
  • Tapper Zukie – Message to Pork Eaters (Jahman a Come); Man Ah Warrior (Trojan) ’75 deejay
  • Max Romeo – Smile out of Style; War ina Babylon (Mango) ‘76
  • Culture – This Train; Cumbolo (Shanachie) ’79 Woodie Guthrie cover
  • The Marvels – Rock Steady; 100% Dynamite (Soul Jazz) Aretha Franklin cover
  • Mutabaruka – Whey Mi Belong?; Check It! (Alligator) ’83 dub poetry
  • Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster (Jammin’); Hotter Than July (Tamla) ’81 Bob Marley tribute (90 min.)


90min -2 hr.

  • General Public – Tenderness; All the Rage (I.R.S.) ’84 UK ska-pop
  • Love Joys – Wherever Jah Send Me; Reggae Vibes (Wackies) ’81 sistas
  • Black Uhuru – Youth of Eglington; Red; (Mango) ‘81
  • Native – Rockstone; Rockstone (Pressure Sounds) ’77 Lee “Scratch” Perry mix
  • Bunny Wailer – Put It On; Rule Dance Hall (Shanachie) ‘87
  • Marcia Griffiths – Give and You Get; Steppin’ (Shanachie) ‘79
  • Peter Tosh – Oh Bumbo Klaat; Wanted Dread & Alive (EMI America) ’81 
The first of tens of thousands of Reggae LPs, CDs, 7″, cassettes, 10″, 12″, 8 tracks

2 – 2 and 1/2 hrs.

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Three Little Birds; Legend (Deluxe Edition) ’85 Julian Mendelsohn rmx
  • Martha Velez – Get Up Stand, Up; Escape From Babylon (Sire) ’76 Bob Marley/Peter Tosh cover
  • Sheriff Lindo & the Hammer – Dub House of Horror; Ten Dubs That Shook the World (Creative Vibes) ’88 Oz dubber
  • Barrington Levy – Jah a The Creator; Time Capsule (RAS) ‘83
  • Bingy Bunny – Bit By Bit; Kingston 12 Toughie (RAS) ’75 of the Morwells
  • Aisha – Guide and Protect; Roots Daughters (Ariwa) ‘88
  • Cultural Roots – Danger Light; Revolutionary Sounds (Revolutionary Sounds)
  • Burning Spear – Bad to Worst; The Fittest of the Fittest (Heartbeat) ’83 (2 and ½ hours)
Killer rare dub from Oz

2 and 1/2 – 3 hrs.

  • Mikey Dread – Saturday Night Style; African Anthem (RAS) ‘79
  • Likkle Mai – Count on Me; Roots Candy (Beat) 2005 Jah-pon dawta
  • Doctor Alimantado – Born For a Purpose/Reason For Living; Born For a Purpose (Greensleeves) ‘77
  • Lion Youth – Rat a Cut Bottle; Don’t Call Us Immigrants (Pressure Sounds) ’78 UK
  • Jimmy Riley – Poor Immigrant; 20 Classic Hits (Sonic) ‘81
  • Yellowman – Soldier Take Over; Crucial Reggae (Mango) ’82 comp
  • Sonya Spence – Peace & Unity; In the Dark (Skynote) ‘78


Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (Stream + Tracklist): Jah-gust 27, 2016 – Reggae University Back in Session!

Anu and Marduk were dreadlocks!


School is back in session. Summer a gwaan. Time for New Roots and opportunities. Soon the weather gets cooler and the days grow shorter. All the folks travelling and doing outdoor activities that don’t always include radio. So listenership tends to go down in the summer and starts to bump in the fall.

Look forward to that in the months to come on Smile Jamaica while we put Summer in our rear view. That’s why if you’re travelling, on-demand Smile Jamaica is always there for your activity soundtrack

bless, robt


Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Jah-gust 27, 2016

Set 1:

  • Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus – Build Up Your House; Revelation (Trojan) ’82 UK vinyl: nyahbinghi style
  • The Upsetters – Noah Sugar Pan; Upsetter Shop vol. 1 (Heartbeat) Black Ark Dub Album of the Hour
  • Michael Palmer – Have Faith in Jah; Wicked a Go Feel It (Trojan) ‘84
  • Judith – Such Is Life; Universal Roots – U.K. Reggae All Stars (Universal Roots) 2008 UK
  • Leroy Wallace – Far Beyond; Studio One Roots (Studio One/Soul Jazz) melodica
  • Fun Boy Three – Farmyard Connection; Waiting (Chrysalis) ’83 Specials 2 Tone ska spin off

<Peter & Bob – 2 farmers trying to earn a living>

  • Ras Daniel Ray – Princess; 10” (Education) 2006 UK


Set 2: Wailers Family Tree

  • Peter Tosh & the Wailers – Pound Get a Blow; Honorary Citizen (Columbia): ’68
  • Bunny Wailer – Liberation; Retrospective (Shanachie) ’88 best of
  • Rita Marley & the Wailers – Deh Pon Dem; Ska Bonanza (Heartbeat/Studio One)
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Smile Jamaica + Version; Rastaman Vibration (Deluxe Edition) (Tuff Gong) ’76: single + version for Smile Jamaica Peace Concert

Smile Jamaica Cartel

Set 3: Best of Smile Jamaica – 26+ Years

  • Linval Thompson – I Love Marijuana; I Love Marijuana (Trojan) ’79
  • Cedric Myton & the Congos – Wherever He Leads Me; Face the Music (VP) ‘81
  • Althea & Donna – Jah Rastafari; Uptown Top Ranking (Virgin Front Line) ’78 female singjay duo
  • Wailing Souls – They Don’t Know Jah; Very Best of (Greensleeves) ‘82
  • Bill Laswell – Dub Massive vol. 1 (Trojan) Dub Album of the Hour: dub remixes of Reggae dubs

download (2)

Set 4:

  • Samia Farah – Rien ne Acquis; Samia Farah (SAM) 2008 Fr.-Tunisian singer
  • Heptones & Prince Lamont – Meaning of Life; Hits of the Past (J.B.) ‘77
  • Mike Brooks – Rhum (sic) Drinker; Classical Anthology (M-10) herbtune ‘78
  • Mad Professor & the Robotiks feat. Michael Walters – Jungle Vibrations; 10” (Ariwa) 2002 UK


Set 5: Vinyl is Vital

  • Burning Spear – African Teacher; Lovers and Rockers (EMI) ’79 UK
  • Al Campbell – Just a Close Talk With You; Rough Road (Burning Sounds) ’79 UK red vinyl
  • Hortense Ellis – Wooden Heart; Raver’s Rock Vol. 2 (Vista Sounds) ’84 UK
  • Jah Lloyd – Dispencer; Black Moses (Virgin Front Line) ’78 UK

<Jah Lloyd – No needles for I ‘n’ I>

  • Lee “Scratch” Perry & Full Experience – Disco Devil (Extended Mix); Turn and Fire (Anachron) ’77 Neth. Vinyl
“Doctor! Don’t give I an injection, it will leave an infection.”

Set 6:

  • Ayo – What’s This All About; Gravity at Last (Polydor) 2008 Germ.-Nigerian female
  • Collie Buddz – Come Around; Collie Buddz (Columbia) 2007 herbtune
  • Pablo Moses – Under Your Spell; We Refuse (Priority) ‘90
  • Version feat. Carlton Livingston – Hotta Fire Burn; 10” (Webcam Hi Fi) 2007 Fr.


Set 7:

  • Morgan Heritage – Unjust World; CD Single (MCA) ‘94
  • Aswad – Boom Boom Carnival; Roots Revival (Ark 21) ’99 Jamaicans rock steady cover
  • Junior Delgado – Jah Say; Tichen (Rhino UK) ‘90
  • Black Uhuru – Botanical Roots; Anthem (Island) ‘84
  • Israel Vibration/Soul Syndicate – Go Through Dub; Unconquered People Dub (Greensleeves) ‘79

<Black Uhuru – Anthem is the album that made me a Reggae fanatic>

First Reggae Grammy winner – the album that lit the fuse for I ‘n’ I

Set 8: Mutant Dub

  • Graciella Rodriguez – Stop That Train; On U Sound 30 Years Anniversary (King Size Dub Special) (Echo Beach) 2011 Spanish take on Bim Sherman classic
  • Audio Active – Psychobuds; Bong (Birdman) 2000 Jah-pon herbtune
  • Joseph Cotton – Ali Baba; Pro Cannabis 4 (Dope Media) 2000 Germ. Herbtune on Ali Baba riddim
  • Soom T – Puff That Weed; Ode to a Carrot (Jahtari) 2008 Germ./Scottish female weedstepper
  • Ben Jammin – Money Talks; Ambassah Rub a Dub Showcase Part 2 (Ambassah) 2006 UK
  • Badawi – Voices From the Sky; Soldier of Midian (ROIR) 2001 Jewish-mystic dub
How do you say 4 down, 46 to go in Jah-ponese?