Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives Jah-pril 23, 2016 (Stream + Tracklist) When Dubs Cry!

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David Bowie and now Prince. Sad year for music giants. We livicate this Ark-Ive to the great pop singer in his 80’s heyday.

Until I got into Reggae this was my automatic soul purchase a youth in frozen Montana:

Smile Jamaica’s Top 5 Prince songs

  1. When You Were Mine
  2. Little Red Corvette
  3. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
  4. Kiss
  5. Sign o’ the Times.

On the Ark-Ive below we hear When Doves Cry. Bass added for the Reggae which wasn’t there on the original.

bless, robt

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<Plant your seeds!>

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives Annotated Playlist: Jah-pril 23, 2016:

Set 1:

  • Monty Montgomery – Seeds;  Seeds (Fusion) Atlanta vinyl
  • Sound Dimension – Rockfort Rock – Mojo Rock Steady (Studio One/Soul Jazz) Dub Album of the Hour
  • Laurel Aitken – Heile Heile; Rasta Man Power (Unicorn) ‘69
  • Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers – 666; Hey World! (EMI) ‘86
  • Ayo – Lonely; Gravity at Last (Polydor) 2008 Nigerian-German female
  • Jimmy Lindsay – Easy; 12 the Hardway (Tribesman) ’77 Commodores cover
  • 10 Ft. Ganja Plant; Bass Chalice; Bass Chalice (ROIR) 2005 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Horace Andy – Collie Weed; Prime of Horace Andy (Music Club) best of herb tune

<Just minding my own business. Smoking my collie weed>


Set 2

  • Denver Dub Collective – When Doves Cry; Purple Rain (Denver Dub) 2009 Prince RIP

<Prince: Rest in Peace; 40 sec.>

  • Aswad – Pass the Cup; Not Satisfied (CBS) ’82 UK herbtune

<Pass the Cupe = the sacred chalice>

  • Gracy & the Herbman Band – Yard Crew; Movements (Funfundvierzig) ’95 German-Jamaican toaster
  • Black Crucial – Mr. Vincent; 10” (Fatman) ‘83
Rest in Peace. Livicate never deadicate

Set 3: Wailers Family Tree

  • Bunny Wailer – Roots, Radics, Rockers, Reggae; Retrospective (Shanachie) 
  • Rita Marley – Fussing  & Fighting; Harambe (Shanachie) ‘82
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Crazy Baldhead (Unreleased Album Mix); Rastaman Vibration (Tuff Gong) ’76 bonus track
  • Peter Tosh – Vampire; No Nuclear War (EMI America) ‘86
  • Scientist – The Anti-Chris; 911 Dub (Nature Dub) Dub Album of the Hour


Set 4:

  • Grace Jones – Love Is the Drug; Private Life: Compass Point Sessions (Island) ‘80 Roxy Music cover w/ Sly & Robbie
  • Don Carlos & Barry Brown –  Mr. Big Man + Shoot Up the Town; 10” (Uptempo) ’83 Sugar Minott prod’n


<Put da needle pon di record. Penny keeps the bass in the groove>

Set 5: 7 inch Seven Leaf; 19 sec.

  • Prince Hammer – Export Ganja; 7” (Tamoki Wambesi) 7” herb set
  • Black Sabbath vs. Black Uhuru – Guess Who’s Coming for Sweet Leaf; 7” (blank) Peaboy & Sherman rmx
  • Levi Roots – It a Fi Bun; 7” (Conqueror)
  • Alpha Steppa Meets Alpha & Omega feat. Flex Zaggazow – Highest Grade; 7” (Steppas) 2012 mutant dub; Korean prod’n
Ozzy loves the Sweet Leaf

Set 6: Best of Smile Jamaica 26+ Years

  • Keith Hudson – I’m Not Satisfied;  Rasta Communication (Greensleeves) ’78
  • Tetrack – I’m Not Satisfied; Clocktower Classics (Clocktower/Abraham)
  • Marcia Griffiths – Where There is No Love; Steppin’ (Shanachie) ‘79
  • Peter Broggs – International Farmer + Version; Never Forget Jah  (Nocturne) ’82 herbtune
hqdefault (1)
Peter Broggs – International Farmer. 4 down, 46 to go!

<2016: 9 down, 41 to go?>

Set 7:

  • Augustus Pablo – Islington Rock; East of the River Nile (Deluxe Edition) (Shanachie) ’78 melodical instrumental
  • Dillinger – Cocaine in My Brain; Cocaine (Charly) ’83 herbtune

<Dillinger soul update – Knife, fork a bottle & a cork – that’s the way you spell New York>

  • Sarah B Band – Overnite; Realign My Mind (Sarah B) 2011 Salt Lake City roots group
  • Louie Lepke – Love Is Not a Play Thing; 10” (Merge) ’82 over Earl Sixteen vox
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Melodica and the Far East sound

Set 8: Mutant Dubstresses; 9 sec.

Samia Farah – Les Temps Difficiles; Samia Farah (Sony) ’99 Fr.-Tunisian singer: Mutant Dubstresses

Transglobal Underground feat. Natacha Atlas – Boss Tabla; Psychic Karaoke (Nation) ’96 Hindi dub

Dub Gabriel feat. P.J. Higgins – Silent Warrior; Raggabass Resistance (Destroy A/C) 2013

Zion Train feat. Molara – Dance of Life; Homegrown Fantasy (China) ’95 UK trance dub

Cool Hipnoise – Dama Dada; King Size Dub vol. 10 (Echo Beach) Germ. 2003 comp

Alpha & Omega – One Culture + One Prayer; Everyday Life; (A & O) ’93 UK trance dub

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Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Jah-pril 16, 2016 (Stream + Tracklist: 22nd Annual Cannabliss – All Vinyl!

Smile Jamaica’s Vinyl 420 Ark-Ive: 1 crate, 2 book bags, 1 7″ bag, 1 7″ crate. 500+ songs. 35 played in 3 hours

<5 boxes of load in and load for the Smile Jamaica 420 Vinyl Marijuana World Tour!; 18 sec.>


Can I just say right off……..

<4 down, 46 to go!>

My two favorite shows on Smile Jamaica are Halloween and 4:20. I really get to put my sound art skills to good use. All the herb clips harvested (pun intended) from my Ark-Ives. 

So why not just kick out the black vinyl jams. I have pulled out all my vinyl herb selections:

  • LP (Long players)
  • 12″ Disco Mix
  • 10″ Disco Mix
  • 7″ Jamaican Jukebox 45 RPM

In between Spliff Tales we hear from: Chevy Chase, Cheech and Chong, George Carlin.

420 Film Festival from Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

And lots of 60’s anti-marijuana PSAs. Which led to “this is your brain on drugs” and Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No!

<Travolta schools Jackson on the herbal delights of Amsterdam; 23 sec.>


I have at lest 4 60 CD suitcases for my “aluminum” (or whatever cds are made of). So while we were in fund drive, I stitched up 4 hours 20 min and 00 second in what I call my Secret Dubratory mixes for Digital Dubplate shows when I am not broadcasting Smile Jamaica live.

<Digital Dubplate 420 CD Showcase: 4 hrs. 20 min. 00 sec.>

Election Year: Who adds to Jah-laska, Washington, Jah-regon and Collie-rado? Plus Washington DC legal weed:

Nelstradamus is predicting in 2016

  1. Collie-fornya 
  2. Jah-vada
  3. Maine
  4. Vermont
  5. Jah-suchusetts

<9 down, 41 to go!>


bless, robt

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives Jah-pril 16, 2016 Playlist; 97 sec.

Set 1:

  • Jah Woosh – Marijuana World Tour; Marijuana World Tour (Original) ’79 JA: 22nd Annual 420 Cannabliss – All Vinyl
  • Sly & the Revolutionaries – Rizla; Black Ash Dub (Trojan) ’80 Dub Album of the Hour
  • The Pioneers – Feeling High; Best of the Pioneers (Trojan) ’79 UK
  • Tapper Zukie – Sensielia (sic); Earth Running (Stars) ’79 JA
  • Crucial Bee – Cutting Up Sensi; Just a Sting (All-Star) US Virgin Islands
  • Little John – Smoke Ganga (sic) Hard; Showdown vol. 6 (Channel One)
  • Ranking Joe – Natty the Collie Smoker; Weakheart Fadeaway (Greensleeves) ‘78
  • Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus – Sip Your Cup; Rally Round (Shanachie) ’85 best of cup = chalice = smoking untensil

<Sip a Cup = the chalice; 16 sec.>


Set 2:

  • Doret Myers – One Draw; Reggae Hits of the 80’s (Joe Gibbs) ‘83
  • The Itals –Herbs Pirate; Calling Rastafari (Nighthawk) ’82 St. Louis
  • Jah Lion – Colombia Colly; Colombia Colly (Mango) ’76 Lee “Scratch” Perry/Black Ark prod’n
  • Mighty Diamonds – Pass the Kutchie; Indestructible (Alligator) ’83 Chicago

<Kutchie vs. Dutchie; 26 sec.>

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Diamonds – Pass the Kutchie (pipe); Musical Youth – Pass the Dutchie (cooking pot)

Set 3: Jamaican Jukebox 7″s; 16 sec.

  • Greg Robinson – Bong Master; 7” (RT) 7” inch herb set
  • Dawn & Christine – Panadol; 7” (M & M) PMS relief in UK

<Panadol for PMS. No medical mj! 15 sec.>

  • Sugar Minott – Indica; 7” (Youth Promotion) ‘87
  • Prince Hammer – Legalize It; 7” (Belva Plain)
  • Reggae on Top All-Stars; Chalice Dub Part 2 (Reggae on Top) 2003 UK; Dub Album of the Hour
Nice ‘n’ noisy for Smile Jamaica

Set 4:

  • Chalawa – Jah Collie Weed; Capture Land (Green Weenie) ’78 Oshawa, Ontario, Can.
  • Jah Lloyd – Ganja Croop; Soldier Round the Corner (Teams) ’76 UK
  • Jah Woosh & Sis Bee – Herb Reasoning; Rebellion (Freedom of Reggae Music) Irish reggae
  • Chariot Riders – Sensimilla Dub; Sensimilla Dub (Crystal) ‘ JA dub to Born a Loser
Green Weenie label. Jah Collie Weed is Smile Jamaica’s favorite 420 of the whole Ark-Ives

Set 5:

  • Charlie Chaplin – Chalice; Dance Hall Rockers (Sunset) ’85 JA
  • Junior Byles – Cally Weed; Rasta No Pickpocket (Nighthawk) ’86 St. Louis comp.
  • Brigadier Jerry – Kushumpeng; Dimple, Jamaica (RAS) ’85

<Kushumpeng – African chalice; 7 sec.>

  • Azeem & Session – Bighead Spliff; Dreadfly (Joe Gibbs) ’82 FL.


Set 6: 7″ Jamaican Jukebox

  • Rudiments – Smoke Two Joints; 7” EP (Vinyl Solution) ’93 San Mateo record store. Toyes cover. Picture sleeve. Colored vinyl; 14 sec.
  • Lone Ranger – Jamaican Weed; 7” (Revolutionary Sounds) ‘79
  • Junior White – Free Up the Collie Weed for Independence (Thoroughbred) ‘81
  • King Stitt – Herbsman Shuffle; 7” (Trojan) ’70 picture sleeve
  • Prince Jazzbo – Brain Food; 7” (Ujama) ’85 dj to Horace Feruson Sensi Addickt

<Brain Food or vegetables for the brain; 10 sec.>


Set 7:

  • UB40 feat. Astro – Mi Spliff; Baggariddim (DEP) ’85 UK
  • Mikey Dread – Dizzy (Herb Smoker) Pave the Way Parts 1 & 2 (DEP) ’85 UK
  • Dillinger – Buckingham Palace; CB 200 (Mango) ’76 UK; smoking spliff w/ Queen Elizabiff
  • Humble-I & Weeding Reality – Sounds of Reality; 10” (Control Tower) 2009 Fr. – no weed rights in France; 22 sec.

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Set 8:

  • Desi Roots – Weedfields; Doing It Right (Hawkeye) ‘80
  • Meditations – Woman Piabba; Message From the Meditations (United Artists) ’78 US
  • Barrington Levy & Jah Thomas – Collie Weed; Hunter Man (Trojan) ’83 UK
  • Clint Eastwood –  Collie Weed Style; Love & Happiness (Burning Sounds) ’79 UK
  • Peter Tosh – Legalize It (Secret Circuit’s Echodelic Shockblast Mix); 10” EP (Delicious Vinyl) 2012 mutant dub rmx; picture disk


Smile Jamaica’s Words of Weeds’dom – 4 down, 46 to go!



To continue our commemoration of 420, 4:20, 4/20 here is my collection of Cannabis stories told throughout the short history of the  Smile Jamaica blog.

bless, robt

<4 down, 46 to go!>

Not an actual likeness. My eyes are brown

<Marijuana World Tour>


  • 4 down, 46 to go!

<4 down, 46 to go: Jamaican Collie>

<49 down, 1 to go?>

<Good Herb>

<Jamaica decriminalized the Seven Leaf>

<Mission against Herbs>

<Seven Leaf Utopia: Idaho 48, Wyoming 49, Utah 50>

<2014 pot election, got 4 right out of 6>

<2014 pot election. Oregon+, Alaska+, Guam+, DC+>

<Prince Far I: Free Up the Collie Weed!>

<Smoking sensimilla in Mesopotamia>


  • Biblical Weed

<Cannabis in the Holyland>

<Psalm 18: 8>

<Revelations 22:2 – Healing of the Nation>

<Revelation 22:2 – Healing of the Nation: Jacob Miller>

<Revelation 22: 2 – Read your Bible!>


  • Bongrippers:

<Dub Side of the Moon>

<Skiers in their car to hear Smile Jamaica’s 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement!>

High Times mag softball team, the Bong Rippers
  • Busted!

<Cool down your temper, Mr. Cop>

<How not to get busted>

<In the Dungeon for a little herb stock>

<John Holt – Police in Helicopter>

<Prince Far I – he who travels with dope shall hang by the rope>

<They say, Sensimilla can’t smoke>

<Tosh – Don’t wanna get busted!>

420 nightmare
  • Cannabis History Lesson

<Cocaine in My Brain>

<Crocus bag of collie = burlap bag in JA>

burlap bag. In Jamaica called a crocus bag
  • Celebrity Tokers
  • <Cheech & Chong – Searchin’>

<Copy-wrong mashup: Black Uhuru vs. Ozzy Osbourne – Guess Who’s Coming for Sweetleaf>

<Obama the collie smoker>

<Smoking spliff w/ Queen Elizabiff>

<Smile Jamaica Subgenrse: smoking spliff w/ Queen Elizabiff 2>

<Snoop Lion & the Smile J Holy Trinity: herb, dubstep, roots reggae>

<Soom T – female weedstepper>

Come on Prez. Executive Order to legalize it. 50 down, none to go!
  • Economic Benefits of the Seven Leaf

<Free MJ for JA foreign currency>

<Ganja exchange>

<Qtr. pound of herb for a dollar five cents? Wow, inflation!>

Legalize benefits 1. save the planet. 2. Full employment
  • Flavors and Honorifics


<Don’t pee in my garden, or mushroom will grow>

<Kif from the Arabic – kayaf: to get high>

>Lambsbread 1>

<Lebanese Blonde>

<LSD herb flavor in JA, not Lysergic Acid>

<Mushrooms – Johnny Osbourne>

<Sinsemilla = Spanish for “without seeds”

<Sligoville Tobacco in Jamaica>

<Woman piabba – all the herbs in the Jamaican marketplace but the collie herb>

<The Selecter: Collie, not a dog!>


  • Irie Feeling

<Irie is the result of the act of the upliftment of the Seven Leaf>

Dennis will be Irie in 3…2…1
  • Medicinal

<Jah Lloyd: No injection, it will leave an infection! Seven Leaf instead!>

<Panadol for Menstrual cramps. Seven Leaf is better>


  • Smoking Utensils

<Chalwah = sacred chalice>

<Kushungpeng – African word for smoking utensil>

<Pass the Cup = smoking chalice>

<Rizla – preferred Rasta rolling papers>

<Save the roaches>

<Trodding through the jungle with ???? chalice in hand!>

<Want a draw = take a hit>

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  • Soundbytes & Shout-outs

<Don’t be a gerbil, get down w/ the herbal!>

party at Richard Gere’s house!

<Makes sensi to me!>

<Mummy Rock – Roll a lickle spliff wif di papyrus!>

  • Space Dust – Mutant Dub

<Apotcalypse Now>

<Jim Morrison: “Out here on the perimeter, there is no star. Eveything is stoned immaculate”

<Mutant Dub Space Dust – turn up your subwoofer!>

<UFO lands inna weedfield>




Smile Jamaica’s 420 Spliff Gallery

That’s not a doobie, Mom. It’s a toothpick


Happy 420! So I get a text from my Mom:

“Doobie smoker on your Twitter page. Does that set a good example for you and younger people that follow you. Be careful. Social Media can cause problems.”

My sister’s teenage boys are on my feed. So I said maybe they shouldn’t be. I’m tired of the ridiculous conformity against the Seven Leaf.

For 22 years I have spun 3 hours of Spliff Tales on Smile Jamaica. Mainly to celebrate free speech and fight back against the racist drug war. Which was never about safety and all about criminalizing a lifestyle.

So these are all the pics I have put on my Annotated Smile Jamaica Playlists.

4 down, 46 to go!

bless, robt




images (7)

images (4)


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smile jamaica

Stone the Penguin

WAMM Christmas Tree!






















weed-smoking-alien-lwp-5-0-s-307x512-2 2vinyl_herb



Check out this parody T-Shirt for Marijuana Zombie, featuring Cheech and Chong from Up In Smoke as zombies. Even after death these guys know how to party. Produced in two different color schemes, for a dark and light shirt. Set up for silk-screening, four colors.
Check out this parody T-Shirt for Marijuana Zombie, featuring Cheech and Chong from Up In Smoke as zombies. Even after death these guys know how to party. Produced in two different color schemes, for a dark and light shirt. Set up for silk-screening, four colors.










guide_worktable 2






















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hqdefault (2)


Bob Marley smoking a joint




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Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Digital Dubplate – 420 Seven Leaf Relief. 4 hr. 20 min. 00 sec.



That time of year. Tax payment to Uncle Obama out of the way now is the time to celebrate with 420 Cannabliss in the style and fashion you have come to expect for more than 2 decades on Smile Jamaica.

The past two weeks have been devoted to fund drives at KRCL. (Many thanks if you made a pledge and got a T shirt)


I didn’t put up any live streams during Radiothon, so instead I hunkered down in my Secret Dubratory and harvested (pun intended) 4 hours. 20 minutes. 00 seconds of Spliff Tales.

Complete with herbal soundbytes, stoner movie clips and other fun stunn.

Best of Roots, Modern Roots and Mutant Dub inna Seven Leaf Stylee. So enjoy. Celebrate early, often yet discreetly and responsibly.

And until Pres. Sanders legalizes Cannabis with his first Executive Order of 2017, as I say…..

4 down, 46 to go!

images (7)
Pres. Sanders will legalize it

bless, robt

Smile Jamaiaca Ark-Ives Digital Dubplate: 4 hours and 20 min. for 420 Playlist

0-30 min.

  • Black Slate – Legalise Collie Herb; Amigo (Ensign) ’80 UK
  • Jacob Miller & Ray-I – All I Want For Ismas; Natty Christmas (RAS) ’78 Xmas herb
  • 10 Foot Ganja Plant – Walkey Walk Tall; Hillside Airstrip (ROIR) 2001 Upstate NY
  • Sister Carol – Herbal Is Natural; Direct Hit! (Catapult) 2001: Live run down of herbal medicinal bennies
  • Thievery Corporation – .38.45; Sounds From the Thievery Hi-Fi (ESL) ’96 mutant dub DC
  • Sly & the Revolutionaries feat. Jah Thomas – Rizla; Black Ash Dub (Trojan) ’80 dub: Rizla rolling papers
  • The Equators – Feelin’ High; Hot (Stiff) ’81 UK ska

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 30-60 min.

  • Zion Tribe – Herbissimo; Barre Chords (Zion Tribe) ’97 SLC
  • Capital Letters – Vinyard; Vinyard (Greensleeves) ’82 UK youth group
  • Ijahman Levi – Moulding & Version; Are We a Warrior (Jahmani) ‘78
  • Daweh Congo – Herb Tree; Human Rights & Justice (Roots & Culture) 2000 

maxresdefault (2)

60-90 min.

  • Rita Marley – One Draw; Big Blunts vol. 1 (Tommy Boy) 12” mix
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – African Herbsman; African Herbsman (Trojan) ’73 Lee “Scratch” Perry prod’n
  • Bunny Wailer – Ceasefire; Roots, Radics, Rockers, Reggae (Shanachie) ‘83
  • Peter Tosh – Legalize It; The Bayou – Washington DC ‘79
  • Seefari – Homegrown; Dread Pon da Scene (Upful Sound) ’98 Wilberforce, OH 

images (8)

90 min. – 2 hr.

  • Reggae George – Reggae Collie; King Tubby on the Mix vol. 1 (Original)
  • Linval Thompson – Lick Up the Chalice; Look How Me Sexy (Greensleeves) ‘82
  • Soom T – Roll It; Ode to a Carrot (Jahtari) 2008 Glasgow female weedstepper
  • Rupie & Sidey – Herbert Spliffington; Rupie’s Scorchers (Trybute) ‘69
    Yellowman – Operation Eradication; One in a Million (Shanachie) ‘89
  • Collie Buddz – Come Around; Collie Buddz (Columbia) 2007
  • UB40 – Mi Spliff; Credit to the Nation (Europe ’86)

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 2 hr. – 2 and 1/2 hrs.

  • Eek a Mouse – Ganja Smuggling; Live at Reggae Sunsplash (Genes) ’82 Montego Bay, JA
  • Armagideon – Herbal Input; Steppin Forward (Armagideon Sounds) ’95 UK mutant dub
  • U Roy – Herbman Skanking; Jah Son of Africa (Virgin Front Line) ’78 dj to Gladiators “Stick a Bush”
  • Gregory Isaacs – Mr. Cop; Extra Classic ‘77
  • Rootz Underground – Herb Fields; Movement (Riverstone) 2007 JA
  • Prince Hammer – Export Ganja; Respect I Man (Tamoki Wambesi)
  • The Meditations – Woman Piabba; Anthology (Nighthawk) ’76


One of the first ten Reggae Vinyl records in the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives. Still a favorite

2 and 1/2 – 3 hrs.

  • Zion Train – Healing of the Nation; CD Single (China) ’95 UK mutant dub w/ female vox
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry – Free Up the Weed; Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Cornbread (Upsetter) ‘78
  • Glen Brown – Lambsbread; Way to Mt. Zion (ROIR) ‘79
  • H.R. – Who’s Got the Herb?; I Luv (Railroad) ’91 DC punkdubber
  • Carlton Livingston – 100 Weight of Collie Weed; Retrospect (Grapevine) ‘84
  • Cornell Campbell – 100 Lbs. of Collie Weed; Silver Jubilee (Rhino UK) cover of Carlton

<55 inna 35 – BUSTED!>

download (24)
Not a smart move to drive 55 inna 35 w/ 100 weight of collie weed in your truck

3 – 3 and 1/2 hr.

  • Audio Active – Free the Marijuana; Happy Shopper in Europe EP (ON U Sound) ’95 Jah-ponese mutant dub
  • Pablo Paul – Don’t Dope; Beres Hammond & Friends (Ejaness)
  • I Roy – African Herbsman; Crisus Time (Virgin Front Line) ’76 dj to Johnny Clarke’s African Roots
  • Michael Rose – Ganja Bonanza; Happiness: The Best of Michael Rose (Heartbeat) ‘99
  • John Holt – Police and Helicopter; Police and Helicopter (Greensleeves) ‘82
  • R.Z. Jackson – Sensimillia; Unda de Struggle (Abraham)
  • Dubblestandart feat. Gu Gabriel &Trigga – Marijuana Dreams; Marijuana Dreams (Echo Beach) 2010 Jah-strian mutant dub


3 and 1/2 – 4 hr.

  • Israel Vibration – Red Eyes; Forever (RAS) ‘91
  • Frankie Paul – Pass the Tu-Sheng-Peng; Pass the Tu-Sheng-Peng (Greensleeves) ‘84
  • Pato Banton – Legalize It (Acapella) + Don’t Sniff Coke; Live at the Maritime Hall (2B1) in San Francisco
  • Mike Brooks – Good Herb; Earth is the Fullness (Moll-Selekta)
  • Mikey Ras Starr – Coomaya (African Herbsman); Fire & Rain (Makasound)
  • See-I – Dinner of Herb; Dinner of Herb (Exile) 2003 DC mutant dub

download (37)

4 hrs. to 4:20:00

  • Johnny Ringo – Sensi; Face to Face (JA)
  • Barry Brown – Pass Up the Chalice; Rich Man, Poor Man (Moll-Selekta)
  • Macka B – Legalize the Herb; Hold On to Your Culture (Ariwa) ’95 UK dj
  • Krom & Time – Ganja Man; Drum & Bass Selection (Moonshine) ’94 UK jungle
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Marley-juana Mix; Smile Jamaica Remix

<100 Spliffs a day!>

images (9)
The wisdom of 100 spliffs a day

Smile Jamaica Digital Dubplate: Rockers inna Reggae Stylee – Robert Nelson

Keith Richards, Robbie Shakespeare and Peter Tosh. Rockers doing Reggae for 3 hours!


Hunkered down in Spring Fund Drive at KRCL. Got to get the kasheesh for I ‘n’ I to expand the riddims all Spring and Summer.

So enjoy this Digital Dubplate out of my Ark-Ives. Last week I gave you 3 hours of Soul Reggae. This time it’s 3 hours of Rockers doing Reggae:

From 10cc Dreadlock Holiday to Frank Zappa Joe’s Garage. Lots of riddims you didn’t realize were Reggae one drop till you hear them all inna row.

Next week it is 4:20 green smoke shower!

bless, robt

He will live to be 120 years old

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Digital Dubplate Playlist: Rockers do Reggae

0-30 min.:

  • Led Zeppelin – Dy’er Mak’er; Houses of the Holy (Atlantic) ’73: Did-ja Make her = Dy’er Mak’er
  • Paul Simon – Mother and Child Reunion; Paul Simon (Warner Bros.) ’72. Recorded in JA w/ the Dynamic All-Stars
  • Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now; I Can See Clarly Now (Columbia) ‘72
  • Geils Band – Give It To Me; Bloodshot (Atlantic) ‘73
  • The Hitters (aka Brinsley Schwarz) – Hypocrite + The Version (Edsel) ’73: UK Heptones cover
  • Taj Mahal – Johnny Too Bad; Mo’ Roots (Columbia) ’74 Slickers cover
  • Jeff Beck – She’s a Woman; Blow by Blow (Epic) ‘75


30-60 min.:

  • Eric Clapton – Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; There’s One in Every Crowd (Polydor) ’75: gospel reggae
  • Grateful Dead – Crazy Fingers; Blues For Allah (Grateful Dead) ‘75
  • Roxy Music – Love Is the Drug; Siren (Polydor) ‘75
  • Patti Smith – Redondo Beach; Horses (Arista) ‘75
  • Martha Velez – Come On In; Escape From Babylon (Sire) ‘76
  • America – Woman Tonight: History: Greatest Hits (Warner Bros.) ‘76
  • Robert Palmer – Pressure Drop; Pressure Drop (Island) ’76 Toots & the Maytals cover
Toots & the Maytals cover

60 min – 90 min.

  • Graham Parker & the Rumour – Don’t Ask Me Questions (Mercury) ‘76
  • Rolling Stones – Cherry Oh Baby; Black and Blue (Columbia) ’76 Eric Donaldson reggae cover
  • Eagles – Hotel California; Hotel California (Asylum) ‘76
  • Lijadu Sisters – Bobby; Danger (Knitting Factory) ’76 Nigerian
  • Elvis Costello – Watching the Detectives; My Aim Is True (Demon) ‘77
  • The Modern Lovers – Egyptian Reggae; Rock & Roll With the Modern Lovers (Beserkley) ’77 instrumental version of Johnny Clarke’s None Shall Escape the Judgment
  • Joe Jackson – Fools in Love; Look Sharp! (A & M) ’79


90 min – 2 hr.

  • Scorpions – Is There Anybody There?; Lovdrive (Mercury) ‘79
  • Frank Zappa – Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up; Joe’s Garage I (Rykodisc) ‘79
  • The Ruts – Jah War; The Crack (Virgin) ’79 UK punkdub
  • The Pretenders – Private Life; Pretenders (Sire) ‘80
  • The Clash – Justice Tonight/Kick It Over; Black Market Clash (Epic) ’80 EP – Willi Williams Armagideon Time (2 hr.)
download (11)
Private Life: Played Grace Jones vs. Sly & Robbie version last week

2 hr – 2 and 1/2 Hours:

  • The Clash – Justice Tonight/Kick It Over; Black Market Clash (Epic) ’80 EP – Willi Williams Armagideon Time
  • John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him; Double Fantasy (Geffen) ‘80
  • Steely Dan – Babylon Sisters; Gaucho (MCA) ‘80
  • Nina Hagen – African Reggae; 12” Mix (Columbia) ’80 German singer
  • Peter Green – Give Me Back My Freedom; Watcha Gonna Do? (Sanctuary) ’81; of Fleetwood Mac
  • Joan Armatrading – I Can’t Lie to Myself; Walk Under Ladders (A & M) ’81 Sly & Robbie
Roots Dawta by way of Sly & Robbie

2 and 1/3 – 3 hr.

  • Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love; Tom Tom Club (Sire) ’80; Talkin Heads drum ‘n’ bass duo
  • Bobby & the Midnites – Book of Rules; Bobby & the Midnites (Arista) ’81 Bob Weir of Grateful Dead
  • Garland Jeffreys – Christine; Escape Artist (Epic) ’81 NYC multi-racial artist
  • Belle Stars – Miss World; 7” (Stiff) ’81 UK New Wave female group
  • David Lindley & El Rayo-X; Quarter of a Man; El Rayo-X (Asylum) ‘81
  • The Members – the Model; Uprhythm, Downbeat (Arista) ’82: Kraftwerk cover
  • Men at Work – Down Under; Business as Usual (Columbia) ‘82
  • Ruts DC & Mad Professor – Weak Heart Dub; Rhythm Collision (ROIR) ’82 punkdub
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Reggae from Oz

Smile Jamaica Digital Dubplate: Motown Inna Trenchtown!



Took a little excursion. My parents are in the process of becoming Snowbirds: moving from Fort Benton, Montana to Sun City West.

Complete with coyote warnings, a family of bobcats behind the solar array at the end of their block. And warning pamphlets about blackwidows, recluse spiders and Gila monsters.

Gila-Monster-Eyes (1)
No doggie doors for I ‘n’ I in Sun City West!

Here’s how you get to my parents place.

  1. Take the exit by the strip mall with the hearing aids shop on the corner
  2. Turn left at the Dementia Care facility
  3. Turn right at the massive Urology complex
  4. Beware golf carts. They share the road

So knowing I would be away for a week, I cooked up what I call a Digital Dubplate show: Strictly out of my Ark-Ives:

Motown inna Trenchtown. All the great soul covers inna Reggae Stylee.

bless, robt

Even year World Series run for my San Francisco Giants. Spring Training vs. the Royals in Surprise, Utah. 2 miles from my parents’ house

0-30 Min

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Sugar, Sugar;  Rebel (JAD) ’69 box set (Archies)
  • Sly & Robbie – Sesame Street; Many Moods of Sly & Robbie (Sonic) ’79 (PBS kids theme)
  • Mighty Diamonds – Tracks of My Tears; Ice On Fire (Virgin Front Line) ’77 (Smokey Robinson & the Miracles)
  • George Faith – Midnight Hour/Ya-Ya; To Be a Lover (Mango) ’77 (Wilson Pickett/Lee Dorsey)
  • Black Slate – Thin Line Between Love and Hate; Amigo (Ensign) ’80 (the Persuaders)
  • Phyllis Dillon – Midnight Confessions; Midnight Confessions (Westside) ’68 (Grass Roots)


30-60 min.

  • Cymande – The Message; Soul of Rasta (Newhouse) ’72 “Dove of Peace” UK soul/funk/rock/nyah
  • Burning Spear – Don’t Mess With Jill; Presenting (Studio One) ’73 (The Supremes)
  • Peter Tosh – Johnny B. Goode (Extended Mix); Mama Africa (EMI America) ’83 (Chuck Berry)
  • Marvin Gaye – Third World Woman (Reggae Mix); Midnight Love (Columbia) ’83 soul/reggae
  • Marvels – Rock Steady; 100% Dynamite (Soul Jazz)  ’71 (Aretha Franklin)
  • Errol Dunkley – Betcha By Golly Wow; More Reggae Music (Sound) ’85 (Stylistics)
  • Dennis Brown – Ain’t That Loving You; Uptown Top Ranking (Object Enterprise) ’78 (Isaac Hayes & David Porter)
  • J.C. Lodge – Someone Loves You Honey; Reggae Pulse 3: Love Songs (RAS) ’80 (Charley Pride)

download (31)

60-90 min.

  • Cornell Campbell & Lizzy – Aquarius; Love of the Common People (Trojan) (5th Dimension)
  • Hot Chocolate – Confetti Day; Every 1’s a Winner (RAK) ’78 UK soul group
  • Sandra Reid – Ooh Boy; 600% Dynamite (Soul Jazz) ‘82 (Rose Royce)
  • Mighty Diamonds – Stoned Out of My Mind; Channel One: Hitbound – Revolutionary Sound  ’78 (Chi-Lites)
  • Garland Jeffreys feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson – Miami Beach; 12” EP (Epic) ’81 US soul/rock artist
  • Foxy Brown – Fast Car; Nice Up Dancee (RAS) ’89 (Tracy Chapman)
  • Black Uhuru – Somebody’s Watching Me; Anthem (Island) ’84 (Rockwell)

download (32)

90 min – 2 hr.

  • Fun Boy Three – Our Lips Are Sealed; Waiting (Chrysalis) ’83 (Go Go’s) 
  • Yellowman – Beat It; Galong, Galong, Galong (Shanachie) ’85 (Michael Jackson)
  • Slits – I Heard It Through the Grapevine; Femme Fatale (Dressed to Kill) ’79 female punk/reggae (Marvin Gaye)
  • The Jay Boys – African People; Babylon a Fall Down (Trojan) ’71 (Raiders – Indian Reservation)
  • Grace Jones – Love Is the Drug; Warm Leatherette (Island) ’80 (Roxy Music)
  • The Beat – Tears of a Clown; I Just Can’t Stop It (Go Feet) ’80 (Smokey Robinson & the Miracles)
  • Lee Perry – Double Seven; Soul Man (Trojan) ’74 (Sam & Dave)

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 2 hr. – 2 and 1/2 hours:

  • Just Dale/Robotiks – Until You Come Back to Me; Roots Daughters (Ariwa) ’88 (Aretha Franklin)
  • Toots Hibbert – Love and Happiness; Toots in Memphis (Mango) ’88 (Al Green)
  • Gregory Isaacs – Get Ready; Mr. Isaacs (Shanachie) ’78 (Temptations)
  • Storm – It’s My House; Hits of the Past (Links) ’79 (Diana Ross)
  • Heptones – My World is Empty Without You; Meaning of Life (Trojan) (The Supremes)
  • John Holt – If I Were a Carpenter; King Jammy at the Controls (VP) ’89 (Tim Hardin)

2 hr. 30 min – 3 hr.

  • 15 16 17 – Girls Imagination; Black Echoes (DEB Music) ’78 (Temptations – Just My Imagination)
  • Audio Active – Burning of the Midnight Lamp; We Are Tokyo Space Cowboy (ON U Sound) ’94 mutant dub (Jimi Hendrix)
  • Pato Banton – One World (Not Three); Live at the Maritime Hall San Francisco (2B1)  (The Police)
  • The Specials – Maggie’s Farm; Stereo-Typical (2 Tone)  ’80 2 Tone ska (Bob Dylan)
  • Sister Carol – Jah Is Mine; Black Cinderella (Jah Life/Heartbeat) ’84 (Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney – The Girl Is Mine)
  • Delroy Wilson – It’s a Shame; Dancehall Sessions (Metro) ’88 (Stevie Wonder)
  • Lloyd Parks – Kung Fu Fighting; Wonder of You (Joe Gibbs) ’98 (Carl Douglas)
  • Akabu – People Get Ready; Warrior Queen (ON U Sound) ’95 UK female group (Curtis Mayfield)