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I added a new Tab up top on the Smile Jamaica Webpage entitled Reggae History Lessons

I’m going through Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive air checks and harvesting the stories that I call Reggae History Lessons. My show for 25 five plus years has been to entertain and maybe do a little dab of educating about the Roots & Culture behind Reggae.

All my knowledge of Reggae and Dub for over 25 years makes its way into the show.


Sound clips plus the Smile Jamaica definition and visual cue.

<Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Reggae History Lessons>


  • Dubplate
  • Bob Marley’s tragic illness

4/19: Cannabis Service Show

  • Kif
  • Lambsbread
  • Sinsemilla

bless, robt

Bob Marley Smoking Marijuana

Smile Jamaica “Pon mi Hi-Fi”: 4/28/14 (Mon.) Listening Log



Here’s a typical day of musical absorption in the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

  • Wake ‘n’ Bake: That time from when the alarm rings til the daily hunt for your car keys: Babylon Central Soudtrack (ESL). Thievery Corporation movie about crate digging, Middle Eastern girlfriends, and peak oil conspiracy theories. Truly, 3 of my favorite things. Listening Apparatus:  Sony CD boom box.


  • Morning Ride:  From the garage to the parking lot. Generation X Anthology Box Set; CD 3 (Live). Found this on Record Store Day last Saturday. Would you believe I will be playing Billy Idol on Smile Jamaica this Saturday? Yes indeed I am! Listening Apparatus: Factory Subaru CD desk powered by Kenwood Amp and 10″ 800W Subwoofer. I’m that guy in the parking lot you hear before you see him scream around the corner
Billy Idol makes his Reggae debut on Smile Jamaica: Rockers Do Reggae; May 3, 2014. Selah!
  • Ipod Playlist: From the Parking Lot to the Office. Because until I get about 3 cups in me, I really don’t want to talk to anyone.  Aswad – New Chapter (CBS). UK Roots Reggae group whose name means “black” in Arabic/Amharic. Listening Apparatus: iPhone 4*. Red, Green and Gold Skull Candy Headphones. I must have deep set ears because only the Skull Candy’s (Park City, Utah!) stay put in my ears.

*I am not giving in to Apple’s “creative obsolescence” scam. I’m happy with the 4.


  • Itunes Harvest: Since I’m moving out of 420 Cannabis Service Month, I have been harvesting a lot of my recent Soundtrack finds:  Black Girl (BGP). An Ossie Davis film, a really solid funk, soul and jazz melange. Found this at a great indie shop for soul, electronic and collector labels called Mecca Records in Jah-buquerque

Jim Jarmusch is a guy who puts the same amount of selecting and sequencing in his soundtracks as he does in his films. He isn’t content to slap a Kenny Loggins song on a CD and sell it for $19.99 instead of $18.99 like most Soundtracks. Broken Flowers. Deadpan Bill Murray surrounded by some great Ethiopian jazz rock, Holly Golightly, Dengue Fever. Great little Friday afternoon mix in a state that doesn’t allow for Happy Hour


Listening Apparatus: Imac CD drive

Smile Jamaica Active Listening

Got home late and didn’t have much time before watching the Giants vs. Padres. After work is when I really rinse out music for potential airplay on Smile Jamaica

3 10″s:

Vinyl is Vital rhymes withs Ital 10″ as opposed to 12″. Many of the new dub and lots of Roots Reggae reissues are on the smaller vinyl. Saves precious 1/6 of the petroleum goop that is pressed into the sleek and beautiful black wax.

Although I still prefer the 12″ single. Larger separation of bass from the treble with one song on a side at 45 RPM.  Bass is meant to drill into your groin region to keep you on the dance floor with your best gal. The more you dance the more you drink the more they wanna play the bass.

When it comes to Bass: Size does matter
  • Christie Adelsi – Babylon Shores (King Earthquake)
  • Molara ft. Dubble – Crown of Creation b/w Dubble – South Side Dub (Dub Tunnel)
  • Earl Sixteen – We Need Justic (Jah Bless)

3 heavy Militant Steppers recent vintage, a sub genre of Mutant Dub. Militant Steppers is the trance like martial sound. Stiff dubble time beats. Relentless bass, space echo, spongy riddims. More contemporary than King Tubby or Lee Perry. Dance melodic with more Rasta lyrics than the more mellow Downtro; with great female vox from Christine and Molara. The Dub Tunnel B-side is a scorching dub instrumental. Love this sound at maximum volume You have to feel the bass, live it, let it pound the sound around the room.

The best thing about the 10″ is that it is extended. 3 minutes of vocal and four minutes of dub echo. Bass bliss.

Smile Jamaica’s Commandment One of “Dub Consumption” clip 10 sec

 Listening Apparatus: Kenwood turntable; Onkyo Amp, Klipsch speakers, Yamaha YST Subwoofer.

To listen to Reggae and Dub you must hook your system to a subwoofer. If you have surround sound for your TV you probably already have one connected.

Listening to Reggae and Dub without one is like 2-D versus 3-D. Air Supply versus Ted Nugent. Urkel versus Superfly. Candidate Obama versus President Obama. Don’t be weak sauce!

Bass Necessity (5 sec)

bless, robt

The late great Charlie Ace and his mobile Record Shack

Smile Jamaica Preview (4/26/14; 4-7 PM)



“Get Ready to Rock Steady”. 4 PM Utah Time (Mountain). 90.9FM SLC

Here’s some of what I have i cooked up in the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive for this afternoon’s show


Plus sifting in quality roots from the sistren. Kif I mean Keith Richards niyahbinghi supergroup the Wingless Angels. And a whole heap of good quality Rootical Dubbers

Check it!

bless, robt

2 branches of the Wailers Family Tree “smoke up de ‘sensi!


One more 420….Smile Jamaica’s Cannabis History Lessons (4/19/14)

Celebrating his 5-4 victory over Al Gore on Airforce One Love


Hope everyone came out of the Holiday weekend okay. One last 420 before I move on in another musical direction.

Things you may not know and I didn’t tell you during the 20 Days of Cannabis

  • Adolph Hitler’s birthday – Apr. 20th (1889)
  • Bay of Pigs attack – Apr. 20th (1961)
  • Columbine High School Massacre – Apr. 20th (1999)
  • Deep Water Horizon catastrophe – Apr. 20th (2010)


I have been doing Smile Jamaica Reggae Radio since Oct. ’89; under George “Ganja” Bush the Elder’s term. History degrees and working in a Research Library also from about ’88’-89.

So I combine my “vocation with my avocation” through little segments I like to call Reggae History Lessons. I am going to add a category of these short sound clips from the Ark-Ive Edition podcasts and a description.

Here is what I “harvested” (pun intended) from the Apr. 19: 20th Annual Cannabis Service Show:

Cannabis History Lessons (4/19/2014 Ark-Ive of Smile Jamaica) ; #1

Kif – Author Paul Bowles, who lived in North Africa, talks to the kif seller. I said, “Kif. From the Arabic kayaf. “To make high”. The sticky trichomes that shake loose from buds and are pressed into bricks of hash in Morocco and North Africa” (53:46-54:31 on sound file)

Kif – Morocco hash

Kif – Paul Bowles clip & Smile Jamaica explanation (45 sec.)

Now Wikipedia on Kief

 Cannnabis History Lesson #2:

Sensimilla – From the Spanish “without seeds”. Buds without seeds have higher potency or so I’ve heard.  I laugh sometimes at the grocery store when I see watermelon labeling in spanish “Sandia sinsemillas”. Seedless. Makes sensi to me! (54:56 in sound file)

Wikipedia definition

Sinsemilla Smile Jamaica explanation; 5 sec.


Cannabis History Lesson #3: Lambsbread

I said, “a type of flavor in Jamaica so called because of the fluffy nature of the buds on the stalk looked like a lamb’s tail. From lamb’s tail to lamb’s breath to lambsbread. 

Lambsbread – Urban Dictionary

Smile Jamaica Lambsbread explanation (21 sec.)

“Lambsbread collie makes you jolly!”

bless, robt

“It nah Miller Time. Lambsbread Time!” – Gregory


Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive: 20th Cannabis Service Show; 419/14



All the love from devotees of the Seven Leaf. That sensi salutation above arrived in my text box bright and early.

Glad tidings to you and yours as well. Good luck to Collie-rado and Washington.  Let’s tally up more state victories in 2014, 2016 and beyond. Selah!

Abolitionists need to make it as simple as possible in their public messaging: “it’s a plant not a drug”

2016 is gonna be another knock down drag out. “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here (we are) stuck in the middle with you.”


As I promised on Smile Jamaica yesterday: I did get up to post my Mutant Dub Canna-bass show on Mixcloud and on this blog. I let Mixcloud do their magic and then I made sure all the blog and twitter posts were good to go.  Went do bed around midnight. I set the alarm for 4:10.

Here is my alarm clock ringer:

I stumbled to my computer and put a hawk eye on the clock. Exactly at 4:20 AM, I cracked my knuckles and  hit send. 4 hours and 20 minutes of Canna-bass at 4:20 AM on 4/20

When I put this Mutant Dub 420 together in my studio with all the sound bytes and clips, I knew that the last song I was going to play was a Peter Tosh (Dub Club) remix of “Legalize It”.

That brought the whole file to 4 hours 19 minutes and 12 seconds. Easy squeeze: I just tacked on a few more cannabinoidal sound bytes to bring the mix to 4 hours 19 minutes and 56 seconds.

Lately I have been ending with a little clip from the Whitest Kids U Know. “Keep safe and keep blazing”. That byte is 3 seconds long.

So by stitching music and dialogue together I was basically 1 second off my original target goal of the 4 hr 20 min and 00 second.

So I had to “cheat” by one second to make it work. 1 second off out of 15,600 seconds. Better rate than the Atomic Clock. Wow Sensi simpatico.

I took a look at the stats on Mixcloud and it looks like 19 people have been taking me up on my advice for their 420 Sensi Soundtrack today. Kool breeze!

As promised, here is the KRCL Live edition of the 20th Annual 420 Cannabis Service Show without commercial interruptions.

“Keep safe and keep blazing”

bless, robt


Vice Magazine: Cannabis Republic of Uruguay


Been a subscriber to Vice Magazine for over a decade now. Their non-corporate journalism is on a par with Al Jazeera or Amy Goodman on Democracy Now.

Uruguay is the first nation to legalize the Seven Leaf. They want to make it a dollar a spliff. Totally take any organized criminal element out. A sack of weed would be cheaper than a Pizza

Vice Magazine in Cannabis Republic of Uruguay

bless, robt