Smile Jamaica’s Jamaican Jukebox: Reggae Record Label Gallery of 7″ 45 RPM

Tuff Vinyl
When I retire, I won’t be a greeter at Mall-Wart. I wanna work here


Thanks for listening to Smile Jamaica live at KRCL and online here or at Mixcloud

Here is how we did on the Jah-gust 2, 2014 Mixcloud charts:

  • Vinyl: 7
  • Dub: 18
  • Reggae: 33

Thanks and keep spreading the word to your friends and family who love the Roots & Dub on Black Wax

I will add last week’s show of 3 hours of Jamaican Jukebox 7″ 45s in the AM (Jah-gust 9 show). Here is a little preview of the record label artwork of the songs you can hear me play

bless, robt



The photo gallery from Smile Jamaica’s: Jah-gust Jah-maican Jukebox: 7″ 45 RPMs: Jah-gust 9, 2014








blooddonzajahwally nattychalawadomamado


innerrose R-4678770-1371987808-3267





tribalwar truepersuaderstimebomb




3 thoughts on “Smile Jamaica’s Jamaican Jukebox: Reggae Record Label Gallery of 7″ 45 RPM”

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