Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (Stream + Tracklist) Mar. 19, 2016 – Feel the Bern!

Bernie! 80% in Utah. WOW!

<Bernie v. Hillary; Trump v. Romney; 21 sec.>


  • 14,000 people to see Bernie Sanders in SLC
  • During Spring Break
  • During Ute NCAA Basketball
  • Trump drew 1200

80% trouncing. Nearly ever colleague talked about how their caucus ran out of ballots or they queued in line for 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Congratulations Bernie Sanders. You want more votes? Call for legalizing the Seven Leaf!

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Bern one down!

(PS – I’m voting or Jill Stein. From one Green to another!)

bless, robt

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Annotated Playlist – March 19, 2016; 69 sec.

Set 1:

  • Aswad – Hey Jah Children; Babylon Soundtrack (Takoma) ’80 UK
  • Bunny Wailer – Dub D’sco vol. 2 (Solomonic/RAS) ’78 Dub Album of the Hour
  • Barrington Levy – Please Jah Jah; Prison Oval Rock (RAS) ’84 on Sugar Minott’s Oh Mr. DC
  • Mystic Roots Band feat. Marko & Katherine Ramirez – Running; Campfire vol. 1 (Stay Positive) 2013 Chico, CA
  • Inner Circle – We Come to Rock You; Best of (Mango) ‘80
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – African Herbsman; African Herbsman (Trojan) ’73 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Leroy Smart – See Them Go; 10” (Fatman) ’85 UK
Early addition to the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

Set 2:

  • Rico & the Special A.K.A. – Jungle Music; A Checkered Past (2 Tone/Chrysalis) ’82: ska trombonist with 2 Tone Ska

<UK 2 Tone Ska; 35 sec.>

  • Laurel Aitken – Witchdoctor From Amsterdam; Rise & Fall (Unicorn) ‘90
  • Tchiya Amet – Natural Woman; Rise Again Truth (Redemption Way) ’99 Chicago female
  • Robert Emanuel – You Can’t Push I Over; 10” (Main Line)



Set 3: Best of 26+ Years of Smile Jamaica

  • New Age Steppers feat. Ari Up – Observe Life; Action Battlefield (ON U Sound) ’82 Michael Rose cover
  • Desi Roots – Go There Right; Strictly For Rockers (Mango) ’85 comp.
  • Steel Pulse – Leggo Beast; True Democracy (Elektra) ’82 UK roots
  • Ken Boothe & the Iranian Students – Peace Time; Jack Ruby Hi Fi  (Auralux) ’79

<Producer Jack Ruby – discovered Burning Spear; 8 sec.>

  • Sound Dimension & Ernest Wilson – Why Oh Why Version ; Version Dread – 19 Dub Hits From Studio One (Studio One/Heartbeat) Dub Album of the Hour

<Coxsone Dodd’s Studio One labe; 28 sec.l>

hqdefault (4)
Reggae producer Jack Ruby

Set 4:

  • Peter Tosh – Fight Apartheid; No Nuclear War (EMI America) ‘87

<Tosh Murdered just as I discovered Reggae, Fall ’87>

<Reggae History Lesson: Apartheid and South Africa; 17 sec.>

  • Ranking Roger & Blue Riddim Band – America and Russia/Selective Service System + Nancy Goes to Russia (ORA International) ’83 St. Louis – Nancy Reagan tune

<Nancy loves fashion but Ron loves money; 24 sec.>

RIP Nancy Reagan

Set 5: Vinyl is Vital

  • Cimarons – Mull of Kintyre; Reggaebility (MPL) ’82 Paul McCartney cover

<Cimarons love McCartney; 19 sec.>

  • Niney – My Spliff; Nuclear Jammin’ (Voiceprint) Chicago ’86 herbtune
  • Jah Thomas – Love and Happiness; Stop Yu Loafin’ (Greensleeves) ’78 UK over Leroy Smart’s cover of Waiting in Vain
  • Louise Bennett – Funny Names; Yes M’Dear Live! (Island) ‘83
  • Jimmy Shondell – Snake in the Grass; Hit Me With Music (Trojan) ’73 UK
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Busted in Jah-pon: Paul McCartney and the Seven Leaf

Set 6:

  • Aisha – Someday; There is More to Life (Ariwa)  2005
  • Capital Letters – Do We Really Need a Government?; Bread and Water (Greensleeves) ’80 7” EP
  • Barry Brown – Pass Up the Chalice; Rich Man Poor Man (Moll-Selekta) herbtune
  • Errol Dunkley & Errol Bellot – Live Right + Everything Is Possible; 10” (Reality Shock) 2011
  • Tassili Players – Interstellar Overdub; Outer Space (Universal Egg) ’96 Mutant Dub Album of the Hour

<Tassili Algeria – Ancient Aliens; 28 sec.>

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Ancient Aliens in Tassili Algeria caves

Set 7:

  • John Brown’s Body – Plantation; Kings and Queens (Esy Star) Upstate NY
  • Backbeat Soundsystem – Burnin’ Up; Together Not Apart (Easy Star) 2014 Cornwall, England
  • Rebelution – Fade Away; Count Me In (Easy Star) 2014 Santa Barbara

<Easy Star Records>


Set 8: Mutant Dub UFO-ria


  • Dubadelic – Thuds Like Scuds; Bass Invaders (WordSound) ’98: UFOria set – Mutant Dub
  • African Head Charge & Professor – Stretch; Brother of Reality (ON U Sound) ’98 UK
  • Nina Hagen – UFO; Nunsexmonkrock (Columbia) ’80 Germ.
  • Boxcutter – SPACEBASS; Arecibo Message (Planet Mu) 2009 UK dubstep
  • Dubvisionist and TVS – Moonsteppa; King Size Dub Special (Echo Beach) Germ. 2014
  • Fedayi Pacha – Gilgamesh I / 4b-1-23; Global Pillage (Hammerbass) 2012 Fr.
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Epic of Gilgamesh – way earlier than Noah

Words of  Wisdom:


Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (Stream + Tracklist): Muffed the Daylight Savings Time PSA!

I have dain bramage – told listeners to turn their clocks BACK. Caller set me straight. Had to issue a correction. Gah!19 sec.


<Stoner Alzheimer’s or Allegra-D fog? 19 sec.>

Gaah. Started off last week’s show with a fumble. It’s spring forward ever, backwards never. I advised listeners to wheel their clocks back!

So if you listened to me you would have been running behind two hours on Sunday.

Welcome Spring!

bless, robt

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Not my favorite kind of Hay.

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: March 12, 2016: Annotated Playlist; 46 sec.

Set 1:

  • Jolly Brothers – Conscious Man; Lovers & Rockers (EMI) ’80 UK vinyl; comp.
  • Bunny Wailer – Roots Raddics Dub; Dub D’sco vol. 1 (RAS) ’78 Dub Album of the Hour

<Bunny stands predominate; 30 sec.>

  • Kiddus I – Love Child; Rocking Rebel Vol. 2 (MVD)  ’78 song about Jesus not Jah; 15 sec.

<Love Child: Reggae Gospel – Christmas in March; 9 sec.>

  • Zema – Praise You; Look at the Heart (Melchizedek) ’99 So Cal female singer
  • Israel Vibration – Mighty Negus; Free to Move (RAS) ‘96
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Sun Is Shining; African Herbsman (Trojan) ‘73
  • Mike Brooks – Good Herb; Earth is the Fullness (Moll-Selekta) 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Bush Chemists – Waters Edge; 10” (Jah Tubbys) 2006 UK militant steppers instrumental
Reggae Gospel: Great tribute to Jesus Christ – Christmas stylee in March

Set 2:

  • Peter Tosh – Nah Goa Jail; No Nuclear War (EMI America) ’87 herbtune

<Peter Tosh – From 4 year hiatus to murdered; 36 sec.>

<4 down, 46 to go! – Nah Goa Jail fi ganja no more! 11 sec.>

  • Prince Far I – Reggae Music Moving; Livity (Virgin Front Line) ‘81
  • Sister Carol – Man to Man; Lyrically Potent (Heartbeat) ’96 Marley’s Who the Cap Fit

<Man to man is so unjust – Bob Marley; 9 sec.>

  • Dennis Brown & Soul Syndicate – If You’re Feeling Blue; 10” (Observer Gold) Niney prod’n
hqdefault (3)
Peter’s Prophecy slow but true: 4 down, 46 to go! – Nah Goa jail fi Ganja no more!

Set 3: Best of Smile Jamaica 26 Years

  • Ijahman Levi – Master Ideas; Are We a Warrior (Jahmani) ’79
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson – Street 66; Bass Culture (Mango) ’80 UK dub poet
  • Michael Prophet – Turn Me Loose; Serious Reasoning (Mango) ‘80
  • Rita Marley – I’m Still Waiting; Who Feels It Knows It (Shanachie) ’80 Bob cover
  • Roots Radics & King Tubby – Country Gal Dub; Dangerous Dub (Greensleeves): ’81 Dub Album of the Hour
One of my all time favorites

Set 4:

  • Toure’ Kunda – E’mma Africa; (Celluloid) ’80 Senegalese brothers do reggae
  • Super Chick – Me a Champion; 10” (Hitbound) ’83 female singjay
Terrific One Drop Reggae w/ West African vox

Set 5: Vinyl is Vital

  • Cimarons – Love Me Do; Reggaebility (MPL) ’82 UK: Beatles cover

<Reggae History Lesson: Cimarons = escaped slaves>

  • Jah Woosh & Sis Bee – Look After Me; Rebellion (Federation of Reggae Music) Irish vinyl
  • Dillinger – Jamaican Collie; All On the Same Rhythm (RAS/Studio One) ’75 DC herbtune
  • Augustus Pablo – A Class Dub; Rockers Showcase III (Rockers) ’87 melodica Philly vinyl
  • Mighty Diamonds – No Crying, No Bawling; Indestructible (Alligator) ’83 Chicago blues label
2 McCartney & a Beatles cover

Set 6:

  • Coventry Automatics – It’s Up to You; Dawning of a New Era (Trojan) ’78 pre-Specials ska/punk

<Pre 2 Tone ska/punk; 13 sec.>

  • Marcia Griffiths – Woman of the Ghetto; Gathering of the Spirits (Shanachie) ’98 Marlena Shaw soul cover

<Marlena Shaw soul favorite; 18 sec.>

  • Frankie Paul – It Hafi Bun; Weed a Bun vol. 1 (Charm/Jet Star) 2005 herbtune
  • Dave Robinson – Crocodile Tears; 30 Wicked Hearts (Bushays) ‘80
  • Jackie Mittoo & the Soul Brothers – Voodoo Moon; Last Train to Skaville (Studio One/Soul Jazz)
  • 10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Bonnie & Clyde; 10 Deadly Shots vol. 1 (ROIR) 2010 Dub Album of the Hour


Soul singer Marlena Shaw’s Woman of the Ghetto. Favorite Roots Dawta cover tune

Set 7:

  • Seke Molenga & Kalo Kawangolo Meets Lee “Scratch” Perry – Mengieb; From the Heart of the Congo (RUNNetherlands) ’78 Zaire duo at Black Ark; 37 sec.
  • Me & You – Rock This Rub a Dub; Fashion in Fine Style vol. 1 (Reggae Archive) UK lovers rock
  • Black Slate – Boom Boom (Rasta Festival) – Amigo (Ensign) ’80 Jamaicans rock steady cover
  • Johnny Clarke – Creation Rebel; 10” (Cou$ins) Burning Spear cover
From Zaire to the Black Ark Studio

Set 8:

  • Aldubb – Let There Be Dub; 10” EP (One Drop) 2010 Germ.: Mutant Dub set
  • New Age Steppers feat. Ari Up – Got to Get Away; Action Battlefield (ON U Sound) ’82 Bim Sherman cover feat. Female vox
  • Audio Active – Wanna-Na + Dub; We Are Tokyo Space Cowboys (ON U Sound) ’94 Jah-ponese herbtune


Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (Stream + Tracklist): March 5, 2016: Hayfever Season!


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Two tings signal Spring for I ‘n’ I. Daylight Savings Time (this weekend) and Hayfever. Not from my favorite hay either. 4 down, 46 to go!

Spun tunes in a nice little Flonase Allegra-/D cocktail to keep the serial sneezing at bay. How does it affect the snow?

Tune in and find out!

bless, robt

Woman sneezing with tissue in meadow
Whole heap of this for the next month

<High-lights: Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive: March 5, 2016 Edition; 56 sec.>

  • You’ve got Roots Dawtas inna my Wailers Family Tree
  • Bob live in the studio, Peter’s last album debuts on Smile J, Bunny Roots
  • Rockers do Reggae
  • Vinyl Is Vital
  • Mutant Dub


Set 1:

  • Matumbi – Reggae Stuff; Hit Me With Music (Trojan) ’77 UK vinyl
  • Ronnie Davis – Raining Dub; (Jamaican Recordings) Dub Album of the Hour
  • Devon Russell – Jah Will See; Prison Life (Tamoki Wambesi) ‘83
  • Della Humphrey – Dreamland; Studio One Women (Soul Jazz/Studio One) ’66 Bunny Wailer
  • Capital Letters – Rejoice; Headline News (Greensleeves) ’79 UK youth group
  • Inner Circle – Mary, Mary; Best of Inner Circle (Mango) ’79 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Wayne Jarrett – Youth Man; 12” (Wackies) ‘79
download (5)
Jacob Miller of Inner Circle. Tragically killed in car accident

Set 2: Best of 26 Years – Smile Jamaica: Wailers Dawtas/Sistas/Mamas: 17 sec.

  • Marcia Griffiths – Give and You Get; Steppin’ (Shanachie) ’79:
  • Rita Marley – Beauty of God’s Plan; Harambe (Shanachie) ‘82
  • Judy Mowatt – Sing Our Own Song; Love Is Overdue (Shanachie) ’87 UB40 cover
  • Cedella Marley Booker – Goodnight (Just One More Time); Awake Zion (Rykodisc) ‘84

<I-Three + Bob’s mom; 22 sec.>

Judy, Rita, Marcia – The I-Three. Not I Threes

Set 3:

  • Peter Tosh – No Nuclear War; No Nuclear (EMI America) ‘87; 28 sec.
  • John Brown’s Body – Tell Me Something I Don’t Know; Among Them (Shanachie) ’99 Upstate NY instrumental
  • Ranking Ann – Liberated Woman; A Slice of English Toast (Ariwa) ’81 UK singjay
download (6)5
After a 4 year hiatus, murdered a month after its release. Livicate, nevah deadicate

Set 4: Rockers do Reggae 

  • Robert Palmer – Love Can Run Faster; Double Fun (Island) ’78 Lee Perry/Black Ark mix
  • Taj Mahal – Johnny Too Bad; Mo’ Roots (Columbia) ’74 Slickers cover
  • Bananarama – Tell Tale Signs; Deep Sea Skiving (London); ’83 single
  • Blues Brothers – Groove Me; Briefcase Full of Blues (Atlantic) ’78 King Floyd cover; 20 sec.
John & Dan flying back from Jamaica with 75 pounds of lambsbread!

Set 5: Vinyl Is Vital

  • Sugar Minott – International Herb; Jamming in the Streets (Wackies) ’83 NY: Vinyl is Vital Set
  • Aura Lewis – Full Experience; Aura Lewis Meets Lee “Scratch” Perry at Black Ark Studio (Blue Moon) Fr. EP w/ female vox
  • Michigan & Smiley – Thank You Jah; All on the Same Rhythm (Studio One/RAS) ’79 DC
  • Jah Woosh – Get Together; Rebellion (Freedom of Reggae Music) Ireland
  • Pluto & Trinity?– Vampire Year; Ire Mass Rockers (Top Ranking) ’79 FL
  • Bullwackies All-Stars – Free For All; Free For All (Wackies) Dub Album of the Hour
hqdefault (2)
International Herb – 4 down, 46 to go!

Set 6:

  • The Wailers – I Shot the Sheriff; Talkin’ Blues (Tuff Gong) live on KSAN Radio, San Francisco: Oct. ‘73; 50 sec.
  • New Age Steppers feat. Ari Up – Conquer; King Size Dub: ON U Sound 30 Year (Echo Beach) 2011 mutant dub w/ female vox
  • Sip a Cup Family – Zulu’s Attack; 10” (Sip a Cup) 2005 militant steppers instrumental
download (24)
Inventors of free form FM radio – hosted the Wailers ’73

Set 7:

  • Bunny Wailer – Free Jah Jah Children; Crucial! (Shanachie) ‘79
  • Leroy Smart – Ballistic Affair; Strictly For Rockers (Mango) ’85 comp.
  • Aisha – Carnal Mind + dub; True Roots (Ariwa) ’94 Yabby You cover
Smile Jamaica favorite Roots Dawta

Set 8: Mutant Dub

  • Burial – Ghost Hardware; Untrue (Hyperdub) 2007 UK Mutant Dub Set
  • Samia Farah – Gratuit; Many Mood of Samia Farah (SAM) 2008 Fr.
  • Word Sound I-Powa; Bass Flight; Live From Planet Crooklyn (ROIR) ’96 NY
  • DJ Nut Nut feat. Top Cat  & Frankie Paul – Special Dedication; Jungle Massive vol. 1 (Payday) ’95 UK
  • Dan-I & King Kietu – Ababjanhoy Dubplate; Rastafari Judgement Fire (Imperial Roots) 2009 It.
  • Snoop Lion – Tired of Running; Reincarnated (Berhane Selassie) 2013

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Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (Stream + Tracklist): Jah-bruary 27, 2016: Lamb of Judah

Chunky air Jah-bruary goes out like the Lamb of Judah into Spring. Selah!

<Bad air Jah-bruary goes out like a lamb; 9 sec.>


After a brutal month of bad/chunky/polluted air in Salt Lake City, it was so nice to have 60 degrees for the last Smile Jamaica of winter (Praise Jah!).

I have lived in SLC for coming up on 30 years. Seems like  each winter the Inversion Galore gets worse and worse.

Really vexes me when the weather man talks about “inversion” or “haze”. Yeah, bullflop – it’s smog and pollution.

Thankfully, I don’t have respiratory problems,  but even I got hit with a mild dose of bronchitis this month.

Smile Jamaica’s bronchial cure: Allegra-D in the morning, Mucinex at Noon, Flonase whiff before bedtime. As much water as I can slug down.

One thing about Spring: Hay fever. But at least the mornings are lighter and I get to go home in daylight.

Forward ever, backwards never!

bless, robt

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2016 Smog Lake City

<High-lights for Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Jah-bruary 27, 2016; 28 sec.>

Set 1:

  • Michael Prophet – Jah Love; Jah Love (Live & Learn) ’83 DC vinyl
  • I Kong – Life’s Road (dub); The Way It Is (VP) ’78: Dub Album of the Hour
  • Bim Sherman – Lamb of Judah; Bim Sherman Meets U Black & Horace Andy in a Rub-a-Dub Style (Original) ‘79
  • Judy Mowatt – Black Woman; Strictly For Rockers (Mango) ’85 comp.
  • Aswad – Just a Little Herb; Rebel Souls (Mango) ’84 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Gregory Isaacs – Slavemaster; Mr. Isaacs (Shanachie) ‘78
  • The Observers – Zorro/Cutting Sword; 10” (PK) ’79 Niney instrumental
Smile Jamaica’s favorite singer – Bim Sherman & the Lamb of Judah

Set 2: Wailers Family Tree Set

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – One Love/People Get Ready; Exodus (Tuff Gong) ’77 Request

<Reggae History Lesson – Exodus: The LP & Bob’s journey; 22 sec.>

  • Bunny Wailer – Power Strugglers; Crucial! (Shanachie) ’79
  • Peter Tosh – Mama Africa; Complete Captured Live (EMI America) 8/23/83 Live – Los Angeles
  • The Wailers – Bend Down Low; Talkin’ Blues (Tuff Gong) Oct. ’73 live at KSAN Radio, San Francisco

<The Wailers live on KSAN Radio; 13 sec.>

  • Dubblestandart – Holding You Close (Dub); In Dub (Echo Beach) 2014 Austrian; Dub Album of the Hour

download (2)
Sly Stone – kicked the Wailers of his tour as opening act, 1973

Set 3: Best of 26 Years – Smile Jamaica

  • Joe Higgs – Songs My Enemy Sings; Life of Contradiction (Micron/Pressure Sounds) ’75
  • George Faith – Midnight Hour/Ya Ya; To Be a Lover (Island) ’77: Wilson Pickett/Lee Dorsey soul cover; Perry/Black Ark/Upsetters
  • Mighty Diamonds – Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley; Ice on Fire (Virgin Front Line) ’77: Allen Toussaint New Orleans cover of Robert Palmer tune
  • Aisha – Guide & Protect; Roots Daughters Vol. 1 (Ariwa) ’88 Mad Professor
Smile Jamaica’s favorite – soulful Reggae

Set 4:

  • Black Roots – Earthland; On the Ground (Sugar Shack) 2012 UK roots reunion
  • Martha Velez – Money Man; Escape From Babylon (Sire) ’76: Marley prod’n/Perry engineered/Wailers riddims

<Martha Velez, sister of Hendrix percussionist at Woodstock: Jerry Velez; 20 sec.>

  • Horace Andy – Don’t Let Problems Get You Down; 10” (Glimmer) ‘77
Marley produced. Scratch engineered. Wailers on the riddims

Set 5: Vinyl Is V-Ital 

  • Lillian Allen – Jazz You + This Ya Mumma Earth (Peace Poem); Conditions Critical (Redwood) ’87: J’can dub poet
  • Basement 5 – Immigration; 1965-1980 (Island) ’80 UK punkdub – members went on to Big Audio Dynamite

<Punk Dub led to Big Audio Dynamite; 17 sec.>

  • Sugar Minott – Mass Mi Mass; Rydim (Power House) ’85 JA – George Phang prod’n
  • Augustus Pablo – Last of the Jestering; Thriller (Echo) ’80 melodica, Enos McLeod prod’n

Set 6:

  • Specials – Rude Boys Outa Jail; A Checkered Past: A 2 Tone Collection (2 Tone) ’80 UK ska revival
  • Dave Barker – Travelling Man; 30 Wicked Hearts (Bushay’s) Techniques cover
  • Audio Active – Auditory Nerve (Part 2); We Are Tokyo Space Cowboys (ON U Sound) ’94 Jah-pon dubbers/weedsteppers
  • Rita Marley – One Draw; Who Feels It Knows It (Shanachie) ’80 herbtune
  • MIkey Dread – Dub Party; Come to Mikey Dread’s Dub Party (ROIR) ’95: Dub Album of the Hour
download (3)
Audio Active – Jah-ponese Mutant Dub Weednauts

Set 7:

  • Lee “Scratch” Perry – Collie Ruler; Lord God Muzick (Heartbeat) ’91 herbtune
  • Josey Wales – Let Go Me Hand; Outlaw Josey Wales (Greensleeves) ‘83
  • Sister Rasheda – Jah Is Real; 10” (Jah Warrior) 2006 UK militant steppers
The Collie Ruler

Set 8: Mutant Dub Dawtas

<Mutant Dubstresses>

  • Orange Blossom feat. Leila Bennous – Desert Dub; Everything Must Change (Bonsai) 2004 Fr.: Mutant Dubstresses Set
  • Hollie Cook – 99; Twice (Mr. Bongo) 2013 UK – dawta of Sex Pistol Paul Cook
  • Akabu – Sweet Inspiration; Warrior Queen (ON U Sound) ’95 UK female roots group
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry & Samia Farah – Yellow Tongue; The Mighty Upsetter (ON U Sound) 2008 UK

<Lee Perry’s intestinal whip>

  • Natacha Atlas feat. Tuupe & Princess Juliana – Eye of the Duck; Something Dangerous (Mantra) 2003 Belgian/Algerian-Jewish
download (4)
Mutant Dub with female vox in Arabic

Emerging Technology Trends in Higher Education – Digital Storytelling in Higher Education

download (14)
Before the Sumerian scribe tapped on clay tablets, this story was told in Sumerian homes

Why Storytelling in the Classroom Matters  (; July 2014)

Storytelling is the oldest form of teaching. It bonded the early human communities, giving children the answers to the biggest questions of creation, life, and the afterlife. Stories define us, shape us, control us, and make us. Not every human culture in the world is literate, but every single culture tells stories.

Digital Scholarship Lab 2010:

  • Audio Studio: Robert Nelson (90.9 FM KRCL Radio background)

Jazz_combo 008

  • Video Studio: Tony Sams (photography, film background)


New Media Lab – Creativity & Innovation Services, 2015

Digital Storytelling Project(s):

  • Tony: WRT 3040  – Voicing Folklore: Discovering Special Collections through Digital Storytelling
  • Robert: COMM 5580 – Public Relations & Non-Profit Campaigns: Smile Jamaica Reggae Radio

My story:

  • Student in the Marriott Library, 1988
  • Reggae Deejay/Smile Jamaica Host, 90.9 FM KRCL, 1988
  • BA in History, 1989
  • Marriott Librarian, 1994


COMM 5580 – Public Relations and Non-Profit Campaigns. Tristin Tabish – instructor

Course description: This course is a service-learning experience for students who wish to learn more about public relations tools and practices and collaborate with working professionals. At the end of the semester, students will be able to:

•Identify and critically analyze the four steps of the PR process (research, planning, action, evaluation) and the strategic plan (goals, objectives, strategies, tactics) (First 2/3 of the class)
•Produce for a client: a comprehensive strategic plan
(implementing media relations and developing related content: press releases, audio and video PSAs, web and social media campaigns, marketing/advertising, etc.) (Last month co-taught)
Robert’s role: (outcomes in parentheses)
  • Invisible college – (collegial connection. The instructor is a former deejay/staff on KRCL now Content Director at  90.1 KUER.)
Tristin Tabish – COMM 5580 instructor
  • Class Lecture – Reggae History Lesson (Digital Storytelling, Communication)

<Reggae History Lesson – The Middle Passage; 73 sec.>

  • Show Smile Jamaica Blog (Social Media)
images (3)
Human cargo packed like sardines in a tin — Prince Far I

Reggae, Jamaica and the Middle Passage

  • Smile Jamaica – Radio/Radio Ark-Ive listening assignment (Broadcast Media/New Media/Media Archives)
  • Tour of the Station for Videographers. Film Smile Jamaica in progress (Broadcast Media/Traditional Media, Marketing & Promotion)
  • Teach students how to write Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) for on air broadcast. 30 second scripts (Writing for Media Promotion)
  • Record their PSA’s in the Marriott Library’s Audio Studio (Radio Marketing & Promotion, New Media, Sound Art)

<Smile Jamaica Promo, Fahad – Kuwait>


  • Greetings!
  • Roots Reggae & Dub for 25+ years
  • Reggae History Lessons
  • Your College for Musical Knowledge
  • The King’s Music, Jamaican Blues
  • Record Show Bumpers (90.9FM Smile Jamaica) (Broadcast Media, Communication, Radio Marketing & Promotion)

<Spanish language bumper>

  • Show LibGuide for “Interviewing for Research” for Smile Jamaica host interview (Communication, Interviewing/Journalism/Marketing)

Required Smile Jamaica campaign elements <learning outcomes>:

  • (6 total) 30-second audio promos: SJ blog (2) & SJ radio program (4) <public relations writing, audio creation, communication>

Smile Jamaica Campaign Presentation (6)

  • Promotional video (1:00 or shorter) <digital storytelling, marketing, video creation, visual communication>

Smile Jamaica Campaign Presentation (5)

  • Blog posts w/pictures/images (300 to 400 words each) <writing for the web, social media, visual communication>
  • (3) different Smile Jamaica logos <marketing, graphic design, visual communication>

Smile Jamaica Campaign Presentation (3)

  • (2) different Smile Jamaica print ads<marketing, visual communication, graphic design>

Smile Jamaica Campaign Presentation (4)

  • (1) feature interview with Robert Nelson w/pictures/images (1,000 to 1,500 words) <writing, communication, marketing>

N/A – Interview took place and the same day the young woman was in a car accident on her way to Las Vegas.

  • (3) social media campaign (ideas) w/pictures/images <New Media, Social Media, writing, marketing>

Smile Jamaica Campaign Presentation (7)