Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (Stream + Tracklist: June 18, 2016: Father & Dreadlocks!

A+ record from the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives. Happy Father’s Day!


<Happy Father’s Day; 37 sec.>

Happy Father’s Day to my Pops, Bob and all Father’s including the Heavenly Father – HIM.

In March I helped my folks become Snowbirds on a grueling drive from Salt Lake City to Phoenix. I drove because my Pops has some back issues from a lifetime of selling insurance on the road and golfing.

The whole way he was trying to shake the bee stings out of his fingers. Sure enough. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

So I joked on air while my Pops heals he has to drink Busch Lite  with his left hand for a while.

So I start off this Ark-Ive of Smile Jamaica with a killer jam by Charlie Ace Father and Dreadlocks. The story of a Parson’s son who leaves for college in a Three Piece Suit and returns home a Rastaman in humble dungarees and sandals. When his Mom nearly drops down dead, Charlie sings out, “the power of Jah is moving on!”

Father and Dread Locks – Charlie Ace (lyrics transcribed by Robert Nelson)

  • Hail Daddy-man!
  • Wha’ppen when him come for the Holidays
  • Yes-I! Whap’n rate up a draw of herb fi I place y’know!
  • Son – who dat? No Parson’s son turn Rastaman!
  • Yes-I! Man sight the fullness y’know?
  • Parson send him one son fi (to) college for the study of religious knowledge
  • Some day the boy decides to come home for Holiday
  • But when he enter him home something strange happen
  • He wasn’t wearing slicker suit
  • He wasn’t wearing big heel boots
  • He was wearing dungarees and sandals
  • And when he moved his tam from his head
  • Parson frightened til him was drop down dead
  • When him natty dreadlocks drop to the ground
  • So, his Dad looked at him and said:
  • My son, my son what comes over you? What happened?
  • You pass your GCE and sit upon University. What happened?
  • I work morning, noon and night to get you there. What happened?
  • He said, Daddy you don’t understand like I do
  • But Jah has called upon I
  • I have sight of the Promised Land
  • Daddy, I know the way you feel but one day you will understand
  • My son, what is the plan for the future?
  • He said: Daddy, I plan to use my education to defend human rights, equality and justice throughout the Universe
  • This time the Mother is in the kitchen cooking the best dressed chicken
  • So she run when she realize her one son was home to greet her one son
  • When she sight Natty Dreadlocks she nearly drop down dead
  • She said: My son, my son. What are we going to tell the people of the neighborhood?
  • He said: Mom, tell them that the power of Jah is moving on-ya!

bless, robt

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Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Annotated Playlist – June 18, 2016; 36. sec.

Set 1:

  • Heptones – Cool Rasta; Trojan Story (Trojan) ’77 3LP UK box set vinyl
  • Natural Roots – Concrete Tower Dub; Natural Roots (Only Roots) ’84 Fr. vinyl: Dub Album of the Hour
  • Charlie Ace & Scorcher – Father and Dread Locks; Studio One DJ’s 2 (Soul Jazz) Happy Father’s Day

<Story of a parson’s son who returns a Rasta; 25 sec.>

  • Sound Dimension – Version; 7” (Studio One) Dub to above. Throw Mi Corn riddim
  • Aisha – Gunman; True Roots (Ariwa) ’94 Mad Professor prod’n
  • Toots & the Maytals – Take Me Home Country Roads; Trojan Story (Trojan)  ’74 John Denver cover
  • Alpha & Omega feat. Gregory Isaacs – Bush Ganja; Legend of A & O (Dopic) 2006 best of UK trance dub; 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Horace Andy – Satisfy Me; 10” (Channel One) ’83 UK
The late, great Charlie Ace: Father & Dreadlocks

Set 2:

  • Bunny Wailer – Rise & Shine; Retrospective (Shanachie) ‘81
  • Jean  Binta Breeze – Dubwise + Confusion; LKJ Presents (LKJ) ’96 female dub poet
  • Lloyd Brevett & the Skatalites – African Roots; African Roots (Moon Ska) ’76 reunion – instrumental with flute
  • Black Uhuru – Sorry For the Man; 10” (Jammy$) ‘77
maxresdefault (3)
Dub poet Jean Binta Breeze

Set 3: Best of Smile Jamaica – 26+ Years

  • Linval Thompson – I Love Marijuana; I Love Marijuana (Trojan) ’78 herbtune
  • I Roy – Catty Rock; Heart of a Lion (Virgin Front Line) ’78 update of U Roy’s What Is Catty
  • Bad Manners – Lip Up Fatty; Dance Craze (Soundtrack) (2 Tone) ’80 live – best of British 2 Tone ska
  • Bim Sherman – It Must Be a Dream; Meets Horace Andy & U Black in a Rub a Dub Style (Original) ‘78
4 down, 46 to go!

Set 4:

  • Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse; Reggae Pulse 3 – Love Songs (RAS) ‘82
  • Selecter – Deep Water; Celebrate the Bullet (Chrysalis/2 Tone) ’82: UK 2 Tone ska w/ Pauline Black on the vox
  • Scientist – Jab; Heavyweight Champion (Greensleeves) ’80; Dub Album of the Hour


Set 5: Vinyl is Vital

  • Rita Marley & the I Three – Bellyful; Reggae Sunspalsh ’81 – Tribute to Bob Marley (Elektra) ’81 live
  • Tristan Palma – Joker Smoker; Joker Smoker (Greensleeves) ’82 herbtune
  • Crucial Bee – Mark of the Beast; Just a Sting (All-Star) US Virgin Islands singer
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry – Bafflin’ Smoke Signal; Voodoodism (Anachron) ’78 about the Pope’s election

<Electing the Pope and the Bafflin’ Smoke Signal; 57 sec.>

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Popestock: Bafflin’ Smoke Signal

Set 6:

  • Peter Tosh – No Nuclear War (Single Mix); No Nuclear War (EMI America) ‘87
  • 15 16 17 – Girls Imagination; Magic Touch (DEB) ’78 two sisters and a cousin over Smokey Robinson
  • Tapper Zukie – Chalice to Chalice; MPLA (Virgin Front Line) ’78 herbtune
  • Don Carlos – Dice Cup; 12” (Hitbound) ‘82
  • Dan-I & King Kietu – Pope Dub; Rastafari Judgment Fire (Imperial Roots) 2009 Italian dub album of the hourhqdefault (5)

Set 7:

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Want More (Unreleased Alternate Mix); Rastaman Vibration (Deluxe Edition) (Tuff Gong) ’76 bonus
  • John Holt & Tommy McCook – Stealing, Stealing; Greater Jamaica – Moonwalk Reggae (Treasure Isle) ‘69

<Studio One and Treasure Isle – Jamaican Rock Steady stalwarts; 10 sec.>

  • Sister Rasheda – Jah Is Love; 10” (Jah Warrior) 2006
Duke Reid boss man of Rock Steady label Treasure Isle

Set 8: Mutant Dub

  • 2 Bad Card – Rome; Weed Specialist CD Single (ON U Sound) ’95 UK
  • Onejiru feat. Turtle Bay Country Club & Mike Brooks – Foolish People; King Size Dub Chapter 10 (Echo Beach) 2003
  • Willi Williams & Joseph Cotton – See Mi Yah; See Mi Yah (Rhythm & Sound)  2005 Germany
  • Orange Blossom – Maldito; Everything Must Change (Bonsai) 2004 Fr. with female Arabic vox
  • Transglobal Underground – Good Luck Mr. Gorsky; Psychic Karaoke (Nation) ’96 UFO-ria tune
Smile Jamaica’s Holy Trinity – Mutant Dub, Female Vox, Arabic Language

Words of Wisdom

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: (Stream + Tracklist) June 11, 2016: Summer Rain Utah!

Rare June rainstorm in Utah


Nice little cool breeze summer rain last week. Rarity for sure-ty. I am gearing up for 28 Years on Reggae Radio. Early morning learns the ropes. Saturday Afternoon plants the Flag. Enjoy each show like it could be the last.

bless, robt

<28 Years of Reggae Radio>

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Reggae History Lesson – Muhammad Ali; 24 sec.

Muhammad Ali (AKA Mehemet Ali, Mehmet Ali), 1769-1849, pasha of Egypt for Ottoman Empire. Image published: 1901.
Muhammad Ali (AKA Mehemet Ali, Mehmet Ali), 1769-1849, pasha of Egypt for Ottoman Empire. Image published: 1901.

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive: Annotated Playlist: June 11, 2016; 34 sec.

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Smile Jamaica Approved

Set 1:

  • Natural Roots – Children of Jah; Natural Roots (Onlyroots) ’84 Fr. Vinyl
  • Bullwackie’s All Stars – African Roots Act II Dub; African Roots Act 2 (Wackies) ’82 Bronx; Dub Album of the Hour
  • Errol Brown – Muhammad Ali Boom a Yay in Africa; 7” (Brown Beat) ’74 JA: Muhammad Ali mini set

<Reggae History Lesson: Muhammad Ali in Zaire; 83 sec.>

  • Dennis Alcapone – Cassius Clay; Trojan Story (Trojan)  ‘73
  • Dennis Alcapone –  Muhammad Ali; Hits & Misses (Trikont)
  • Sister Carol – Herbal Is Natural; Direct Hit! Live (Catapult) 2001 live in Maryland; 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Jah Rej – Binghi in the Jungle; 12” (Jah Works) 2002 UK mutant dub instrumental
Ali in Zaire

Set 2:

  • Peter Tosh – Come Together; No Nuclear War (EMI America) ‘87

<Peter Tosh murdered: 9/11 – 1987; 42 sec.>

  • Lorna Asher – True History; Straight to Your Heart (Twinkle) ‘99
  • Culture – Jah Pretty Face; Two Sevens Clash (Shanachie) ‘77
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Roots, Rock, Reggae + Dub; Rastaman Vibration (Deluxe Edition) (Tuff Gong) ‘76
Tosh’s first birthday after his murder: Oct. 18, 1987 – Black Monday stock market crash

Set 3: Best of Smile Jamaica – 26+ Years

  • Judy Mowatt – Joseph; Black Woman (Shanachie) ’76  tribute to Bob Marley (Joseph the Biblical prophet)

<Bob Marley – Joseph of Israel; 13 sec.>

  • The Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom; Dance Craze Soundtrack (2 Tone) ’80 live 2 Tone ska
  • Tapper Zukie – Ital Pot; MPLA (Virgin Front Line) ’78 Mozambique People’s Liberation Army tribute
  • UB40 – I Think It is Going to Rain Today; More UB40 Music (Sound) ‘83 12” mix
  • Black Slate – Roman’s Dub; Ogima (TCD) ’81 Dub Album of the Hour


Joseph – Biblical Prophet. Bob Marley Reggae Prophet

Set 4:

  • Bunny Wailer – Ballroom Floor; Retrospective (Shanachie) ‘81
  • Horace Andy – Ain’t No Sunshine; Prime of (Music Club) Bill Wither cover ‘73
  • Teddy Brown – Midnight Train to Georgia; Reggae Pulse 3 – Love Songs (RAS) ’75 Gladys Knight & the Pips cover
  • Storm – It’s My Birthday; Hits of the Past (Links) mid 70s female lovers rock
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A whole heap covered this one

Set 5: Vinyl is Vital

  • Brentford All Stars – My Sweet Lord; Solid Gold (Steady) NY George Harrison instrumental: Vinyl is Vital set
  • Zap Pow – Irie Land; Reggae Rules! (Rhino)  ’80 US vinyl; herbtune
  • U Brown – Chant It Down: U Brown vrs. (sic) Peter Yellow; DJ Confrontation (CF) UK deejay toasters
  • Tony Tuff – Run Come; Hustling (Scorcher) ’80 JA


Set 6:

  • Dennis Bovell – Dub d’Cap’n; Mek It Rock (Pressure Sounds) ’80 UK dub to I Roy
  • Abyssinians – Smokey Joe; Reunion (AO!) ’98 herbtune
  • Barry Brown – Fittest of the Fittest; Reggae Heights (Mafia & Fluxy) 2001
  • Universal Speakers – We Roots; We Roots (Catch Me Time) female duo; 2012 LA

<Reggae Blues-Dawtas mix: Chuck Foster Reggae radio DJ; 28 sec.>

  • Crazy Caribs – 50 Pence Dub; Dancehall Dub; (Ariwa) 2004 Mad Professor – Dub  Album of the Hour
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Chuck Foster – dean of the Reggae Radio deejay

Set 7:

  • Kwame Bediako – Steppin’ in a Zion; African Reggae (Putomayo) 2009, from Ghana
  • Ammoye’ – Dun Suh; CD Single (Version Xcursion) Can. Female
  • Black Uhuru – Liberation 2000; Dynasty (RAS) 2001: Andrew Bees on vx
  • Stranger Cole – Red Eye; Morning Train (Jah Shaka) 2006

R-3798005-1344841063-8772.jpegSet 8: Mutant Dub

  • Faithless – Muhammad Ali; Outrospective (Virgin) 2001 UK
  • Dubvisionist feat. Ari Up & Dubblestandart – Soulmate; King Size Dub (Echo Beach)
  • Judith – Such Is life; Universal Roots – UK Reggae Stars (Universal Roots) 2008 UK
  • African Head Charge – Rasta Don’t Fear; Live in Japan (ON U Sound) 2005
  • Dan-I & King Kietu – Rastafari Judgment Fire; Hail Rastafari (Imperial Roots) 2009 It.
Can’t spell Italy without Ital

Words of Wisdom:

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (Stream + Tracklist): June 4, 2016: Livicated to to the Black Superman!

Shuffle Ali Shuffle! Hero to the World


Woke up last Saturday to the news the world’s #1 sports hero (at least before Michael Jordan), Muihammad Ali passed to the next world.

He was a huge influence on Reggae. He was truly a Black Superman to many in the Third World, Africa and Jamaica.

I lead off with a Tribute to the Black Superman. And on the June 11 Ark-Ive we’ll hear a whole set of rarities

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

bless, robt

Ma’a salaama champ


Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: June 4, 2016: Annotated Playlist; 58 sec.

  • Tribute to Muhammad Ali
  • Wailers Family Tree: Bob, Bunny, Peter, Rita, Ziggy
  • Best of 26+ years: Gregory, UB40
  • Rockers do Reggae: Sade, Brown, Punkers – The Clash, Ruts DC
  • Vinyl is Vital midway
  • Mutant Dub last half hour

bless, robt

Set 1:

  • Kayawah & Movement Band – Never Love Jah; Culture Rock (Only Roots) ’80 Fr. vinyl
  • Prince Jammy – Jammin For Survival; Rodigan’s Dub Classics: Serious Selections vol. 1 (Rewind Selecta) UK DJ David Rodigan’s dub picks for the hour
  • Johnny Wakelin & the Kinshasa Band –  Black Superman (Muhammed Ali); Reggae Soul and Rock & Roll (Pye) ’76 UK vinyl

<RIP champ! 43 sec.>

  • Phillip Fraser – Holding On; Dancehall Explosion (Trojan) ‘82
  • Mutabaruka – What About the Land; Roots All Stars – Gathering of the Saints (Shanachie) ’98 dub poet
  • Sister Carol – Herbal Affair; Direct Hit! – Live (Catapult) 2001 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement, live in Maryland
  • Mike Brooks – Sinnerman; 10” (Teams)
Fist to Fist rub a dub – The Black Superman

Set 2:

  • Aswad – Pass the Cup; Not Satisfied (CBS) ’82 UK herbtune
  • Rupie Dan & Jennifer Gad – Rastaman; Solid Foundation (Flag) ’92 update on Drifter riddim
  • Tapper Zukie – Oh Lord!; Tapper Roots (Virgin Front Line) ‘79
  • Augustus Pablo – Full Up; 12” (Rockers International) melodica update of Studio One riddim
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Aswad – “black” in the languages of Amharic and Arabic

Set 3: Wailers Family Tree

  • Ziggy Marley – Start It Up; Ziggy Marley (Tuff Gong) New
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Concrete; Rastaman Vibration (Deluxe Edition) (Tuff Gong) ’75: dub to Jah Live

<Concrete = Jah Live Dub; 24 sec.>

  • Bunny Wailer – Want to Go Home; Retrospective (Shanachie) ’88 best 
  • Peter Tosh – Testify; No Nuclear War (EMI America) ‘87

<Murdered 9/11 1987. Bad omen for 14 years later; 46 sec.>

  • Revolutionaries – Dub Over Dub (Heartbeat/High Note) Dub Album of the Hour
Cut down just as I got into Reggae hardcore! Livicate never deadicate

Set 4: Best of Smile Jamaica – 26+ Years

  • Rita Marley – Harambe; Harambe (Shanachie) ’82 harambe – “pull together” in Swahili; 16 sec.
  • Ini Kamoze – Wings With Me; Mini LP (Taxi) ‘84
  • Gregory Isaacs – Special to Me; Private Beach Party (Greensleeves) ‘85
  • UB40 – Rat in Mi Kitchen; Rat in the Kitchen (A & M) ‘86
images (6)
Harambe – Kenya slogan for “Pull together”. Get rid of the British colonizers

Set 5: Vinyl is Vital

  • Well Pleased and Satisfied – Love Train; Burning Sampler (Burning Sounds) ’79 UK red vinyl
  • Cassandra – Thank You For The Many Things You’ve Done; Babylon Soundtrack (Takoma) ’80 UK
  • Tony Tuff – Born in the Ghetto; Presenting Mr. Tuff (Black Roots) ’81 JA
  • Tony Bell & Kutchie – Thief Can’t Prosper; Mercy (Indigo Music) ’89 UK
  • Daddy Freddy Meets the Rootsman – Back Pon Dem Case; Old School New School (BSI) 2000 Portland Ore.
Red Vinyl from the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

Set 6: Rockers do Reggae

  • Sade – By Your Side (Reggae Mix); CD Single (Sony) 2000 Sly & Robbie prod’n
  • Jackson Browne – Everywhere I Go; I’m Alive (Elektra) ‘93
  • The Clash – White Man in Hammersmith Palais; From Here to Eternity (Epic) punkers out of sorts at Jamaican concert in London : Live Best Of (Baltimore, MD)

<Punkers love Jamaican Reggae; 43 sec.>

  • Ruts DC Meet the Mad Professor –Rhythm Collisoion; Rhythm Collision Dub (ROIR) ’80 UK punkers do dub

zsf clash-the-band-6500016

Set 7:

  • Mo’Kalamity & the Wizards – Vision; African Reggae (Putomayo) 2006 Cape Verdean group w/ female vox
  • Audio Active feat. Bim Sherman – Free the Marijuana; Happy Shopper in Europe EP (Beat) ’95 Jah-pon mutant dub herbtune
  • Eric Rebel Lion Buddles – Rebel Lion.; Roots of Black People (Progressive Internaitonal)


Set 8: Mutant Dub

  • Legend of A & O (Dopic Sounds) 2006 UK ttrance dub w/ female vox: Mutant Dub Set
  • Steffe – Heart of Fire; More Bass Than Space  (Dubmission) 2000 UK
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry vs. the Moody Boyz feat. Roots Manuva – International Broadcaster; King Size Dub: ON U Sound 30 Year Anniversary (Echo Beach) 2011
  • Dubadelic – High; Bass Invaders (WordSound) ‘98



Smile Jamaica’s Mutant Dub Mash Down – Digital Dubplate Only (June 2016)!


What is Mutant Dub?


Took last Saturday off on a cratedigging assignment. In order to keep fresh roots on my Mixcloud stream, I cooked up 3 hours of Mutant Dubwize in my Secret Dubratory.

I call these off-air Ark-I(ves: Digital Dubplates since they are online only.

Bass in yer Facd!

bless, robt

Bass the Final Frontier on the Starship Dubwise

Digital Dubplate – Mutant Dub Mashdown (June 2016) Playlist:

0-30 hr.

  • Alpha & Omega – King and Queen; King and Queen (A & O) ’89 UK trance dub w/ female vox: 3 Hours of Mutant Dub
  • Thievery Corporation – Sound the Alarm; It Takes a Thief (ESL) 2010  Best Of: DC dubbers
  • The Gorillaz – Ghost Train; G-Sides (EMI) 2002
  • Future Pigeon – Yuppy Conqueror; Echodelic Sounds of Future Pigeon (Record Collect)  2006 So Cal
  • Samia Farah – Le Monde; Many Moods of Samia Farah (SAM) 2008 Tunisian-French singer
  • Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom – Chin Up; Duppy Writer (Big Dada) 2010 UK chanter
  • Heavyweight Dub Champion – Champion’s Return + Higher Elevation; Survival Guide for the End of Time (Champion Nation) 2002 Boulder, CO
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Roots Manuva – UK toaster over dubblicious beats

30 min – 1 hr.:

  • Disrupt – Asteroid Dub Force; Jahtarian Dubbers vol. 3 (Jahtari) 2012 German
  • Hollie Cook – Postman; Twice (Mr. Bongo)  daughter of Sex Pistol Paul Cook
  • Dub Judah/Mad Professor – Standing Firm; In Captivity (Nubian) ’95 UK
  • Dreadzone – Cave of Angels; Second Light (Virgin) ’95 UK
  • Ben Wa – Break That Stone (Granite Mix); Docking Sequence: BSI Campaign vol. 1 (BSI) 2000 Portland, OR dub label
  • Sevendub feat. Angelique & Zakaya – Fire (Soul Fire mix); Dub Club Edition (Collision) 2006 Germ.
Mutant Dubstress – Hollie Cook: dawta of a Sex Pistol. Former Slit

1 hr. – 90 min.:

  • Scott Hardkiss – Hey Deejay!; Technocolor Dreamer (God Within) 2009 San Fran
  • Balkan Beat Box – What a Night; Give (Nat Geo)  2011 NY/Israeli group. Necrophilia lyrics?
  • The Interruptor – African Satellite Dub; Roots of Dub Funk 4 (Tanty) 2004 Swiss artist
  • SoKo – I Thought I Was An Alien; I Thought I Was An Alien (Babycat) Fr. Female, 2013 UFO-ria
  • Klaatu – Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft; Hope (Capitol) ’77 Can. UFO-ria.
  • Full Moon Scientist – Lunar Base Dub; Planet Dub (Ultimate) ’96 UFO-ria
French singer SoKo and her boy-alien as opposed to boy-friend

90 min. – 2 hr.

  • Ari Up – Kill ‘em With Love; Dread More Dan Dead (Collision) female punk dubber of Slits, New Age Steppers
  • African Head Charge – Touch I; In Charge – Live in Japan (Beat) 2005
  • Anju Kumbz – Stand Up On Your Feet; Binghi Riddim (M) 2008 Neth.
  • Martin Campbell – No Farmer; Historical Tracks (Channel One UK) 2010 best of
  • Zion Train feat. Molara – Freedom; Love Revolutionaries (Universal Egg) ’99 UK trance dub w/ female vox
  • Singers & Players –  Thing Called Love (Don’t Fight); Revenge of the Underdog (ON U Sound)
  • Clive Hunt & the Dub Dancers – Marley Dub; Clive Hunt & the Dub Dancers  (Makasound) 2008 Fr. Bob cover
by Caroline Coon,photograph,1977
RIP Ari Up – Slit, New Age Stepper. Step-daughter of Johnny Rotten

2 hr. – 2 and 1/2 hr.

  • Creation Rebel – Chatti Chatti Mouth/Threat to Creation; Psychotic Jonkanoo (Statik) ’81 UK: Adrian Sherwood prod’n
  • Soho – Shake Your Thing; Goddess (Atco) ’90 UK dubbers w/ female vox
  • Audio Active – Return of the Space Ape; Apollo Choco (ON U Sound) ’97 Jah-pon; UFO-ria
  • Bomb the Bass w/ Spikey Lee – Darkheart (7” Edit); clear (Quango) ’95 UK
  • Congo Ashanti Roy & Singers & Players – African Blood; Disco Plates Collection Part I (ON U Sound) ’81 UK
  • Akabu – Fate of the World; Warrior Queen (ON U Sound) ’95 UK female group
Adrian Sherwood’s collector vinyl. Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

2 and 1/2 – 3 hr.:

  • Black Star Liner – Bonus Track; Yemen Cutta Connection (Echo Beach) ’96 UK/Hindi group
  • Survival Soundz – Dub Is Dub; Land of Baboon (Baraka Foundation) ’96 Brooklyn
  • Dub Syndicate – Herbal Roots; Acres of Space (Lion & Roots) 2001 UK
  • Kanka feat. Moyenei – Ya Estas Aqui; Sub.mersion (Hammerbass)  2009 Fr. w/ female vox
  • Kode9 – Magnetic City; Box of Dub (Soul Jazz)  2007 UK dubstep
  • Dubmatix feat. Ammoye – Lock Down; Clash of the Titans (Collision) 2011 Can. w/ female vox

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