Reggae History Lessons

So Bob Say: “Listen fe Smile Jamaica. Your college for musical knowledge!”


Smile Jamaica Presents Reggae History Lessons from Prof. Robert. PhD *in Reggae-ology.

*(Play Hard Dub)

Concepts with sound bytes from the Smile Jamaica Radio Ark-Ives:

bless, robt

  • Dubplate – A special mix, of a Reggae song, often pressed on metal acetate, for a deejay or sound system that would be unique or different than the vinyl mix. Meant to praise a deejay or sound which would increase dancehall attendance or “brand” loyalty in a competitive deejay environment.  (4/26/14)


<Reggae History Lesson: “Dubplate”: 30 sec> 

  • Kif –  From the Arabic kayaf. “To make high”. The sticky trichomes that shake loose from buds and are pressed into bricks of hash in Morocco and North Africa. (From 4/19/2014: 420 Cannabis Service Show)
Jar of kif: “pour some sugar on yr Green Krispies”
Punchline to a joke: “Kermit’s finger”

<Cannabis History Lesson “Kif”; 45 sec>

  • Lambsbread – Jamaican flavor of marijuana that gets its name from the fact that the fluffy buds on the stalk had the look of a soft lamb’s tail. Jamaican colloquial language: Lamb’s tail into “lamb’s breath” into Lambsbread. (4/19/2014: 420 Cannabis Service Show)
3 loaves of Lambsbread Collie makes you jolly!

<Cannabis History Lesson: “Lambsbread”; 21 sec>

  • Marley, Bob – Cut down in his prime.  Sept. 1980: I expound on the cruel irony that just as Bob had cemented his following in Europe and America. 100,00 fans in Milan, Jah-taly. Had travelled and played in Africa, Jah-pon, New Zealand, Jah-stralia, and was now embraced by black Americans coming out of the decadence of disco. He would have been as big a music star in the 80s as Madonna, U2, Springsteen, Michael Jackson and anyone else. But he was wracked with cancer that killed him May 11, 1981 (4/26/14)


<Reggae History Lesson: Bob Marley’s Tragic Timing; 40 sec.>

  • Sensimilla – From the Spanish “without seeds”. Buds without seeds have higher potency. The female plants are unfertilized and produce more THC to attract a male. Makes sensi to me! (From 4/19/2014: 420 Cannabis Service Show)
“Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere! And separate the male from the female plants” – George Washington

<Cannabis History Lesson: “Sensimilla”; 5 sec>

<Smile Jamaica Sensi Symphony; 33 and 1/3 sec.>



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