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Happy 70th Birthday: Bob Marley. From the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (2+ Hour Marley Tribute Special): Digital Dubplate Showcase

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Bob Marley b. Feb. 6, 1945: Age projection to 70


February is Bob-ruary Month on Smile Jamaica

Cooked up 2 plus hours in my Secret Dub–ratory. All Bob Marley Tribute Songs from the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives.

Digital Dubplate online only via Mixcloud.

To celebrate Bobstock or Bob Stalk as in Stalk of Sensi!, I am putting in some clips of readings from Smile Jamaica of Bob’s lyrical wisdom from the little book 56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road

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Each week I read a Thought on Smile Jamaica

Thanksgiving 2012 I picked up a blood infection while cratedigging in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas I first noticed in St. George.:“That’s weird, I’ll just dump some Neosporin on it on my way to the Record shop.”

I found this little book at Zia’s Records in town. No crate was left un-dug as I was starting to fade. Watching a Family Guy marathon in my Hotel Room on Thanksgiving Day was pretty much one rung above comaville for I ‘n’ I.

Barely made it back to SLC and went straight into the Hospital for 5 days.

You’re never really prepared to go into Intensive Care, but I had slipped that little book into my bag. Five days with nothing but tubes sticking out of you. I had that book to distract me from my stupidity and mortality.

So now I read a passage every week on Smile Jamaica to celebrate Bob’s wisdom and guidance. Selah!

Enjoy the Best of the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives Bob Marley Tributes

bless, robt

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WWBMD? What Would Bob Marley Do? Light a candle for his 70th birthday!

Tracklist for Online Only Marley Tribute

30 min.:

<56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road; No. 24; 13 sec.>

  • Cedella Marley Booker – He’s a Rastaman; Awake Zion (Rykodisc) ’84; Bob’s mom
  • Culture – Psalm of Bob Marley + Dub; Good Things (RAS) ‘89
  • Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster (Jammin’); Hotter Than July (Motown) ‘81
  • Sister Carol – Dedicated to Bob Marley; Black Cinderella (Jah Life) ‘84
  • The Melody Makers – Lyin’ in Bed; Time Has Come (EMI) ’88 Best of (30 min.)

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1 hour:

<56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road: No. 25; 38 sec.>

  • Mikey Dread – In Memory (Jacob, Marcus, Marley)(S.W.A.L.K.) (Heartbeat) ‘82
  • Alpha & Omega – Freedom Fighters; Sound System Dub (ROIR) ’95 Best of; UK trance dubbers
  • Prince Far I – Tribute to Bob Marley; Voice of Thunder (Trojan) ‘81
  • Ky-Mani Marley – Dear Dad; Marley Sampler 2000
  • Cedella Marley Booker – Mother Don’t Cry; Awake Zion (Rykodisc) ‘84
  • Bunny Wailer – Profile; Tribute to Bob Marley (Solomonic/RAS) ‘95
  • Macka B – Bob + Wailers Dub; Hold On to Your Culture (Ariwa) ‘95
  • Lone Ranger – Tribute to Bob Marley + Version; On the Other Side (Studio One/Heartbeat) ’77 (60 min.)


90 min.

<56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road; No. 33; 23 sec.>

  • Judy Mowatt – Joseph; Black Woman (Shanachie) ‘76
  • Culture – Double Tribute to the O.M.; Lion Rock (Heartbeat) ‘83
  • Ijahman Levi – Bob and Friends over There; Inside Out (Jahmani) ‘89
  • Horace Andy – Bob Lives On; Exclusively (Solid Groove) ‘82
  • Cedella Marley Booker – Redemption Song; Awake Zion (Rykodisc) ‘84
  • Alpha Blondy – Mystic Night Move; Masada (World Pacific) ’92 (90 min.)


2 hrs:

<56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road: No. 34; 37 sec.>

  • Bunny Wailer – Stay With the Reggae; Marketplace (Shanachie) ‘85
  • Lui Lepkie – Tribute to Bob Marley; Late Night Movie (Joe Gibbs) ‘81
  • Everton Blender – Bob Marley/World Corruption; Live at the White River Reggae Bash (Heartbeat) ‘99
  • Abyssinians – Jah Marley; Last Days (Tabou1) ‘98
  • Big Youth – Hit the Road Jack (Tribute to Bob, Peter, Bunny); Jamming in the House of Dread (ROIR/Danceteria) Live at Reggae Japansplash; Osaka, Jah-pon 8/30/90
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Twin heroes of the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

 <56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road. No. 35; 43 sec.>

2 hr. 20 min:

  • Randeesh – Bob Marley Is a River of Love; Courage (Mountain Lion) 2004
  • Isaac Haile Selassie – Dear Bob (Tribute to Bob Marley); CD Single (Resin Music) ‘99
  • Joel Zoss – Bob Marley International; Back to the Island (Rounder) 2001
  • Dennis Alcapone – Natty Bid Goodbye; Good Old Days (Teams)
  • Bunny Wailer – Final Statement; Hall of Fame (RAS/Solomonic) ‘95
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Immortal. Member of Jah Heavenly Choir. Blessings

 <56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road: No. 36; 27 sec.>

Smile Jamaica Preview: July 5, 2014: 26th Anniversary of Reggae Radio: 3 Hour Vinyl is Vital!

26 Year Reggae Radio Anniversary: July 2, 1988; 3 o’Clock Roadblock; 3 to 6 AM Monday graveyard


26 years ago I embarked on a new hobby: Reggae Radio. It was Spring of 1988. My college roommate and I were in the Pie Pizzeria near campus at the University of Utah. They had the local community radio station on their Hi Fi: KRCL 90.9FM

Types of Radio:

  • Commercial: For profit, various formats, funded via advertisements
  • College: Managed by students, “college rock” indie format, funded via grants, radiothons, student fees and University support. Non-commercial (no adverts)
  • Public Radio: may or not be affiliated with a University. Mostly geared to NPR talk comment and similar. Funded mostly via Radiothons, donors, local businesses. Non-commercial (no adverts)
  • Community Radio: Usually done as a community asset rather than a campus entity. Funded via Radiothons*. Non-commercial  (no adverts)

KRCL 90.9FM, where I have deejayed now for 26 years is a Community Radio station

*Radiothon is where the station interrupts regular programming, for a week or ten days at a time,  to entice listeners to pay to become members. The price of not taking advertising. (By license, non-commercial stations are not allowed to accept advertising.) We run Public Service Announcements for non-profit  groups and charge local business underwriting. “Smile Jamaica is sponsored by One Stop Smoke Shop.” Lowkey, non-advocacy. Can’t say, “Come on down to One Stop Smoke Shop”.

The Smile Jamaica Mothership

Back to my story….

Roomie and I were having a slice and heard that KRCL was looking for new volunteers to host shows. The two of us had been involved with the re-start of the U of U’s college station called KUTE. Even though KUTE only broadcast in the student union, it did give me a little bit of experience on how be “on mic”.

Long story short: I had been doing a Reggae show on KUTE called Positive Vibrations. My roommate was into contemporary 80’s music and they weren’t looking for that. I got the nod to be trained. He did not.

Chris Gittins (RIP) was a long time programmer at KRCL and he trained me on the ins and outs, the rules and regs. Great guy. Very good mentor. KUER’s station manager John Greene (or as I call him Juan Verde) was KRCL’s station manager. Another top rank radio man.

Haile Selassie portrait painted by University of Utah’s Alvin Gittins. Chris was his son

In most community radio stations you have to pay your dues. And that means graveyard slots. Mine was 3-6 AM Monday Morning. I would try and sleep for a few hours, Sunday night,  and then set the alarm with plenty of time to drive to the station. During the coldest winter in decades.

I called my show 3 O’clock Roadblock from Bob Marley. However, it wasn’t Bob but Black Uhuru who were my favorite Reggae group. I always started off a show with one of their selections.

Not Bob, not Peter not UB40: Black Uhuru and this album started my lifetime fascination with Reggae music & culture

My first show was 4th of July Weekend (July 2), 1988. It was fun and gave me plenty of time to figure out how to do radio without a ton of people listening in.

I went to San Francisco in early June to “load up” on Roots: Vinyl discards in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Reno. Started buying some CDs too. CDs were fresh and the Vinyl was cheap as people got out of the wax and into the aluminum (or whatever Cds are made of.)

June 1988, Bay Area crate dig: Needed fresh wax for new Reggae Radio show: Back when Box Sets actually came in a box

I programmed 3 O’clock Roadblock from July 1988 to August 1989. I couldn’t hack the disruption every Monday after crashing at 6 AM and trying to sleep.

But then the host of Smile Jamaica at the time, John “Rutabaga” Reese, was looking to transition back to a true weekend lifestyle.  I apprenticed with him starting October 1989 (Radiothon weekend). We did the show together, alternating sets, for a while. Then every other weekend. Summer 1989 I came back from another crate dig in the Bay Area and he called me to say he was ready to let me fly solo.

And I never stopped. So today is a celebration of 26 years of Reggae Radio. More than half my life.

SmileJ_45 120
26 years, average 45 shows a year times 3 hours = 3500+ hours of Reggae

I come from the land of the ice and snow. I don’t do well in the heat. I just got back from a combo style work gig in Las Vegas built around a couple days of cratedigging. In 112 degree heat. Vinyl is Vital, indeed!

So to celebrate 26 years, today’s Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive, will be devoted to  the Black Wax Attack. Had a nice little score of Vinyl rarities for sure-ty last week. Made sure they didn’t melt in my car from the Record Shop to my hotel room. I have been rinsing them out all morning. Pulling together 3 bags of vinyl: Lps, 7″, 10″ and 12″ singles. Soundtrack to this blog post! I am the ultimate multi-tasker: I listen as I write.

112 Heat, Las Vegas. Praise Jah it was only 1 mile from here to my hotel room. Don’t leave your kids, your dogs nor your black wax in the car at these temps!

When you crate dig for Reggae vinyl there is always going to be these titles: UB40 Labour of Love, 70’s Third World, 80’s Jimmy Cliff and Steel Pulse. Surprisingly little in Bob and Peter. They must sell as soon as they get to the racks.

The reason for that is: the major labels, who dabbled in Reggae,  sent promotional vinyl. Free wax in return for airplay. Often times, they would issue special dance mix singles. THAT is what I look out for.

Here is the harvest of driving around Las Vegas in 112 degree temps with my brake sensor going off because it couldn’t handle that high temp at low elevation

  • Jimmy Riley: Rydim (Mango); Sly & Robbie, great soul vox on an LP of blissful soul covers
  • 2 Third World Promo singles I didn’t have: Sense of Purpose & the Story’s Been Told (German pressing!)
The Smile Jamaica Cratedig Trifecta: Rare, Disco Mix, Picture Sleeve. Automatic purchase!
  • Osbscure Josey Wales Jamaican dancehall 12″
  • Several cool pic sleeve offerings for annual Record Store Day: Mazzy Star and Ronnie Spector with the E Street Band


Driving back from Vegas, I stopped in for gas and  hit up Cedar City’s record shop: Groovacious

Found some nice titles on CD. A Euro Horace Andy, a Culture re-issue I didn’t recognize.Joe Gibbs 12″ Comp for $4 (Roots sounds better at $4 than $14).

$3.99 plus tax. Niceness!

Beastie Boy instrumental, Ohio Players, Brothers Johnson 70’s funk;. some psychedelic African revives and the fave of the dig: A Peter Tosh bootleg from 1978

bless, robt

Smile Jamaica live every Saturday 4-7 PM Mtn. Time:

  • 90.9FM in Utah
  • Stream:  Tune In Radio
  • Ark-Ive. Here on Smile Jamaica blog; without commercial interruptions
  • Twitter: SmileJ_KRCL for live alert and stream upload/blog posts
Groovacious Front and Side
Groovacious, Cedar City, Utah. Worth a stop on your way to or from Vegas


Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive: June 21, 2014 (Stream + Playlist): Summertime Showcase

Dr. No – filmed in Ocho Rios, Jamaica


Thanks for listening and promoting these Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives podcast streams either here or on Mixcloud.

While you enjoy the sounds of cool roots going on 26 plus years, (debuted on KRCL 90.9FM July 2, 1988),  I get to boast up myself by tracking the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives progress on Mixcloud’s music charts. Let’s see how WE did the last last 2 weeks.

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: June 14, 2014 edition

  • Vinyl: 7
  • Reggae: 30
  • Dub: 17

Jump straight to the June 21, 2014 Ark-Ive stream

Here’s what I featured and you can check above (with the Playlist below)

I collected comic books, baseball  & football cards and 7″ 45s. I did not collect Neoliberal Trading cards

Snuck away last week for a cratedig – Library conference in Las Vegas. Hit 112 on the thermometer. 122 in my car. I found some rare Vinyl and worried it would cook from the shop to Circus Circus. So I blasted the Air Conditioner on High (pun intended) straight onto the black wax:

Smile Jamaica loves Record Store Day

Jimmy Riley, Third World 12″s, Josey Wales Jamaican deejay 12″. Record store day pic sleeve 45s by Mazzy Star and Ronnie Spector and the E Street Band; when the Two Sevens Clashed (1977)

1977: A great year for music when the Two Sevens Clashed

I thought I could take this edited Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive on the road and upload to Mixcloud off of my iPad.

You know what they say about assumptions. Mixcloud doesn’t allow you to upload via iPad. They suggested Traktor DJ. Downloaded that App but due to my steep learning curve, I couldn’t get it to sync the file to then upload. Grrrr.

Disco is not a 4 letter word on Smile Jamaica: Record City, Vegas in 112 degree heat

So, home sweet home:

Jimmy Riley - 1981 - Rydim Driven B
Vinyl is Vital: Zia’s Records, Los Vegas: $9.99. Celebrating 26 years on KRCL this Saturday: All Vinyl 3 hours! July 2, 1988 3 0’Clock Roadblock; 3-6 AM. Monday graveyard

So how does a deejay, such as myself, – who has been doing the same thing, every Saturday, same time, same channel, same show for 25 plus years keep from getting bored? Or boring? Rinse and Repeat.

Since I only deejay Smile Jamaica once every Saturday, I pack the most into my time. 3 hours: All Killer, No Filler!

7 0’clock comes. I pack up, go home and start loading up tunes for next week. Brilliant. I volunteer my time. Never taken one dime for doing Smile Jamaica. Ever and ever. Amen! Selah!

No paycheck makes it a “labour of love” (pun intended) for I!

UB40 - Labour Of Love (1983)
26 Years as a Deejay on KRCL: Never been paid a dime. When you give $60 for a T shirt at Radiothon, $60 goes to the station, none for me. Give Thanx!

I actively listen to music between 4-6 hours a day. More when baseball season ends and my beloved Giants take the winter off.

A lot of that listening are disks that I harvest to my iPod. I pull the best songs and slot them into playlists by themes. When I get enough in a iTunes playlist to feature on Smile Jamaica, I know right where to go.

Lo-fi, no computers for I ‘n’ I. I don’t play digital. Itunes is for my mobile listening through earbuds. On Smile Jamaica, unless it is a request from my digital Library, it’s going to be either a CD, Vinyl or Vinyl single.

As a Librarian, this is how my profession works. Organizing information into categories. Once I get my playlists in a searchable format, I can easily track down the physical object within the massive Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives.

So I had enough to do a set devoted to Neoliberal hit man James Bond.

James Bond Sheet Music

I played the ska cover theme version by Studio One sax stalwart Roland Alphonso; Roland again alongside Los Jah-ngeles, Collie-fornya Third Wave ska group Jump With Joey. I ended the set with The Specials 2 Tone Brit Ska livication, name checking  of all the James Bond movies

Forward ever backwards never. Fifteen minutes into mo’ Roots, I get a phone call. A listener on his way from Nebraska to UC Davis was channel surfing through the valley and came upon Smile Jamaica at 90.9FM.

The dude was ecstatic that he could catch some classic ska after a thousand miles of talk radio, NPR and commercial radio. Not to mention static radio in remote areas. He asked if Smile Jamaica was an all Reggae Radio station.  I said, “I wish”, but told him that he had 90 more minutes of it heading West on I 80 losing the signal around Wendover.

He checked off and promised to ketch the streams here on the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive page. Made another friend on the Reggae radio airwaves.

And THAT is why I do radio for free. For 26 years and beyond.


DJ Ashiqullah. The only radio deejay more committed to his show than I at Smile Jamaica. Radio station in Helmand, Afghanistan “Taliban country”. Be well, dread!

bless, robt


  • Jimmy Riley – Summertime; 12” (DEB); cover of Billie Holliday/Porgy & Bess classic
  • Sly & Robbie – Hott Stuff; Bebo’s in a Dub Style (Bebo’s Music); ‘ 85 Dub Album of the Week
  • Aswad – Ways of the Lord; New Chapter (Columbia/Legacy) ’81 UK roots. Name means “black” in Arabic/Amharic
  • Dennis Alcapone – Shades of Hudson; Guns Don’t Argue (Trojan) dubble disk best of
  • Ken Boothe – Can’t Fight Me Down; Everything I Own (Trojan); best of
  • Jimmy Cliff – World Is Upside Down; Hawaii 5-0 Soundtrack (CBS); Joe Higgs cover
  • Mystic Roots – Pass the Marijuana; Constant Struggle (Stay Positive); 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement; Chico, Collie-fornya
  • Jessica Burks – Hollywood Sign; Hollywood Sign EP (jessicaburks.com) 2009***End of Set 1
“Be on the look out for merry-ju-whanna. Mmmkay?”
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Zimbabwe; Live Forever (Tuff Gong); last live show: Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania 9/23/80; Wailers Family Tree set
  • Bunny Wailer – Another Dance; Rootsman Skanking (Shanachie) ‘86
  • Peter Tosh – 400 Years; Equal Rights (Deluxe Edition) (Columbia/Legacy) ’77 dubble disk of rarities
  • Martha Velez – Get Up, Stand Up; Angels of the Future/Past (Sire); ’76 Bob’s girlfriend on Wailers tune***End of Set 2
A branch in the Wailers Family Tree: Bob produced, Scratch mixed, Wailers pon the riddims. 1976. Recorded in Jamaica Bob covers
  • Hollie Cook – Ari Up; Twice (Mr. Bongo) New; Mutant Dubstress livicated to late Slits vocalist
  • Culture – Revelation Time; Power of the Trinity (Shanachie); Request
  • Aksumites – Ark of the Covenant; 12” (Thebes Sounds) ’81; Axum = Ancient Ethiopia
  • Aldubb feat. Ras Perez – Let There Be Dub; Let There Be Dub (One Drop) 2010 Jah-many mutant dub***End of Set 3
Mutant dubstress Hollie Cook. New album “Twice”. All killer no filler
  • Roland Alphanso – James Bond; Something Special (Studio One/Heartbeat); James Bond set: ’65 ska instrumental
  • Jump With Joey – James Bond; Strictly For You vol. 2 (Rykodisc); ’94 third wave LA ska group
  • Specials – Sock it to ‘em J.B.; More Specials (2 Tone) ’80 Brit ska***End of Set 4
“Sock it to ’em. Neoliberal Hitman J.B.!”
  • Cimarons – Utopian Feeling; In Time (Trojan) ’74 UK: Vinyl is Vital Set
  • Mike Brooks – Lover’s Street; One Love (Vista Sounds) ’83 UK
  • Chalawa feat. Merri & Sandi Callender; Capture Land (Green Weenie) ’78 Jah-ntario, Canada
  • Jah Ruby – Kunta Kinte; Dread Affair (Afrik) ’77 JA; from Alex Haley’s Roots TV miniseries
  • Tony Bell & Kutchie – Weep and Moan; Mercy (Indigo) ’89 Jah-cago***End of Set 5
Jah Ruby - 1977 - Dread Affairs F
Vinyl Is Vital; singing about Kunta Kinte from Alex Haley’s “Roots”
  • Abyssinians – Smokey Joe; Reunion (AO!) ’98 Seven Leaf Herb set
  • Weeding Dub feat. Humble-I – Sound of Reality; 10” (Control Tower); 2009 Fr. about French law against herb
  • Black Roots – Earth Land; On the Ground (Sugar Shack) 2012 UK
  • Jacob Miller – Healing of the Nation; Jacob Miller Meets the Fatman Riddim Section (Crocodisc) ’78; from Revelation 22:2***End of Set 6
Read Your Bible and liberate the Seven Leaf. Jah commands it!
  • No Doubt – Rock Steady; Rock Steady (Interscope) 2001 feat. Sly & Robbie***End of Set 7
  • The Dynamics – Fever; Version Excursions (Groove Attack) 2007; Little Willie John cover; Mutant Dub set
  • Kenny Knots Meets de Bush Chemists – My God is Real + Real Dub; Gi Me De Music (Conscious Sounds) 2003 UK; Sleng Teng riddim
  • Cosmic Rocker & Zeb feat. Harmony – dub; Babylon is Ours: The USA in Dub (Echo Beach) ‘96
  • Natacha Atlas – Fun Does Not Exist; Best of Natacha Atlas (Mantra) 2000 French/Al-jahrian female artist
Jamaica finally decriminalizes Ganja