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Smile Jamaica Digital Dubplate Oct. 2020 – Royal Flush!


<Leaving on a jet plane> 2 min. 48 sec.

I ‘n’ I father has been fighting a brain condition called NPH. Makes him wet, wobbly, and wacky. So as the eldest, I have been driving my parents from Sun City West, AZ retirement home to Fort Benton, Montana and back again. Montana summers and Phoenix winters. This is my excursion:


Day 1: Covid Airlines: SLC to Great Falls, MT.

Get up and get out of the house at 5:30 in the AM. Suitcase, Burning Spear tote bag I carry everywhere, like a man purse, cash and ID. Don’t forget your mask!

No worries, time to dial up Uber on my IPhone.

Credit card 1 rejected, credit card 2 rejected, credit card 3 rejected. Credit card 4? REJECTED. Paypal rejected. WTF? In my haste to call a cab I dropped my new IPhone on the pavement and the screen shattered. F-bomb! 

As Neil Young would say, “Piece of crap.” Luckily the phone feature still worked and I ‘n’ I hailed Ute cab like back in the day. When I got settled I wrote Uber a 1 star, EFF YOU review on the App Store,  deleted those fools and settled in for the dreaded wait.

Uber is unreliable: I entered four legitimate credit cards and Uber rejected them all. They also wouldn’t take my PayPal account. They don’t care. I deleted the app, told all my friends & family. Now I either use Lyft or will call a cab. FIYA BU’N UBER!!! Worse than Covid!

This trip is already starting out with a bad omen…

Flying. When I ‘n’ I told friends I was getting on planes their look of horror and incredulity was obvious. Like I need any reminders. I ‘n’ I have no choice. Maybe the plane will be mostly empty like when I flew out in May.

Nope. Tin can Skywest plane was completely full. Two seats, aisle, two seats. Luckily no Utah county maskholes. Flight to Great Falls was 2/3 full. Had to pull the mask down at TSA. WTF? Great, Covid to the left of me, Covid to the right of me….

Day 2:  Fort Benton, Montana to Ogden, Utah (578 miles)

Could not wait to get on the road. Watching TV in a state with competitive electoral races is a nightmare. Every commercial was Dem attacking R. R slandering Dem. Every. Single. Break. Doesn’t anyone just sell Coca-Cola and toothpaste anymore?

1300 miles from North Central Montana to Phoenix retirement community. Drove the first stretch as far as Ogden, Utah.

  1. Pops, who was still wheelchair bound when I ‘n’ I made the reverse trip in May. Now walking with a cane and doing well mentally.
  2. Yimma (my mom). Sat in the back with her Ipad
  3. Bella our lap dog/rabbit killer
  4. I ‘n I. Did all the driving
Bella 27, Rabbits and lizards 0

That stretch in the Fall is beautiful if the weather is good. Freshly harvested wheat fields, cross the Missouri River a bunch of times, Go up and over the Continental Divide.

I ‘n’ I told Yimma we had to get on the road early. Because I wanted to be in our Motel Room in time for the first debate between the Orange Guy and the Pale White Guy.

Forced to listen to The Bridge on Sirius/XM. Soft rock of the 70’s. By the time we hit Butte, MT, I ‘n’ I wanted to throw myself off a bridge. After about the third Christopher Cross “classic” I was itching to switch to the Metallica channel! 1300 miles of wimp rock. Mainline the caffeine straight into my veins.

Sirius XM – The Bridge Channel: 1300 miles of musical Ambien

Checked into a grungy Motel 6 just off I-15. Ordered up some dinner delivery. I got out my vape pen and for the first time ever(?) watched FOX News. Shit meet show!

I ‘n’ I was vaping Trainwreck while watching a train wreck. Remember the two old dudes from the Muppets? This is America?

Paint the taller one orange, and that was what watching the Presidential Debate was like

Day 3: Ogden, Utah to Mesquite, Nevada (376 miles); 45 sec.

Grinding through Utah in a Buick Enclave crammed so full of cra….stuff I had to rely on the side mirrors. Fighting off narcolepsy from the endless rotation of Seals & Croft, James Taylor and Carly Simon. I ‘n’ don’t think I’m gonna listen to any Steely Dan for at least a year.

Central Utah would be prettier if it were 100 miles shorter from SLC to Nevada.

Nevada has a Karen governor so we weren’t able to stay at the casinos in May. This time we checked in to Virgin River Casino. Yimma got the rooms while I ‘n’ I drove to Deep Roots Harvest.

Hit Yimma up for 2 Benjamins. My Uber fee, strike that Lyft fee for doing all the driving. That debate debacle depleted my vape stock, and so picked up a couple cartridges: Strawberry Cough and Grape Ape. I ‘n’ I have a sweet tooth.

Reward for 954 miles driven in two days

Drove back and we all had a pandemically correct dinner. I ‘n’ I hate ketchup and pepper packets. First world problems!

Pops squeezes the nickel til the buffalo shits, so he stayed in his room and watched baseball in empty stadiums. Yimma and I hit the casino floor. She is a slots player. I’m a video poker guy.

New rules on the casino floor. My Pops said he wished he had the plexiglass business. No doubt. Gambling now is like playing cards in a phone booth. I’m claustrophobic so I looked for a machine on the end.

Gambling Covid style in a plexiglass coffin. (Click image for better view)

Low stakes, 25 cents x 5 coins per play. That first Andrew Jackson lasted long enough to wash down my “strawberries” with a Jack and coke. The bosomy cocktail waitress doesn’t come around much to the quarter machines.

Put a second $20 in. Played it almost to the end. $60 is about all I’m willing to blow in one sitting. Then it happened…..


Huh? I looked down and saw 4000 coins on the machine tally. I had just hit a Royal Flush. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten of Spades.

When it dawned on me what 4000 quarters added up to, even by my Liberal Arts math “skills”, that was $1000. Then, of course, there was no attendant to be found! Covid casinos are still pretty empty. Lot of staff have been furloughed.

I ‘n’ I was afraid to venture from my machine b/c I figured the moment I step away, someone would sit down and claim my winnings. Finally I yelled at a Security Guy: HEY YOU! I WON THE JACKPOT!

He offered to get a person to pay out. That was a five minute wait that seemed like hours. I ‘n’ I was half paranoid that there would be a power outage or earthquake and the machine would black out. Once you win something like that you now have a reason to care about the outcome. Usually I play to fill time, sipping whiskey, surreptitiously toking up, (it’s flavored CBD!)  and listening to every 80’s hit by Madonna on the PA system.

Nice lady comes over with her notepad and a money bag. Counted out 9 $100 bills and 5 20’s. You know they want you to kick that last $100 back to them. My mind was wrecked, no way I ‘n’ I could concentrate. I took my cash and headed to find Yimma who had run out of a $100 pretty quickly. I was shaking. Never won a jackpot like that in my history of low stakes gambling in Vegas.


No 1099 either. Pure profit. We headed back to the rooms. Pops was looking at the two of us wearing shit eating grins. I laid down in front of him, 100, 200, 300….up to $1000. He just shook his head.

When I Tweeted out my winnings, a lot of well wishers said that I ‘n’ I deserved to win for risking The Covid (Bobbylon 17, Covid 0) to be the good son to drive my elderly parents all the way home.

<Tom Petty – Even the losers get lucky sometimes>; 75 sec.

As Tom Petty sang, “Even the losers get lucky sometimes.” Day 4: Mesquite to Sun City West, 350 miles. Sailed home that last stretch. Even the Air Supply tunes on Sirius XM sounded grittier than normal.


So when I ‘n’ I returned from 2 weeks on the road, cratedigging in 108 degree weather, this was my first song back on Smile Jamaica

Bless, Bobbylon

Set 1:

  • Sonya Spence – Jet Plane; In the Dark (Skynote) ’78 John Denver cover
  • Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics – Jammin’ Dub; 90 Degrees Dub (Top Beat) UK vinyl dub album of the hour
  • Aisha – Evil Spirits; High Priestess (Ariwa) ‘88
  • Aswad – Not Satisfied; Not Satisfied (Columbia) ‘82
  • The Reddies – Voodoo Woman; Cultivation (The Reddies) 2009 Jah-stin TX
  • The Toyes – Monster Hash; The Toyes (CD Tunes) ’96 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement; Boris Pickett cover
  • Mike Brooks & Matic Horns – The Devil’s Conspiracy; 10” (Sip a Cup) 2005 UK

Set 2:

  • Future Pigeon – The Mummy; Echodelic Sounds of Future Pigeon (Record Collect) 2006 herbtune
  • Ras Midas – Good Old Days; 12 the Hard Way (Tribesman) ‘78
  • Hollie – Desdemona; Twice (Mr. Bongo) 2014 female singer
  • Barrington Levy – Murderer; 12” (MCA) ’84 US
Roll a lickle spliff with di papyrus. Smoking sensimeena inna Mesopotamia

Set 3: RIP producer Bunny Lee

  • Horace Andy – Skylarking; Prime of (Music Club) ’75: 4 favorite Bunny Lee (RIP) productions
  • Ronnie Davis – Kaya; Tribute to Bob Marley (Esoldun) ’78 Bob Marley herb cover
  • Hortense Ellis – Unexpected Places; Queen of Reggae (JA) ‘76
  • Johnny Clarke – Every Knee Shall Bow; Dreader Dread (Blood & Fire) ‘78
Producer Bunny Lee, 1941-2020

Set 4:

  • Pablo Gad – Sad Mistake; Hard Times (Soul Village) ’80
  • Wendy Shaw – Ease Off Satan; Passing Through the Flames (Issachar) ’92 So Cal
  • Qualia – Plasma (Freshwater Mix); Earthjuice (Waveform) ’98 US mutant dub
  • Bunny Lee & the Aggrovators – Dub Gospel; Dub Will Change Your Mind (King Spina) 70’s Dub album of the hour

Set 5: Halloween Vinyl

  • Peter Metro – Obeah in Jamaica; Music Works for the Future (Jah Life Time) ’87 JA
  • Kwame – Hellhounds; Follow I (Polydor) ’80 US
  • Massive Dread – Vamps on the Corner; Strictly Bubbling (UFO) ’82 JA
  • Prince Alla – Evil Forces; Evil Forces (Calabash) ’84 Opa-Locka, FL
  • Wailing Souls – Penny I Love You; Wailing (Jah Guidance)  

Set 6: 7″ Jamaican Jukebox Halloween

  • Dennis Alcapone – Mr. Brown; 7′ (Observer) …rides around in a coffin 
  • Freddie McGregor – Mark of the Beast; 7” (Soul Syndicate)
  • Larry Marshall – Duppyman Skank; 7” (Moodisc) ’96 duppy = Jamaican ghost
  • Bionic Steve – Bermuda Triangle; 7” ’80
  • Prince Buster – Ghost Dance; 7” (Prince Buster) ’72

Set 7: Wailers Family Tree Halloween

  • Peter Tosh – Jumbie Jamboree; The Toughest (Heartbeat/Studio One) ’64
  • Bob Marley and the Wailers – Duppy Conqueror; 7” (Upsetter) ‘70
  • Bob Marley and the Wailers – Mr. Brown; Songs of Freedom (Tuff Gong) ‘70
  • Bunny Wailer – Blackheart Man; Blackheart Man (Mango) ’76

Set 8: Mutant Dub Halloween

  • Singers & Pl ayers – Dungeon + Jah Merchant Ship; Revenge of the Underdog (ON U Sound) ’82 UK
  • Gorillaz – Dracula; Gorillaz (Virgin) 2000
  • Benjamin Zephaniah – Blood Suckers; Belly of the Beast (Ariwa) ’96 UK dub poet
  • Finley Quaye – Mashing Up Lucifer/Stone the Devil; CD Single (Epic) ‘97
  • Earl Sixteen – Gates of Hell; 10” (Sip a Cup) 2004 UK
  • Natacha Atlas – I Put a Spell on You; Best of (Mantra) 2005 Algerian dawta, Screaming Jay Hawkins cover

Is It the End? Asteroid Attack: 4/19/2017


Massive Asteroid set to Attack Earth

Self-described ‘expert’ Dr Dyomin Damir Zakharovich believes the asteroid will have the impact of a huge atomic weapon, boiling the seas and causing catastrophic tsunamis.

Hot take: “NASA is lying through its teeth”

The irony is delicious.

Our taxes are due today. Yet a massive asteroid is poised to strike the planet tomorrow on the 19th. So no 4/20, 420, 4:20 for the weedsters.

Reggae singjay, Sister Carol, talks about how space travel is an offense to Jah. How dare mankind trod upon Jah’s Heavenly abode? Learn from her cautionary lyrics…

Trusted news source, The Sun, tells us what the fake news/corporate media continues to lie about

<Corporate media on imminent Asteroid attack; 86 sec.>

Jahdgement Day soon come for arrogant mankind trodding pon Jah’s domain

When will asteroids hit Earth. Not if

And don’t get me started on NASA. Those charlatans have been lying to us since the bogus moon landing

Apollo 11 Moon Landing fraud

Apollo 11 bullshit

NASA says there is nothing to worry about, “near miss”, they say. I don’t believe them anymore than I believed the Presstitutes that told us Hillary Clinton had a 98.3%  chance of winning the Presidency against the Cheetolini. Liar, liar pantsuit on fire

“You’ve got fake news in my alternative facts!”


All our space endeavors are meant for one thing. Planetary defense against Alien vengeance. Ronald Reagan created the Strategic Defense Initiative not to stop Putin’s KGB, but wanted to give the technology to the Soviet Union to coordinate Earth defenses alongside the Americans.

False Flag Alien Attack

So my advice?

  • Kiss your kids, call your parents, tell them you love them
  • Don’t pay your VISA bill yet
  • Say a prayer to the Skygod of your choosing
Praise Anu! Please guide the planet killing Asteroid away from Earth

Ask the dinosaurs how their “near miss” with an Asteroid worked out for them.

bless, robt






Smile Jamaica Preview: July 5, 2014: 26th Anniversary of Reggae Radio: 3 Hour Vinyl is Vital!

26 Year Reggae Radio Anniversary: July 2, 1988; 3 o’Clock Roadblock; 3 to 6 AM Monday graveyard


26 years ago I embarked on a new hobby: Reggae Radio. It was Spring of 1988. My college roommate and I were in the Pie Pizzeria near campus at the University of Utah. They had the local community radio station on their Hi Fi: KRCL 90.9FM

Types of Radio:

  • Commercial: For profit, various formats, funded via advertisements
  • College: Managed by students, “college rock” indie format, funded via grants, radiothons, student fees and University support. Non-commercial (no adverts)
  • Public Radio: may or not be affiliated with a University. Mostly geared to NPR talk comment and similar. Funded mostly via Radiothons, donors, local businesses. Non-commercial (no adverts)
  • Community Radio: Usually done as a community asset rather than a campus entity. Funded via Radiothons*. Non-commercial  (no adverts)

KRCL 90.9FM, where I have deejayed now for 26 years is a Community Radio station

*Radiothon is where the station interrupts regular programming, for a week or ten days at a time,  to entice listeners to pay to become members. The price of not taking advertising. (By license, non-commercial stations are not allowed to accept advertising.) We run Public Service Announcements for non-profit  groups and charge local business underwriting. “Smile Jamaica is sponsored by One Stop Smoke Shop.” Lowkey, non-advocacy. Can’t say, “Come on down to One Stop Smoke Shop”.

The Smile Jamaica Mothership

Back to my story….

Roomie and I were having a slice and heard that KRCL was looking for new volunteers to host shows. The two of us had been involved with the re-start of the U of U’s college station called KUTE. Even though KUTE only broadcast in the student union, it did give me a little bit of experience on how be “on mic”.

Long story short: I had been doing a Reggae show on KUTE called Positive Vibrations. My roommate was into contemporary 80’s music and they weren’t looking for that. I got the nod to be trained. He did not.

Chris Gittins (RIP) was a long time programmer at KRCL and he trained me on the ins and outs, the rules and regs. Great guy. Very good mentor. KUER’s station manager John Greene (or as I call him Juan Verde) was KRCL’s station manager. Another top rank radio man.

Haile Selassie portrait painted by University of Utah’s Alvin Gittins. Chris was his son

In most community radio stations you have to pay your dues. And that means graveyard slots. Mine was 3-6 AM Monday Morning. I would try and sleep for a few hours, Sunday night,  and then set the alarm with plenty of time to drive to the station. During the coldest winter in decades.

I called my show 3 O’clock Roadblock from Bob Marley. However, it wasn’t Bob but Black Uhuru who were my favorite Reggae group. I always started off a show with one of their selections.

Not Bob, not Peter not UB40: Black Uhuru and this album started my lifetime fascination with Reggae music & culture

My first show was 4th of July Weekend (July 2), 1988. It was fun and gave me plenty of time to figure out how to do radio without a ton of people listening in.

I went to San Francisco in early June to “load up” on Roots: Vinyl discards in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Reno. Started buying some CDs too. CDs were fresh and the Vinyl was cheap as people got out of the wax and into the aluminum (or whatever Cds are made of.)

June 1988, Bay Area crate dig: Needed fresh wax for new Reggae Radio show: Back when Box Sets actually came in a box

I programmed 3 O’clock Roadblock from July 1988 to August 1989. I couldn’t hack the disruption every Monday after crashing at 6 AM and trying to sleep.

But then the host of Smile Jamaica at the time, John “Rutabaga” Reese, was looking to transition back to a true weekend lifestyle.  I apprenticed with him starting October 1989 (Radiothon weekend). We did the show together, alternating sets, for a while. Then every other weekend. Summer 1989 I came back from another crate dig in the Bay Area and he called me to say he was ready to let me fly solo.

And I never stopped. So today is a celebration of 26 years of Reggae Radio. More than half my life.

SmileJ_45 120
26 years, average 45 shows a year times 3 hours = 3500+ hours of Reggae

I come from the land of the ice and snow. I don’t do well in the heat. I just got back from a combo style work gig in Las Vegas built around a couple days of cratedigging. In 112 degree heat. Vinyl is Vital, indeed!

So to celebrate 26 years, today’s Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive, will be devoted to  the Black Wax Attack. Had a nice little score of Vinyl rarities for sure-ty last week. Made sure they didn’t melt in my car from the Record Shop to my hotel room. I have been rinsing them out all morning. Pulling together 3 bags of vinyl: Lps, 7″, 10″ and 12″ singles. Soundtrack to this blog post! I am the ultimate multi-tasker: I listen as I write.

112 Heat, Las Vegas. Praise Jah it was only 1 mile from here to my hotel room. Don’t leave your kids, your dogs nor your black wax in the car at these temps!

When you crate dig for Reggae vinyl there is always going to be these titles: UB40 Labour of Love, 70’s Third World, 80’s Jimmy Cliff and Steel Pulse. Surprisingly little in Bob and Peter. They must sell as soon as they get to the racks.

The reason for that is: the major labels, who dabbled in Reggae,  sent promotional vinyl. Free wax in return for airplay. Often times, they would issue special dance mix singles. THAT is what I look out for.

Here is the harvest of driving around Las Vegas in 112 degree temps with my brake sensor going off because it couldn’t handle that high temp at low elevation

  • Jimmy Riley: Rydim (Mango); Sly & Robbie, great soul vox on an LP of blissful soul covers
  • 2 Third World Promo singles I didn’t have: Sense of Purpose & the Story’s Been Told (German pressing!)
The Smile Jamaica Cratedig Trifecta: Rare, Disco Mix, Picture Sleeve. Automatic purchase!
  • Osbscure Josey Wales Jamaican dancehall 12″
  • Several cool pic sleeve offerings for annual Record Store Day: Mazzy Star and Ronnie Spector with the E Street Band


Driving back from Vegas, I stopped in for gas and  hit up Cedar City’s record shop: Groovacious

Found some nice titles on CD. A Euro Horace Andy, a Culture re-issue I didn’t recognize.Joe Gibbs 12″ Comp for $4 (Roots sounds better at $4 than $14).

$3.99 plus tax. Niceness!

Beastie Boy instrumental, Ohio Players, Brothers Johnson 70’s funk;. some psychedelic African revives and the fave of the dig: A Peter Tosh bootleg from 1978

bless, robt

Smile Jamaica live every Saturday 4-7 PM Mtn. Time:

  • 90.9FM in Utah
  • Stream:  Tune In Radio
  • Ark-Ive. Here on Smile Jamaica blog; without commercial interruptions
  • Twitter: SmileJ_KRCL for live alert and stream upload/blog posts
Groovacious Front and Side
Groovacious, Cedar City, Utah. Worth a stop on your way to or from Vegas