Happy 70th Birthday: Bob Marley. From the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (2+ Hour Marley Tribute Special): Digital Dubplate Showcase

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Bob Marley b. Feb. 6, 1945: Age projection to 70


February is Bob-ruary Month on Smile Jamaica

Cooked up 2 plus hours in my Secret Dub–ratory. All Bob Marley Tribute Songs from the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives.

Digital Dubplate online only via Mixcloud.

To celebrate Bobstock or Bob Stalk as in Stalk of Sensi!, I am putting in some clips of readings from Smile Jamaica of Bob’s lyrical wisdom from the little book 56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road

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Each week I read a Thought on Smile Jamaica

Thanksgiving 2012 I picked up a blood infection while cratedigging in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas I first noticed in St. George.:“That’s weird, I’ll just dump some Neosporin on it on my way to the Record shop.”

I found this little book at Zia’s Records in town. No crate was left un-dug as I was starting to fade. Watching a Family Guy marathon in my Hotel Room on Thanksgiving Day was pretty much one rung above comaville for I ‘n’ I.

Barely made it back to SLC and went straight into the Hospital for 5 days.

You’re never really prepared to go into Intensive Care, but I had slipped that little book into my bag. Five days with nothing but tubes sticking out of you. I had that book to distract me from my stupidity and mortality.

So now I read a passage every week on Smile Jamaica to celebrate Bob’s wisdom and guidance. Selah!

Enjoy the Best of the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives Bob Marley Tributes

bless, robt

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WWBMD? What Would Bob Marley Do? Light a candle for his 70th birthday!

Tracklist for Online Only Marley Tribute

30 min.:

<56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road; No. 24; 13 sec.>

  • Cedella Marley Booker – He’s a Rastaman; Awake Zion (Rykodisc) ’84; Bob’s mom
  • Culture – Psalm of Bob Marley + Dub; Good Things (RAS) ‘89
  • Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster (Jammin’); Hotter Than July (Motown) ‘81
  • Sister Carol – Dedicated to Bob Marley; Black Cinderella (Jah Life) ‘84
  • The Melody Makers – Lyin’ in Bed; Time Has Come (EMI) ’88 Best of (30 min.)

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1 hour:

<56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road: No. 25; 38 sec.>

  • Mikey Dread – In Memory (Jacob, Marcus, Marley)(S.W.A.L.K.) (Heartbeat) ‘82
  • Alpha & Omega – Freedom Fighters; Sound System Dub (ROIR) ’95 Best of; UK trance dubbers
  • Prince Far I – Tribute to Bob Marley; Voice of Thunder (Trojan) ‘81
  • Ky-Mani Marley – Dear Dad; Marley Sampler 2000
  • Cedella Marley Booker – Mother Don’t Cry; Awake Zion (Rykodisc) ‘84
  • Bunny Wailer – Profile; Tribute to Bob Marley (Solomonic/RAS) ‘95
  • Macka B – Bob + Wailers Dub; Hold On to Your Culture (Ariwa) ‘95
  • Lone Ranger – Tribute to Bob Marley + Version; On the Other Side (Studio One/Heartbeat) ’77 (60 min.)


90 min.

<56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road; No. 33; 23 sec.>

  • Judy Mowatt – Joseph; Black Woman (Shanachie) ‘76
  • Culture – Double Tribute to the O.M.; Lion Rock (Heartbeat) ‘83
  • Ijahman Levi – Bob and Friends over There; Inside Out (Jahmani) ‘89
  • Horace Andy – Bob Lives On; Exclusively (Solid Groove) ‘82
  • Cedella Marley Booker – Redemption Song; Awake Zion (Rykodisc) ‘84
  • Alpha Blondy – Mystic Night Move; Masada (World Pacific) ’92 (90 min.)


2 hrs:

<56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road: No. 34; 37 sec.>

  • Bunny Wailer – Stay With the Reggae; Marketplace (Shanachie) ‘85
  • Lui Lepkie – Tribute to Bob Marley; Late Night Movie (Joe Gibbs) ‘81
  • Everton Blender – Bob Marley/World Corruption; Live at the White River Reggae Bash (Heartbeat) ‘99
  • Abyssinians – Jah Marley; Last Days (Tabou1) ‘98
  • Big Youth – Hit the Road Jack (Tribute to Bob, Peter, Bunny); Jamming in the House of Dread (ROIR/Danceteria) Live at Reggae Japansplash; Osaka, Jah-pon 8/30/90
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Twin heroes of the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

 <56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road. No. 35; 43 sec.>

2 hr. 20 min:

  • Randeesh – Bob Marley Is a River of Love; Courage (Mountain Lion) 2004
  • Isaac Haile Selassie – Dear Bob (Tribute to Bob Marley); CD Single (Resin Music) ‘99
  • Joel Zoss – Bob Marley International; Back to the Island (Rounder) 2001
  • Dennis Alcapone – Natty Bid Goodbye; Good Old Days (Teams)
  • Bunny Wailer – Final Statement; Hall of Fame (RAS/Solomonic) ‘95
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Immortal. Member of Jah Heavenly Choir. Blessings

 <56 Thoughts From 56 Hope Road: No. 36; 27 sec.>

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