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Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Jah-tember 23, 2017 (Stream + Tracklist): Harvest Time!


<Jah Jah clean out the bad weeds. Separate them from the good. 20 sec.>


I always assume Summer is over when I have to switch from AC to the furnace. Alas, that happened this week.

Time to celebrate that with some Harvest Time roots ‘n’ dubbers. Fall also means an anniversary for I ‘n’ I. October 1989 I co-hosted Smile Jamaica with my bredrin Rutabaga Reese. He moved on Summer of ’90 and I have been juggling wax every Saturday, (not cratedigging of course), since.

Selah! Bobbylon

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives Jah-tember 23, 2017: Annotated Playlist: 34 sec.

Don Carlos – The day of harvest has come!


Set 1:

  • Jah Lloyd – Reggae Feeling; Black Moses (Virgin Front Line) ’79 UK vinyl dj to Mike Brooks Feeling of Reggae
  • Scientist – Surveilance (sic); Encounters Pac Man (Greensleeves) ’82 UK vinyl dub album of the hour
  • Don Carlos & Gold – Harvest Time; Raving Tonight (RAS) ‘83
  • Lions Den – Zion Dub; Foundation in Roots vol. 1 (Roots) ’95 UK dubbers
  • Steel Pulse – Sound System; Reggae Sunsplash ’81 – Tribute to Bob Marley (Elektra) ’81 Jarrett Park; Montego, Bay JA
  • Loi – One Draw; 12” (Abraham) female cover of Rita Marley’s 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • The Melodians – Irie Feeling; Irie Feeling (RAS) ’83 herbtune

<Adventures in Cratedigging – The Melodians big seller; 22 sec.>

Set 2:

  • Peter Tosh – Not Gonna Give It Up; Honorary Citizen (Columbia/Legacy) ’82 Boulder, Collie-rado
  • Hooverphonic – This Strange Effect/ Abductions and Reconstructions (ESL) ’99 DC rmx w/ female vox
  • Mighty Diamonds – Fools Rush In; Stand Up to Your Judgement (Channel One) ‘78
  • Devon Irons & Dr. Alimantado – Vampire; 12” (Black Art) ’76 Lee “Scratch” Perry prod’n

Set 3: Best of Smile Jamaica 27 Years

  • Black Uhuru – Mondays; Chill Out (Mango) ’82 

<Mondays: Theme to my first show: 3 O’Clock Roadblock; 13 sec.>

  • Black Roots – Mighty Lion; All Day All Night (Nubian) ’87 UK
  • Burning Spear – People of the World; People of the World (Blue Moon) ‘86
  • Love Joys – Long Lost Lover; Lovers Rock Showcase (Wackies) ’83 female duo on Black Cinderella riddim
  • Augustus Pablo – Chant to Selassie I; East of the River Nile (Shsnachie) ’78 Dub Album of the Hour
“One day I don’t like is a Monday, Monday”

Set 4:

Judy Mowatt – Joseph; Black Woman (Shanachie) ’76 Bob Marley = Joseph Biblical Prophet

<Bob as Biblical Prophet Joseph; 28 sec.>

Eric Donaldson – Black Magic Love; Oh What a Feeling (Rhino UK) ‘89

Horace Andy & Jah Mike – Praise Him + Babylon Happening; 12” (Joe Gibbs) ‘81

Set 5: Vinyl Is Vital

  • Bad Brains – Rally Round Jah Throne; Rock For Light (PVC) ’83 DC punkdub 

<HR throat of Bad Brains on Smile Jamaica in the studio; 59 sec.>

<Say it with me: Bad Brains; never THE Bad Brains; 6 sec.>

  • Bobby Culture w/ Brimstone & Fire – Dreadlocks Man; Tidal Wave (Unicorn) ’83 Santa Monica, CA
  • Sister Carol – Dedicated to Bob Marley; Black Cinderella (Jah Life) ‘84
  • Icarus – State of Mind; State of Mind (Russian Roulette) ’82 UK
  • I Roy – Quarter Pound of Ishens; The General (Virgin Front Line) ’79 UK

<Qtr. pound of herb costs $1.10 and you still can’t pay your rent?! 17 sec.>

Autographed copy from the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

Set 6:

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Waiting in Vain; Exodus 40 (Tuff Gong) ’77 original + 2017 Ziggy rmx

<Bob’s ’77 Exodus. Ziggy’s 2017 rmx; 45 sec.>

<Waiting in Vain mix ‘n’ match – ’77 to 2017; 23 sec.>

  • Bunny Wailer – Love Fire; In I Father’s House (Solomonic) ’80 JA vinyl: riddim shower (1): original
  • Simply Red – Love Fire; 12” (Elektra) (2): Lee Perry/Adrian Sherwood rmx

<Bunny Wailer & Simply Red Meet Lee “Scratch” Perry & Adrian Sherwood of ON U Sound; 38 sec>

  • Earl Moodie – Untouchable Dub; Moodie in Dub vol. 2 (Moodie Music) ’74 Dub Album of the Hour
Great Lee “Scratch” Perry & Adrian Sherwood Bunny Wailer rmx Rokers do Reggae!

Set 7:

  • Fabiane – Prophecy; 12 the Hard Way (Tribesman) ’77 original female vox
  • Aisha – Prophecy; High Priestess (Ariwa) ’88 cover
Aisha – my favorite female Reggae singer

Set 8: Mutant Dub

  • Roots Manuva – Yellow Submarine; Badmeaningood no. 2 (Ultimate Dilemma) 2002 Beatles Cover
  • Sons of Arqa – Asian Rebel; Wild Paarty Sounds vol. 1 (Cherry Red/ON U Sound)
  • Systemwide – Ripe Up Version; Pure and Applied (BSI) 2002
  • New Age Steppers/Creation Rebel – Threat to Creation; Threat to Creation (Cherry Red/ON U Sound) ‘81
  • Alpha & Omega – Conscious Black Woman + Version; Overstanding (A & O) ’92 UK trance dub w/ female vox
  • Sinead O’Connor – Rivers of Babylon; Theology (Koch) 2007 Melodians cover

Words of Wisdom:

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Jah-tober 17, 2015: Pato Banton in the Studio!

Interview on Smile Jamaica. Niceness!


The Parliament of the World Religions was in Salt Lake City. My bredrin Mahan Khalsa, a local Sikh leader and anti-war activist called me as I went on air and asked I wold like to chat with Reggae singer and toaster Pato Banton who was in town with his musical ministry. I said bring him over.

Had a real nice chat with him in the first hour of the show. Here are the interviews:

bless, robt

<Pato Banton 1; 12 min,>

<Pato Banton 2; 5min.>


<Smile Jamaica celebrates Jah-loween; 55 sec.>

HIgh-lights of the 3 hour show 71 sec.:

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives Jah-tober 17, 2015 Playlist:

Set 1:

  • Chalawa feat. Stranger Cole – Jah Jah Revolution; Capture Land (Green Weenie) ’78 Can. Vinyl
  • The Wailers – Get Up Stand Up Dub; Wailers Dub (Tabou1)  Dub Album of the Hour
  • Black Slate – Reggae Music; Amigo (BBR) ’80 UK

<Underrated UK Roots Group: Black Slate; 17 sec.>

  • Cedella Marley Booker – Stay Alive; Awake Zion (Rykodisc) ’84 Bob’s mom pays tribute to her son
  • The Specials – Holiday Fortnight; More Specials (2 Tone) ’80 UK; 2 Tone Ska
  • Dub Organiser – Herbal Dub; Fashion in Fine Style (Reggae Archives) UK 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Barrington Levy – Mr. Money Man; 10” (Hitbound) ’83
download (1)
Cedella Marley Booker – Bob’s mom

Set 2: Pato Banton Interview

  • Sophia George – Rockers in the Rain; For Everyone (Pow Wow) ‘86
  • Black Uhuru – Sinsemilla (Monkey Is a Spy); Classic Black Uhuru (Island) ’80 herb tune
  • Interview with Pato Banton & Ras Irie
  • Pato Banton – Heal This World; Destination Paradise (Pato Banton) 2008
  • Pato Banton – Loving Service; Destination Paradise (Pato Banton) 2008
Google: Urantia. Interesting look at sprituality

Set 3:

  • Tall T and the Touchers – Touching the President; 600% Dynamite (Soul Jazz)
  • Zema – Vision of Trouble; Overcome (Melchizedek) 2005 So Cal female artist
  • Bunny Wailer – Wheel Yo Belly; Gumption (Shanachie) ‘90
  • Peter Tosh – Buk-in-Hamm Palace; Capturd Live (EMI America) Aug. ’83: Greek Theater, Los Angeles

<Tracking Through Tosh’s Captured Live on Smile Jamaica; 13 sec.>

  • Sunshot Band – Dial M For Murder; Dial M For Murder (Pressure Sounds) ‘ 80 Dub Album of the Hour
download (2)
Gonna be tracking this album throughout the Fall and Dec. on Smile Jamaica

Set 4: Jah-loween Vinyl

  • Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Talk About Run; Two Bad D.J. (Greensleeves) ’81 UK

<Make out session in the Cemetery; 21 sec.>

  • Laurel Aitken – Witchdoctor From Amsterdam; Eskapade en France (Blue Moon) ’77 Fr. EP
  • Cultural Roots – Devil-Ites; Drift Away From Evil (Revolutionary Sounds) ’82 UK
  • Against Justice – Living Dead + Version; Against Injustice (Amp-Ech) JA
download (3)
Talk about Run: Don’t take your gal into the Graveyard for a rub ‘n’ kiss

Set 5: Best of Smile Jamaica – 26 Years!

  • Natural Ites – Love and Understanding; Rub a Dubble vol. 1 (CSA) ’85 UK
  • Doctor Alimantado – I Killed the Barber; Best Dressed Chicken in Town (Keyman); ’78 to John Holt’s Ali Baba riddim
  • The Selecter – (Who Likes) Facing Situations; Celebrate the Bullet (Chrysalis) ’81; 2 Tone UK Ska
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – I Know a Place + Version; CD Single (Black Ark) ’77 Lee “Scratch” Perry mix unreleased mix
Lee “Scratch” Perry at his mythic Black Ark Studio

Set 6: Aluminum (CD) Jah-loween Set

  • Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers – 666; Hey World! (EMI) ’86; Jah-loween Set
  • African Head Charge – Don’t Let the Devil Hold You Back; Presents Noah House of Dread: Heart 2 (Bonjo I) ’97 UK mutant dub
  • Roots Manuva – A Haunting; Awfully Deep (Big Dada) 2005 UK mutant chanter/dubber

<Roots Manuva – Smile Jamaica Approved; 11 sec,>

download (4)
Roots Manuva. Smile Jamaica loves his style. Talk over, sing jay, chanter, militant rapper

Set 7: Mutant Dub

  • Gorillaz – Dracula; Gorillaz (EMI) Mutant Dub Set; 2001 Halloween tune
  • Dubblestandart feat. Ari Up – Soulmate (Dubvsionist Remix); King Size Dub Special (Echo Beach) 2013 Germany
  • Aldubb with Ras Perez – Oxymorons; Let There Be Dub (One Drop) 2010 Germ.
  • Armagideon feat. Rudy Lee – Edutainment; Through the Haze (Dubhead) ’98 UK
  • Mikey Murka – Sweeter; Jahtarian Dubbers vol. 3 (Jahtari) 2012 Germany
  • Natacha Atlas feat. Tuup & Princess Julianna – Eye of the Duck; Something Dangerous (Mantra) 2003 French-Algerian
Natacha Atlas

Words of Wisdom: