Smile Jamaica Jah-loween Ark-Ives: All Trix, No Treats!

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Isn’t “Happy” Halloween an oxymoron? WTF?

<Happy Halloween? No Way: BAD Halloween! 22 sec.>

Greetings, (8 sec.)

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Since Apr. 2013 I have started to Archive Smile Jamaica shows on Mixcloud. Smile Jamaica Webpage/blog Apr. 2014

My favorite theme shows are the 4:20 Cannabis Service Show and the Jah-loween Show.  Probably a thousand Seven Leaf odes and 666 Reggae Dubwize Halloween or Jah-loween.

<Wolfman Jack’s garlic advice for your Jah-loween Reggae Jah-mboree; 11 sec.

Radio Deejay Wolfman Jack: Hang some green onions to keep the Vampires away!

I figure you can have some seasonal Roots Reggae and/or Mutant Dub Halloween jams while you have your house party or passing out High Fructose Corn Bombs to the tykes.

Run a speaker from your Hi Fi to your porch. Keep the kids from flaming dogshit or toilet papering your house for giving out stale candy corn and raisins

To keep hooligans from lighting dogshit on your porch, run a speaker feed of the Smile Jamaica Jah-loween Ark-Ives to scare them off

1. Smile Jamaica Jah-loween Oct. 25, 2014: Monster Hash; 3 hours

Listen in for moving up the MIxcloud Charts! Got six more days to move on up, give thanx!

2. Smile Jamaica Jah-loween Oct. 26, 2013; Spooktacular 3 hours

3. Smile Jamaica Mutant Dub Jah-loween; Mixcloud only show. Chopped up in the tomb of my Secret Dubratory: Living Dead Dubwize with horror bytes and movie trailers.

That Online only Dub-loween Horror collage was so much fun I have dug my grave to skin up 3 hours of what I wasn’t able to play last week on Smile Jamaica: Monster Hash.

I will post that Mixcloud Spooktacular: Oct. 30th at the Witching Hour of All Hallow’s Eve at Midnight so you have 24 hours to spin 12 hours of Smile Jamaica Jah-loween; Oct. 31st! Bootiful 15 sec.

curse, robt

Don’t show your eyeteeth, your plastic smile nah work…Michael Rose, Black Uhuru


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