Smile Jamaica’s Words of Weeds’dom – 4 down, 46 to go!



To continue our commemoration of 420, 4:20, 4/20 here is my collection of Cannabis stories told throughout the short history of the  Smile Jamaica blog.

bless, robt

<4 down, 46 to go!>

Not an actual likeness. My eyes are brown

<Marijuana World Tour>


  • 4 down, 46 to go!

<4 down, 46 to go: Jamaican Collie>

<49 down, 1 to go?>

<Good Herb>

<Jamaica decriminalized the Seven Leaf>

<Mission against Herbs>

<Seven Leaf Utopia: Idaho 48, Wyoming 49, Utah 50>

<2014 pot election, got 4 right out of 6>

<2014 pot election. Oregon+, Alaska+, Guam+, DC+>

<Prince Far I: Free Up the Collie Weed!>

<Smoking sensimilla in Mesopotamia>


  • Biblical Weed

<Cannabis in the Holyland>

<Psalm 18: 8>

<Revelations 22:2 – Healing of the Nation>

<Revelation 22:2 – Healing of the Nation: Jacob Miller>

<Revelation 22: 2 – Read your Bible!>


  • Bongrippers:

<Dub Side of the Moon>

<Skiers in their car to hear Smile Jamaica’s 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement!>

High Times mag softball team, the Bong Rippers
  • Busted!

<Cool down your temper, Mr. Cop>

<How not to get busted>

<In the Dungeon for a little herb stock>

<John Holt – Police in Helicopter>

<Prince Far I – he who travels with dope shall hang by the rope>

<They say, Sensimilla can’t smoke>

<Tosh – Don’t wanna get busted!>

420 nightmare
  • Cannabis History Lesson

<Cocaine in My Brain>

<Crocus bag of collie = burlap bag in JA>

burlap bag. In Jamaica called a crocus bag
  • Celebrity Tokers
  • <Cheech & Chong – Searchin’>

<Copy-wrong mashup: Black Uhuru vs. Ozzy Osbourne – Guess Who’s Coming for Sweetleaf>

<Obama the collie smoker>

<Smoking spliff w/ Queen Elizabiff>

<Smile Jamaica Subgenrse: smoking spliff w/ Queen Elizabiff 2>

<Snoop Lion & the Smile J Holy Trinity: herb, dubstep, roots reggae>

<Soom T – female weedstepper>

Come on Prez. Executive Order to legalize it. 50 down, none to go!
  • Economic Benefits of the Seven Leaf

<Free MJ for JA foreign currency>

<Ganja exchange>

<Qtr. pound of herb for a dollar five cents? Wow, inflation!>

Legalize benefits 1. save the planet. 2. Full employment
  • Flavors and Honorifics


<Don’t pee in my garden, or mushroom will grow>

<Kif from the Arabic – kayaf: to get high>

>Lambsbread 1>

<Lebanese Blonde>

<LSD herb flavor in JA, not Lysergic Acid>

<Mushrooms – Johnny Osbourne>

<Sinsemilla = Spanish for “without seeds”

<Sligoville Tobacco in Jamaica>

<Woman piabba – all the herbs in the Jamaican marketplace but the collie herb>

<The Selecter: Collie, not a dog!>


  • Irie Feeling

<Irie is the result of the act of the upliftment of the Seven Leaf>

Dennis will be Irie in 3…2…1
  • Medicinal

<Jah Lloyd: No injection, it will leave an infection! Seven Leaf instead!>

<Panadol for Menstrual cramps. Seven Leaf is better>


  • Smoking Utensils

<Chalwah = sacred chalice>

<Kushungpeng – African word for smoking utensil>

<Pass the Cup = smoking chalice>

<Rizla – preferred Rasta rolling papers>

<Save the roaches>

<Trodding through the jungle with ???? chalice in hand!>

<Want a draw = take a hit>

download (1)

  • Soundbytes & Shout-outs

<Don’t be a gerbil, get down w/ the herbal!>

party at Richard Gere’s house!

<Makes sensi to me!>

<Mummy Rock – Roll a lickle spliff wif di papyrus!>

  • Space Dust – Mutant Dub

<Apotcalypse Now>

<Jim Morrison: “Out here on the perimeter, there is no star. Eveything is stoned immaculate”

<Mutant Dub Space Dust – turn up your subwoofer!>

<UFO lands inna weedfield>




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