Smile Jamaica Preview: May 3, 2014



While you enjoy your Mint Julip watching the best two minutes in sports. What you gonna do for the next 2 hr and 58 minutes?

Check Smile Jamaica: 90.9FM KRCL; 4 -7 Mtn. Time

  • Gonna start off with a set of Jah-maican horse race songs
  • Dub Album of the Week: 10 Ft. Ganja Plant – 10 Deadly Shots vol. II (ROIR)
  • Wailers Family Tree: Bob’s last live performance in Pittsburgh, PA; Peter Tosh’s dubble disk of rarities Equal Rights; Bunny Wailer – Rootsman Skanking ’86
  • Vinyl Is Vital (rhymes with Ital): Midway
  • Mutant Dub in the last half hour
  • Rockers doing Reggae: recent vintage Garland Jeffreys, Live 420 Ben Harper, Patti Smith and as I promised earlier in the week: Billy Idol w/ Generation X



Plus roots from the Sistren, 420 Cannabis Service to the Seven Leaf; classics from Spear, Cliff and Dennis Brown

Check it live: KRCL 90.9FM Live Stream

Here on the Smile Jamaica Blog later in the weekend without commercial interruptions. Selah!

bless, robt


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