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Day 19 Cannabis Service Month: Smile Jamaica’s 20th Annual Cannabis Service Show



Getting Red I (I mean ready) for Smile Jamaica’s 20th Annual Cannabis Service Show

For the next 3 hours it will include trying to “pack” about 350 songs into 35 rinsed out on air; at most;

Smile Jamaica 420 Ark-Ives 2014 edition: 20th Cannabis Service Show

Including canna-spired soundbytes, movie clips, Reefer Madness cautionary PSA’s and Jah knows what else.

This show is either my highest (no pun or maybe pun intended) show or the lowest.  Either way it’s on. Gonna celebrate some free speech while we still can in this country.

To quote Dry and Heavy: “Whenever I get low I get high”

I will link the Ark-Ive here and on Mixcloud for pot-sterity, I mean posterity.

Plus tomorrow at 4:20 AM start your easter celebration right with Smile Jamaica’s What Is Mutant Dub? Episode 4: Space Dust.

4 hours and 20 minutes of Mutant Dub at 4:20 AM on 4/20. Linked here on the Smile Jamaica blog and Mixcloud

I always start these annual 420 shows with Jah Woosh – Marijuana World Tour

I also play Sly & the Revolutionaries – Black Ash Dub as my Dub Album of the Week. Which has all the great Jah Thomas soundbytes like “Pass me the Rizla, pass me the herb”.

From Jah Woosh:

The Marijuana World Tour taking you to the four corners of the Earth. Buying and smoking the herb and the products there of.

My World Tour starts in Hong Kong where I met a lickle Chinaman. He gimme some opium. Then I trod forth to a place called Pakistan and there I met a lickle Paki man. Him gimme Paki Black

Taking you to the four corners of the Earth. My World Tour takes you to: Germany, Holland, Lebanon, Colombia, England, Thail and Jamaica.

And my World Tour still continues

One Love

bless, robt

Fear Of A Green Planet