Day 18 Cannabis Service Month: Best of American Ganja Farmers



Coming down the home stretch of the 20 Days of Cannabis. So the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives has filled you in on Jah-maican Reggae Herbtunes and 4 hr 20 min of Mutant Dub: a high-ly world and Euro phenoemon.

Good ole Americans love the Seven Leaf too. Here is Smile Jamaica’s Top Ten American Herbalists

1. The Toyes – Smoke Two Joints and Monster Hash; The Toyes (CD Tunes). All killer novelty classic. The former awards video game stalwarts two joints for every 10,000 points. The latter works on 4/20 and Halloween. Boris Pickett would be proud.


2. Future Pigeon – The Mummy; Echodelic Sounds of Future Pigeon (Record Collection) . Out of Los Jahngeles, this is another ditty that works in April or All Hallow’s Eve. “Roll a lickle spliff wif de papyrus while we smoke Sensemeenia inna Mesopotamia”


3. Ben Harper – Burn One Down; Reggae Sampler (Virgin). If Smile Jamaica tracked requests over the past two decades or so this gentle acoustic niyahbinghi number would be near the top. “Let us burn one from end to end. Pass it over to me my friend.”


4. Dub Lounge international – Dub Hangover; Dub Lounge International (Ancient Vessel). Seattle: usually the dub is blissed out riffing on the original vocal. In this case dub rid dims pump out a gravity-free mix with vocals straight no chaser. “I’ve got an Herb hangover and I don’t wanna let it go”


5. Collie Buddz – Come Around; Collie Buddz (Colombia). New Orleans by way of Bermuda. With his name you would think he was in league with the Seven Leaf.  Ragga vocal style with a hint of Autotune. Thick and sticky Roots Riddim updating an old Zap Pow Reggae lick.


6.  10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Walkey Walk Tall; Presents (ROIR) Upstate New York, like #4 another truth in advertising group. They are good for one or more herbtunes on nearly all their releases.FB-contest-header-image1

7.  Natural Roots – For My Sensi (extended); CD Single (Rock da Joint). Homegrown in Utah. Nice horn licks, rub a dub riddim and winsome female backing vox. Drum and the bass mashes up nicely with the Sensi ride. Bliss at nearly 7 minutes


8.  Mystic Roots Band – Pass the Marijuana;  Constant Struggle (Stay Positive). Chico, Collie-fornya. Nuff herbal meditations from this group. Features special guest intro


9. Rootz Underground – Herb Fields; Movement (Riverstone) Nice slinky one drop tribute to guerrilla growing the Ganja crop.


10. Easy Star All Stars – One Likkle Draw; First Light (Easy Star). The label and collective out of New York. They brought us two volumes of dubadelic Dub Side of the Moon. This groover features Junior Jazz and Daddy Lion on the vox.


Gonna play a set of American Herbalists in 2 hours: Smile Jamaica 90.9FM 420 Cannabis Service Show



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