Smile Jamaica Preview (4-7 PM. Mtn. time) 90.9FM Green Smoke Black Wax 3 hr.!

<Smile Jamaica Treehouse of Horror Style: After 420 like after Halloween>


Since we survived the “near miss” Asteroid attack: 4.1 million miles is too close for comfort, we get to celebrate on Smile Jamaica with 3 hours of 420.

All black wax: 7″, 10″, 12″, Long Players.

The Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives is under construction, so here is all my 420 black wax: Two 3 feet tupper ware bins, A box and a Record Bag of 7″ Jamaican Jukebox. Two bags of 12″ and 10″ disco jams and a patridge inna pear tree.!

But wait! There’s more. Stitched in between the seven Leaf vinyl is all my favorite move clips, soundbytes, bongrips and Jeff Sessions anti-MJ PSAs.

<Parents beware!>

He’s probably the biggest toker of ’em all

Smile Jamaica 420 Follies:

  1. Saturday, Apr. 22, 2017; 4-7 PM Mtn.
  2. KRCL 90.9FM in SLC
  3. listen terrestrially and extraterrestrially
  4. Enjoy the matinee

bless, robt








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