Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (Stream + Tracklist): Jah-gust 20, 2016: Can’t roll a spliff pon your .mp3!

Original burlap edition for separating your seeds and stems.

<Can’t roll a spliff on an .mp3>


Last hour of Smile Jamaica Juggling wax with the monitors cranked to 11 in the Studio at KRCL. Booming a recent vintage 45 from a So Cal roots group called the lions.

Their lyric talks about going back to the roots because: “you can’t roll a spliff pon your .mp3:

Original vinyl issues of Bob Marley’s Rastaman Vibration hard “burlap” ridges for that 420 ritual  tradition.

That’s why my slogan is: No digital for I ‘n’ I

bless, robt


Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Jah-gust 20, 2016 Annotated Playlist:

Set 1

  • Zap Pow – This Is Reggae Music; Reggae Rules (Rhino) ’80 US vinyl
  • Augustus Pablo – A Java (Instrumental version); Message Music (Pressure Sounds) digital productions of the 80s/90s; Dub Album of the Hour
  • Calvin Stuart – The Alphabet Song; The Sound of Channel One: King Tubby Connection (Motion) A-Z from the Bible
  • Foreign Exchange – Damned If I Do; Occam’s Razor (First Step) ’99 NY
  • Glen Brown – Clensiness (sic) Dub; The Way to Mt. Zion (ROIR) dub
  • UB40 – Mi Spliff; Credit to the Nation (bootleg) ’86 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement, Europe ’86 live
  • The Congo’s – Rasta Congo Man; 10” (Congo’s) 2006 update of Curly Locks riddim

download (53)

Set 2:

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Johnny Was; Rastaman Vibration (Deluxe Edition) ’76; unreleased alternate album mix

<Johnny Was alternate mix>

  • Abyssinians – Say It Again; Reunion (Artists Only) ‘98
  • Ayo – Help Is Coming; Ayo (Interscope) 2006 Nigerian-German female
  • Horace Andy – Why Oh Why; 10” (Hitbound) ‘83


Set 3: Best of Smile Jamaica 26+ Years

  • Twinkle Brothers – It Dread All Over; Live (Genes) Reggae Sunsplash ‘82
  • Mutabaruka –Whey Mi Belong?; Check It! (Alligator) ’83 dub poet
  • Misty in Roots – Lifeboat; Wise and Foolish (Kaz) ’82 UK
  • Joy White – Tribulation; United Dreadlocks (Rhino UK) ‘77
  • Israel Vibration & Soul Syndicate – Dub Worries; Israel Dub (Greensleeves) ‘78

download (54)

Set 4:

  • Rhoda Dakar – Easy Life; Cleaning in Another Woman’s Kitchen (Moon Ska) 2007 2 Tone ska singer, Bodysnatchers acoustic update
  • Bunny Wailer – Rockers; Retrospective (Shanachie) ’79: best of roots era
  • Trevor Hartley – Smoke & Chill; Hartical (Jove) ’94 UK herbtune
  • Barry Brown – Living as a Brother; 10” (Trojan)


Set 5: Vinyl Is Vital

  • Leroy Smart – Propaganda; Burning Sampler (Burning Sounds) ’78 UK red vinyl: Vinyl is Vital Set
  • Full Experience feat. Aura Lewis – Young, Gifted & Broke; At Midnite (Blue Moon) Fr. EP – female vox to Marcia Griffiths “Young, Gifted and Black”
  • Joe Higgs – One Man (Kouchie Pipe); Unity is Power (One Stop) ’79 UK
  • George Faith – Please Stay; Raver’s Rock vol. 2 (Vista Sounds) ’84 UK
  • Ijahman Levi – Master Ideas +; Ijahman & Friends (Jahmani) ’79 UK

download (55)

Set 6:

  • Peter Tosh – Coming in Hot (Live); Honorary Citizen (Columbia) box set
  • Zema feat. Mark Wonder & the Gladiators – Overcome Good with Evil; Overcome (Melchizedek) So Cal female vox
  • The Green – Transparent People; Ways and Means (Easy Star) 2011 Jah-waiian
  • Wayne & Johnny – Ackee Monkey; 10” (Hitbound)

download (56)

Set 7: Jamaican Jukebox 7″ 45s

  • Cedric ‘Im Brooks – Theme From Shaft; 7” (Soul Jazz) soul cover
  • The Lions – This Generation; 7” (Lions Bread) LA group
  • Hopeton Lewis – Dreadlocks Chalice; 7” (Thorough Bred) ’75 herb tune
  • Dhaima – Jah Jah I; 7” (Paradise) ’77 UK


Set 8: Mutant Dub Set

  • Soom T – Boom Shiva; Ode to a Carrot (Jahtari) 2008 female weedstepper out of Glasgow, Scotland: Mutant Dub Set
  • Knatty P – We Know; Universal Roots – U.K. Reggae Stars (Universal Egg) 2008 UK
  • Clive Hunt & the Dub Dancers – Bagdad in Dub; Clive Hunt & the Dub Dancers (Makasound) 2008 Fr.
  • Sevendub – U & Dem (High Altitude dub); Dub Club Edition (Collision) 2006 Germ.
  • Bucolic – Mo’Style; Dzyan Blood (BSI) 2000 US
  • Bally Sagoo – Funky Rickshaw Dub; Pro Cannabis 4 (Dope Media) 2001 Hindi dub

download (57)

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