Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (Stream + Track List): July 23, 1892: Happy 124th Year Birthday – Selassie I

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The Lion of Judah shall break every chain. And give I the victory again and again. Happy Birthday!


<Happy Birthday, Lion of Judah; 30 sec.>

the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Elect of God. Everliving God. Earth’s Rightful Ruler. Light of the World. The Power of the Trinity…..Haile Selassie I – His Imperial Majesty, July 23, 1892

Early in my Smile Jamaica career (since 1988/89), I was getting crosseyed with a friend who slurred, “What’s the deal with all this I Love Jah? Are Rastas gay.”

I snapped out of my fog and could feel anger before I took Gregory Isaacs’ advice and cooled down the pace.

I calmly replied: “Jesus Loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

Happy Birthday to the well spring of the concept I have developed of: Reggae music is the power of Rastafari gospel.

Marcus Garvey said: Look to the east for a black king shall be crowned. And lo, in 1930 Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael become his Imperial Majesty: Haile Selassie I – the Power of the Trinity. 52 sec.

Smile Jamaica celebrates that legacy with 3 hours on his 124th anniversary of his birth. 1 min.

Livicate, never deadicate

bless, robt

Very regal. And reminiscent of ……
…My Sumerian ancestors the Anunnaki

Set 1:

  • Naturalites – Picture on the Wall; Rub-a-Dubble vol. 1 (CSA) ’85: Happy Birthday Haile Selassie: July 23, 1892
  • Joe Gibbs & the Professionals – Snipers; All Mighty Dub Chapter 4 (Joe Gibbs) ’79: Dub Album of the Hour
  • Culture – Calling Rastafari; Calling Rastafari (Nighthawk) ‘82
  • Grace Nelson – Jah Is Real; Ire Hi Fi: Play de Music 2007
  • Black Uhuru – I Love King Seasslie: Tear It Up (Mango) ’82 live
  • Errol Dunkley – Created by the Father; Darling Ooh (Attack) ‘72
  • Winston Jarrett – Selassie Is the Chapel; By the Rivers of Babylon (Shanachie) ‘95
Michael, Puma and Duckie – The group that got me into Reggae

Set 2:

  • Tenor Saw – Who’s Gonna Help Me Praise (Jahovah); Fever (Blue Mountain) ‘85
  • Aisha – One God, One Aim, One Destiny; True Roots (Ariwa) ’94 Marcus Garvey’s slogan
  • Barrington Levy – Please Jah Jah; Prison Oval Rock (RAS) ‘84
  • Mr. Stone – Jah Jah Higher Than I; Sufferation (Auralux) ‘79

<One God, One Aim, One Destiny; 52 sec.>


Set 3:

  • Judy Mowatt – King of Kings; Only a Woman (Shanachie) ’82 nyah ballad
  • Eric Rebel Lion Bubbles – Jah Bless I; Roots of Black People (Progressive International)
  • Aswad – Oh Jah; Not Satisfied (CBS) ’82 UK roots
  • Bim Sherman – Lamb of Judah; Bim Sherman Meets Horace Andy & U Black in a Rub-a-Dub Style (Original) ‘79
  • Version Dread – Why Version; 18 Dub Hits From Studio One (Studio One/Heartbeat) Dub Album of the Hour


Set 4:

  • Rita Marley – Thank You Jah; Who Feels It Knows It (Shanachie) ‘81
  • The Wailing Souls – Jah Is Watching You; On the Rocks (Greensleeves) ‘83
  • Misty in Roots – How Long Jah; Live at the Countervision (Kaz) UK live ‘79
  • Michael Prophet – Praise You Jah Jah; Serious Reasoning (Mango) ‘80

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Set 5:

  • Jay Tees – A Prayer to Jah; Pirate’s Choice (Studio One) JA vinyl
  • Sylford Walker – Give Thanks and Praise to Jah; Lambsbread International (Blood and Fire) ‘79
  • Twin Roots – Jah Say Love; Heart of the Ark vol. 2 (Seven Leaf) UK vinyl
  • Toney Tuff (sic) – King of Kings; Presenting Mr. Tuff (Black Roots) ’81 JA vinyl
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A prayer to Jah – rare vinyl from the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

Set 5:

  • Melodians – Jah Reggae; Irie Feeling (RAS) ‘83

<Top seller in the SLC record shop where I worked for a year; 25 sec.>

  • Spliffy Dan – Jah Bless; Rockers Showcase III (Rockers International) Philly vinyl
  • Prince Far I – Jah Footsteps; Ten Commandments (Rhino UK)
  • Peter & Lucky – Jah Bible; Cornerstone Presents Real Rock: 70’s & 80’s (Cornerstone) JA vinyl


Set 7:

  • Burning Spear – Jah No Dead; 12 the Hard Way (Tribesman)  ‘80

<Jah No Dead; 46 sec.>

  • Daweh Congo – Jah Is My Shepherd; Human Rights & Justice (Roots & Culture) 2000
  • Sister Carol – Jah Is Mine; Black Cinderella (Heartbeat/Jah Life) ’84 over M. Jackson/P. McCartney
  • Ranking Dillinger – Jah Show Them the Way; None Stop Disco Style (Clocktower) dj over Linval Thompson 12 Tribes ‘76
  • Burning Babylon – Sproing Dub; Beat, Beat, Beat (I-Tones) 2008  Dub Album of the Hour


Set 8: Mutant Dub

  • Sugar Minott & Rhythm & Sound – Let Jah Love Come; See Mi Yah (Burial Mix) 2005 Germ.
  • Dan-I & King Kietu – Hail Rastafari; Rastafari Judgment Time (Imperial Roots) 2009 Jah-taly
  • African Head Charge – My God; Songs of Praise (ON U Sound) ’90 Adrian Sherwood/African mashup
  • Alpha & Omega – Jah Protection; Overstanding (A & O) ’92 UK trance dub with female vox
  • Hughie Izachaar – Jah Love Sweeter; Rastafari Teachings (Reggae on Top) ’96 UK
  • Peter Broggs – Rastafari Liveth!; Rastafari Liveth (RAS)  ‘82
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Rastafari Liveth indeed. Thank you Jah!

Words of Wisdom:

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