Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives (Stream + Tracklist: Jah-nuary 23, 2016: Inversion Galore!

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When it looks like this in SLC – that’s called smog


This is my 29th winter in Salt Lake City. The air gets worse and worse. When it looks like the above, it ain’t from Green Smoke.

The weather propagandists call it “inversion.” Fiyah burn that! It’s smog.

You do what you can, but at some point in the 100 days of gunk, it’s gonna hit you. I am dealing with it right now. Cold, congestion and cough. I hacked and sneezed and wheezed for 3 hours of Reggae Radio

Head to the pharmacy for some Allegra-D. No Madam pharmacist. I ‘n’ I don’t cook di meth we smoke sensimilla!

So I’m pretty froggy this week on Smile Jamaica.

Here is what i have in store for you! Keep out of hazy daze and hunker down for some heavy roots for the cabin fevah! 56 sec.

bless, robt

aka Mr. Bassie

Jamaican Netty Pot

Set 1:

  • Cornel (sic) Campbell – My Country; Roots Rock Reggae (Creole) ’78 Fr. Vinyl
  • Black Roots – I Believe (Dub); On the Ground in Dub (Sugar Shack) 2013 UK Dub Album of the Hour
  • Capital Letters – Out of Africa; Headline News (Greensleeves) ’79 UK youth group

<UK Reggae better than the CIA News Network; 11 sec.>

  • Eric “Rebel Lion” Bubbles – Babylon People; Roots of Black People (Progressive)
  • Prince Mohammed – Come Mek We Rub a Dub; 600% Dynamite (Soul Jazz)

<Deejay Prince Mohammed = Singer Junior Brammer; 4 sec.>

  • Frankie Paul – Dem a Go Feel It; Tidal Wave (Greensleeves) ‘85
  • Max Romeo – Smokey Room; War ina Babylon (Mango) ’76 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Horace Andy – Mr. Bassie; 10” (Glimmer) ‘78
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Much better than the CIA News Network’s Headline News

Set 2: Best of 26 Years – Smile Jamaica

  • Burning Spear – We Built This City; People of the World (Blue Moon) ’86
  • Judy Mowatt – On Your Mark; Only a Woman (Shanachie) ‘82

<I Three, I Threes or The I Three? Judy, Marcia & Rita; 15 sec.>

  • Wailing Souls – Ishen Tree; On the Rocks  (Greensleeves) ’83 herbtune: riddim shower (1) vox
  • Josey Wales – Stalk of Sensimilla; Outlaw Josey Wales (Greensleeves) ’83 herbtune; riddim shower (2) dj
Orig-Jah-nal Roots Dawta

Set 3:

  • Peter Tosh – Equal Rights/Downpressor Man; Complete Captured Live (EMI America) live at Greek Theatre, Los Angeles: 8/23/83
  • Althea & Donna – Love On Another; Uptown Top Ranking (Object Enterprise) ‘82
  • 10 Foot Ganja Plant – Ringers Rock; Shake Up the Place (ROIR) 2011 upstate NY roots instrumental
  • Black Uhuru – Hard Times; 10” (Jammy$) ‘77
  • Tenor Saw – Fever Dub (Blue Moon) ’85 Dub Album of the Hour
Sassy deejay duo

Set 4:

  • Bunny Wailer – Unity; Crucial! (Shanachie) ‘81
  • Gracy & the Herbman Band – It’s So Nice; See Me Yah (Funfundvierzig) ’91 Germ. Female singer
  • Roman Stewart – Wisdom of Solomon; 10” (Sip a Cup) 2001 UK herbtune

<Weed of Wisdom grown on King Solomon’s grave; 11 sec.>


Cannabis the Weed of Wisdom found growing on Solomon’s grave

Set 5: Vinyl is Vital

  • Fun Boy Three – Farmyard Connection; Waiting (Chrysalis) ’83 UK herbtune w/ farmers Peter & Bob

<Peter & Bob – Farmers; 7 sec,>

  • Aura Lewis Meets Lee “Scratch” Perry – Full Experience (Blue Moon) Fr. EP w/ female vox

<Black Ark Studio; 17 sec.>

  • Azeem and Session – Love Don’t Put You Down; Live and Direct (M. Al’s) Oakland
  • Junior Byles – I Don’t Know; Rasta No Pickpocket (Nighthawk) ’86 St. Louis
  • Papa Finnigan and Junior Ranking – Step ina Dance; Two the Hard Way (Heartbeat) ’83 Cambridge, MA; deejay duo

Set 6:

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Slave Driver; Talkin’ Blues (Tuff Gong) live at KSAN radio Oct. ‘73

<Wailers live on SF radio; 48 sec.>

  • Natural Beauty – Nice Up Dancee; Nice Up Dancee (Rykodisc) ’86 herbtune: UK female trio; 12 sec.
  • Version feat. Humble-I – Can’t Keep I Down; 10” (Webcam Hi-Fi) 2007 Fr. Mutant Dub
Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives – A+ “Bubbling wif a 2 spliff ‘n’ 2 Heineken. Nice Up Dancee!”

Set 7: UFO-ria

  • Sister Carol – Lost in a Space; Jah Disciple (RAS) ’89

<Sister Carol – not a fan of space travel; 10 sec.>

<Junior Byles nah like space travel either; 22 sec.

  • Lee “Scratch” Perry – African Hitchhiker; From the Secret Laboratory (Mango) ‘91
  • Audio Active – Space Children; Tokyo Space Cowboys (ON U Sound) ’94 Jah-pon Mutant Dub
  • Winston Wright – Moon Walk; Greater Jamaica – Moon Walk Reggay (Treasure Isle) ’69 instrumental
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For some Rastas the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion was because mankind treads on Jah’s Heaven where he doesn’t belong

Set 8: Mutant Dub

  • Armagideon – Herbal Input; Natural Elements Dub (Armagideon Sounds) UK herb tune
  • Newblood – Sweet Vibrations; Jungle Massive vol. 1 (ffrr) ’95 jungle herb tune
  • Alpha & Omega – Dub  Plute; Sound System Dub (ROIR) ’95 UK trance dub
  • Aldubb Meets Ras Perez – Roll Cost; Aldubb Meets Ras Perez (One Drop) 2010 Germ.
  • International Dub System – Trod On; I.D.S. (Red Arrow) Germ.
Smile Jamaica’s favorite trance dub




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