Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Jah-cember 5, 2015 (Stream + Tracklist): Decks the Halls with Boughs of Collie!


<“Deck the Halls w/ boughs of Collie!”>


Been on the road Cratedigging, so haven’t had anything uploaded lately. Tis the season so I’ve got some Holiday vinyl and all the usual delights:  1 min. 05

bless, robt

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So Santa Say: Mistletoe fi di good gals, coal fi di bad Abwoys!

Annotated Playlist: Smile Jamaica – Jah-cember 5, 2015:

Set 1:

  • Barrington Levy – Don’t Give Up; Poor Man Style (Trojan) ’82 UK vinyl
  • Joe Gibbs & the Professionals – All-Mighty Dub vol. 3 (Joe Gibbs) ’78 Dub Album of the Hour
  • Black Roots – Come and Sing; On the Ground (Sugar Shack) 2012 UK Roots Reunion
  • Althea & Donna – If You Don’t Love Jah; Uptown Top Ranking (Virgin Frontline) ’78 deejay duo
  • Everton Blender – Bob Marley/World Corruption; Live at the White River Reggae Bash (Heartbeat) 2000 Tribute to Bob
  • Owen Gray – Rizla; 30 Wicked Hearts (Bushranger) ’77; 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement; rolling papers

<Rizla papers – French rolling paper company founded, 1532; 14 sec.>

  • Earl Sixteen & U Brown – Years of Slavery/Tired of Slavery; 10” (Merge) ‘79
Preferred by 96% of Dread Rastas when wrapping up a draw!

Set 2: Wailers Family Tree

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Talkin’ Blues; Talkin’ Blues (Tuff Gong) live at KSAN radio: Oct. 20, 1973: Wailers Family Tree set

<Oct. 21st 1973 – Live Radio performance: KSAN, San Francisco; 1 min. 21 sec.>

  • Bunny Wailer – Crucial; Crucial! (Shanachie) ’94 Roots Best of
  • Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers – Say People; Hey World! (EMI America) ‘86
  • Peter Tosh – Not Gonna Give It Up; Complete Captured Live (EMI America) Greek Theater, Los Angeles, California: 8/23/83
Sly Stone kicked the Wailers off tour for upstaging his 1973 funk and soul

Set 3: Best of Smile Jamaica – 26 Years

  • Aswad – Rebel; Rebel Souls (Mango) ’84 UK dancehall update
  • Steel Pulse – Not King James Version; Babylon the Bandit (Elektra) ’85 UK
  • Sister Carol – Jah Disciple; Jah Disciple (RAS) ’89
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry & George Faith – I’ve Got the Groove; From the Secret Laboratory (Mango) ’90 Adrian Sherwood co-production; update of George Faith
  • Keith Hudson – Image; Brand (Pressure Sounds) ’77 Dub Album of the Hour
Best of 26 Years of Smile Jamaica. Bought on Haight Ashbury, Rough Trade Records

Set 4:

  • Mighty Diamonds – Pass the Kutchie; Big Blunts vol. 1 (Tommy Boy) ’82 herbtune
  • Aisha – Crisis; True Roots (Ariwa) ‘94
Pass di Kutchie pan di lef’ haan side!

Set 5: Vinyl Is Vital Christmas 

  • Mutabaruka – Postpone Christmas; High Times All Stars Explosion (Alligator) ’85

<Bah, humbug! 8 sec.>

  • Tennessee & the Silvertones – Little Drummer Boy; Christmas Time (Studio One) JA
  • Jennifer Lara – Hands of the Lord; Christmas Stylee (Studio One) JA
  • Eek a Mouse – The Night Before Christmas; Reggae Christmas (RAS)  ’84 Wash’n DC
download (1)
Ho, ho, ho!

Set 6: Rockers do Reggae

  • The Members – Rat Up a Drainpipe; At Night at the Chelsea Nightclub (Virgin) ‘79UK New Wavers: Rockers do Reggae Set
  • The Ruts – Jah War; The Crack (Virgin) ’79 UK punk rockers
  • The Heptones – Hypocrite; Meaning of Life (Trojan); Riddim Shower (1): ’72 original vox
  • The Hitters (aka Brinsley Schwarz) – Hypocrite; Hen’s Teeth (Edsel); Riddim Shower (2) ’73 UK pub rockers cover + version
Nick Lowe (fourth from Left) and his pub group Brinsley Schwarz

Set 7:

  • Gato Negro – Armageddon; Black Cat Dub (ROIR) ’91 Nigerian artist; Dub Album of the Hour
  • Hollie Cook – Desdemona; Twice (Mr. Bongo) 2013 ghost story
  • Thievery Corporation – Assault on Babylon; Sounds From the Thievery Hi Fi (ESL) ’96 Wash’n DC
  • Simon Bogle & Ghetto Priest – Dry Bone; 10” (Green Tea) 2002 UK
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Hollie Cook

Set 8: Mutant Dub

  • Burning Babylon – Wires to Riot; Beat, Beat, Bat (I-Tones); 2008 Massachusetts
  • Jah Works – Turn to Jah; Turn to Jah (ROIR) ‘96
  • Terra Firma – Mineral; Sounds From the Ground (Waveform) 2000 US
  • Zion Train – A Better Day; Homegrown Fantasy (China) ’95 UK trance dub w/ female vox
  • Rockers Hi-Fi; Look For a Spark; Rockers to Rockers (Gee Street) ’95 UK


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