Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: June 14, 2014 edition (stream + playlist)



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June 7, 2014 Edition:

  • Vinyl: 5
  • Reggae: 45
  • Dub: 23

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Nostal-Jah for O.J. Fever! 20 years ago the first reality show.

Thanks to O.J. we have to suffer the Kardashians 20 years later. Fiya Bun!

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive: June 14, 2014


  • “Innocent til proven guilty”: O.J. Fever
  • Featured Dub Album of the Week: Hollie Cook in Dub (Mr. Bongo) ; dawta of a Sex Pistol
  • 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement:Yellowman & Fathead rub a dub; plus Niney & Max Romeo; Lloyd Brevett & the Skatalites
  • Wailers Family Tree: Bob final live show; Tosh rarity for Jah-loween, Bunny mid 80s and Ziggy Burnin’ cover. Hawaii 5-0
  • Vinyl is Vital: Mother Liza, Jah-tario Chalawa, Zap Pow Seven Leaf
  • Mutant Dub: Bill Laswell ambient and hard techno updates of Bob Marley
Hollie Cook_Concert.760191851
dreamy dubby lover’s rock. Smile Jamaica approved!

Plus my personal exploration on the outer perimeter of what counts as Reggae and Mutant Dub:

“Out here on the perimeter, there is no stars. We is STONED IMMACULATE”….Jim Morrison

<Jim Morrison meets Dub Syndicate; 5 sec>

Smile Jamaica Reggae High-brids:

  • Morcheeba: dreamy downtro with female vox
  • Beats International – Fatboy Slim proto Mutant Dub
  • Cymande – Hard roots from the English Diaspora: Jamaica, Guyana, St. Vincent hail up the first hippie (H.I.M.)
  • Hollie Cook – gorgeous lovers rock from dawta of Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols. Also in The Slits recent incarnation
  • Senegalese African Reggae: Toure’ Kunda – The Brothers Kunda
  • Led Zep: Whole Lotta Love Mutant Dub with female vox: The Dynamics
Whole Lotta Love Mutant Dub: Go out and buy Led Zep I, II and III dubble disk upgrade disks

4:20 Cannabis promotion. Obscure high-brids like Morcheeba, Cymande, Beats International, Sex Pistol dawta Hollie Cook, Senegalese African reggae, Led Zep mutant stylee

Smile Jamaica’s June 14, 2014 Ark-Ive Edition

bless, robt


Sister Aricka – Rivers of Babylon; 10” (Dub Jockey) ’93 UK militant steppers

Prince Fatty Presents Hollie Cook – Shadow Dub; In Dub (Mr. Bongo); 2012 Dub Album of the Week; daughter of Sex Pistol Paul Cook UK

Cymande – Rastafarian Folk Song; Cymande (Sanctuary)  ’72 UK black music hybrid group

Shinehead – Rough and Rugged; 100% Dynamite NYC (Soul Jazz)

Beats International – Come Home; Excursion on the Version (London) ’91 UK beats/reggae hybrid

Yellowman & Fathead – Herbman Hustling; Big Blunts vol. 1 (Tommy Boy); 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement

Twilight Circus – Dub Selector; Foundation Rockers (M); 2003 Mutant dub out of Jah-msterdam***End of Set 1

Cymande: British black group: reggae, jazz, rock, nyahbinghi, funk: Sah-man-day means Dove

Juicy “V” – O.J. Fever; 7” (Power House) ’94: 20 year of O.J. Simpson murder/trial

Doreen Schaeffer – I Don’t Know Why; 12” (Studio One) Movie Star riddim

Jah Mojo – Truth and Truth (DJ Version); Down Santic Way (Pressure Sounds) Leonard ‘Santic’ Chin prod’n

Toure Kunda – Hamidu; Toure Kunda (Celluloid) ’82 Senegalese brothers***End of Set 2

O.J. Fever June 12,1994: If the gloves don’t fit you must acquit. WTF?

Bob Marley & the Wailers – War/No More Trouble; Live Forever (Tuff Gong); last live show: Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania 9/23/80; Wailers Family Tree Set

Peter Tosh – Vampires (Dub Version); Equal Rights (Legacy Edition) ’77 dubble disk of rarities

Bunny Wailer – Gamblings; Rootsman Skanking (Shanachie) ‘86

Ziggy Marley – Pass It On; Hawaii 5-0 Soundtrack (CBS) Wailers cover***End of Set 3

Wailers Family Tree: Jah-loween rarity for sure-ty!

Hollie Cook – Shadow Kissing; Hollie Cook (Mr. Bongo) 2011 riddim shower (1): vox: mutant dub lover’s rock with female vox

Prince Fatty Presents Hollie Cook – Shadow Dub; In Dub (Mr. Bongo) riddim shower (2): dub

Aswad – Judgment Day; Hulet (Mango) ’79 UK; name means black in Arabic, Amharic

The Dynamics – Whole Lotta Love; Version Excursion (Groove Attack) 2007 female vox; Request; Led Zep***End of Set 4

Dawta of a Sex Pistol – Hollie Cook

Chalawa feat. Stranger Cole – Eyes of a Lion; Capture Land (Green Weenie) ’78 Jah-tario, Canada; Vinyl is Vital set

Mother Liza – Woman DJ Connection; Chant Down Babylon (Gorgon) JA

Zap Pow – Irieland; Reggae Rules (Rhino) ’80 Los, Jahngeles, Collie-fornya; herb tune

Satta – Piece of My Heart; Light of the World (Satta) ’87 Erma Franklin/Janis Joplin cover; Beechwood, Jah-high-O

Mikey Dread – Everybody Needs a Proper Education; Dread at the Controls (Trojan) ’79 UK***End of Set 5

Like Mikey Dread, Smile Jamaica also wants to broadcast from Outer Space

Bob Marley & the Wailers – Three Little Birds; Africa Unite (Tuff Gong); Request

Niney & Max (Romeo) – Aily and Ailaloo; Blood and Fire (Trojan) ’71 Niney prod’n herb tune

Black Uhuru – No Loafing (Sit and Wonder); Sinemilla (Mango) ‘80

Bam Bam – Stop the War; 12” EP (Bam Bam International) ’85 Los, Jahngeles, Collie-fornya***End of Set 6

Rarity from the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Brother Killing Brother: Iraq, South Sudan, Novorossiya, Nigeria. Nuff cease!

Gregory Isaacs and Carlene Davis – Feelin’ Irie; Private Beach Party (RAS) ’88 herb tune

Pad Anthony – Lovin’ Stylee; 12” (Sunset) ’85 J’can lovers rock

Everton Blender – Hail the King; King Man (Heartbeat) 2003

Lloyd Brevett & the Skatalites – Herb Challis; African Roots (Moon Ska); ska Seven Leaf instrumental***End of Set 7

Herb Challis – You’ve got African drums inna mi Jamaican jazz. Nice like Reese’s!

Bob Marley/Bill Laswell – One Love (People Get Ready); Dreams of Freedom (Axiom) ’97 Ambient cover; Mutant Dub set

Morcheeba – Friction; Big Calm (China) ’98 UK downtro w/ female vox

Junior Delgado – Storm Is Coming (feat. Smith & Mighty); Fearless (Gee Street) ’98 rmx

Beat Pharmacy feat. Paul Hillaire – Race Track Jockey; Earthly Delights (Deep Space) 2005 South African

Funkstar De Luxe – Sun Is Shining; Keep on Moving (It’s Too Funky in Here) (Hypnotic); 2000 Marley cover

Mutant Dub loves Bob Marley



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