Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive Preview: June 14, 2014: O.J. Fever

20 Years Ago: June 13 – O.J. Simpson Murder/Trial of the Century


Smile Jamaica pon the Mixcloud Charts:

May 31, 2014 Ark-Ive

  • Vinyl: #4
  • Reggae: #22
  • Dub: #15

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June 7, 2014 Ark-Ive; Day 4 of 7

  • Vinyl: #5
  • Reggae: #60
  • Dub: #28

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1994 White Ford Bronco: #1 stolen car in America 20 years ago

So here is what is on tap for Smile Jamaica this afternoon

June 13, 1994 started the O.J. Simpson murder saga that riveted the nation. My family was just as sucked in as everyone else. My brother thought he was having a panic attic as they read the verdict.

A friend of mine owned a 1994 White Ford Bronco fetishized in O.J. and Al Cowlings feeble run for the border.

In the black and Caribbean communities there was a definite belief that O.J. was innocent. Wounds from the Rodney King riots two years previous were still raw.

We are gonna hear an oldie but a goodie defending The Juice at 4:30.

Juicy V – O.J. Fever; 7″ at 30 min marc. of Ark-Ive

Here is what else you can expect to hear this afternoon:

  • Dub Album of the Week: Prince Fatty Presents Hollie Cook in Dub (Mr. Bongo); Dawta of a Sex Pistol dub bliss
  • Vinyl is Vital midway
  • Extended mix 10″ and 12″ featuring female vox
  • 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Wailers Family Tree: Bob’s last live show: Pittsburgh 9/23/80; Peter Tosh rarity from Equal Rights  ’77 dubble disk; Bunny Wailer – Rootsman Skanking ’86
  • Mutant Dub in last half hour
Dub Album of the Week: So the music never has to stop!

Summer Time and the living is easy: “Ice wata for ur dawta, here comes anotha scorcha!”






bless, robt

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