Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive Preview: May 31, 2014: 3 Hours of Vinyl is Vital

3 bags of Vinyl. A rare glimpse into the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives. Located in the Fortress of Dubitude


Don’t know what happened, but last week’s May 24 Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive is the first time I have popped up on any social media charts in the deejay world. I park my Ark-Ives on Mixcloud

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive May 24, 2014

This upload has reached 7th in the Vinyl chart, 19th in the Dub chart and 24th in the Reggae chart .

Have no idea how it happened, but cool yah! Thanks for listening and spreading around the message of Roots Reggae Radio in Utah

Plus my 420 shows: Mutant Dub Files Episode 4: Space Dust and 20th Annual Cannabliss have more than 100 listeners. Also cool.

Vinyl sounds as sweet as these cupcakes taste

Living in Utah for nearly three decades, you become familiar with the missionary concept one way or another. I certainly am a devotee of the vinyl over the digital on Smile Jamaica from day 1 of 25 years now. Preaching the black wax manifesto and now it is Vinyl’s time. The only format of musical sales that is growing, not shrinking.

The Church of Smile Jamaica – Save your soul for half the price. Selah!

So to celebrate 25 years of Vinyl Saturdays on Smile Jamaica. Here is another 3 hour Vinyl is Vital (rhymes with Ital) show to usher in Summer.

Smile Jamaica: The Soundtrack to your Summer BBQ

I’m gonna fire up the turntables and feature these Black Wax delicacies

  • Gonna start with a celebration of the Reggae sound by Dillinger – Reggae Beat
  • 4:20 Cannabliss Vinyl set to start the show
  • A Deejay clash of the sexes: Sophia George vs. Charlie Chaplin
  • Plenty of female roots and chanters
  • Extended mix singles to sink into the riddim
  • Mutant dub vinyl to close the festivities

Plus we will have an interview around 5 o’clock with a New Zealand Reggae group in town called NRG Rising and our Dub Album of the Week between the Vinyl: UB40 – Present Arms in Dub (DEP)


Smile Jamaica live every Saturday 4-7 PM Mtn. Time:

  • 90.9FM in Utah
  • Stream:  Tune In Radio
  • Ark-Ive. Here on Smile Jamaica blog; without commercial interruptions
  • Twitter: SmileJ_KRCL for when it is live

bless, robt

Mi vinyl sharp like a razor

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