Day 14 Cannabis Service Month: Mutant Dub A-Zed for Zombie



In America we say A-Z. Across the pond they say A-Zed. Day 14 of Smile Jamaica’s Cannabis Service Month is a foreshadowing of the Sunday 4/20 show at 4:20 AM of 4 hours and 20 minutes in Canna-bass sounds.

<Soundbyte: What’s Yer 420? 1 min Smile Jamaica Ganja Choir>


Here is what you can expect to hear with 4 hours and 20 minutes online at Mixcloud (linked here of course) and the last half hour of this Saturday’s edition of Smile Jamaica: 90.9FM KRCL. 4-7 PM Mtn. Time

Mutant Dub Herb Warriors World Tour: A-Z

  • #s:  2 Bad Card – Weed Specialist; Hustling Ability (ON U Sound) UK
  • A : Audio Active – Free the Marijuana; We Are Audio Active – Tokyo Space Cowboys (ON U Sound) Jah-pon “Just turn up the maximum…higher….Higher….HIGHER!!!!”
  • B : Brooklyn Jungle Sound System – Sensi Man (the Ghetto Theatre Proudly Presents the Further Adventures of); Black Rose Liberation (Baraka Foundation) Dr. Israel’s collective out of Brooklyn, NYC
  • C : Creation Rebel – The Dope; Psychotic Jonkanoo (Statik) early ON U Sound: He who traffics in dope will hang by a rope 
  • D: Digitaldubs – Liga Legalise; #1 (ROIR); Brazil
  • E: Martin EZ – Light It Up; Babylon Central Soundtrack (ESL)
  • F: Future Pigeon – The Mummy; Echodelic Sounds of Future Pigeon (Record Collection) Los Jahn-geles, Collie-fornya “Roll a lickle spliff wif d’papyrus! Smoking Sensemeenia inna Mesopotamia!”


  • G: Groove Corporation feat. Dillinger – Cocaine in My Brain; Remixes From the Elephant House (Guidance) UK
  • H: Headcornerstone – Hot Like Fire (Groove Corporation Rmx); King Size Dub Chapter Nine (Echo Beach) Jah-many
  • I: Barry Isaac – Mr. Calliman; 10″ (Reggae on Top) UK
  • J: Jahtarian Dubbers – International Farmer; Jahtarian Dubbers vol. 2 (Jahtari); Peter Broggs Roots original; Jah-many
  • K: Kenny Knots & Bush Chemists – Good Sensimilla; Gimme De Music (Conscious Sounds) UK
  • L: Lazyboy TV – The Manual (Chapter 4); Lazyboy TV (Universal)


  • M: Major Lazer feat. Mr. Evil & Mapei – Mary Jan; Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do (Mad Decent) Jimmy Cliff? No! Jimmy Spliff
  • O: Overproof Sound System feat. Cheshire Cat – The Herb; Nothing to  Proove (sic) (Different Drummer) UK
  • P: Pama International – Evening Time; Float Like a Butterfly (Asian Man) UK


  • S: Earl 16 – Herbman Corner; Steppin’ Out (WEA)
  • T: Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde; Mirror Conspiracy (ESL) Washington, DC “too low to find my way, too high to wonder why”



  • V: Venus Vibes – Cannabis; Pro Cannabis 3 (Dope Dreams) Jah-many
  • W: Word Sound I Powa – Puro Malo; Live From Planet Crooklyn (ROIR) NYC
  • Z: Zion Train – Healing of the Nation; CD Single (Universal Egg) UK 



I’m short a few letters but have all the Continents represented but Antarctica

Stone the Penguin


Anyone Sprechen sie Hanf? Makes no Sensi to me

bless, robt

Cheech and Chong Zombies

3 thoughts on “Day 14 Cannabis Service Month: Mutant Dub A-Zed for Zombie”

    1. Glad to see I am not the only one who spends two hours writing a comment and then it vanishes into the ether! Thanks for the encouragement. Just starting out finding my way bless, robt

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