Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Jah-gust 15, 2015 (Stream + Tracklist): Disco Mix Fever!

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True dat, Linus!


<Your place for maximum bass!>

Another tradition bites the dust on Smile Jamaica via the heinous Digital Millennium Copywrong Act.

Let us count the ways the DMCA has screwed me on Smile Jamaica

  1. No  bootlegs (I have dozens of killer Reggae bootlegs and rarities)
  2. No more 3 hour artist shows (No Bob Marley A to Z like I have done). Can’t play more than four songs by an artist in a 3 hour bloc
  3. No Album Side. Back in the day I used to play a whole side of a rare, non-CD disk to go beyond the one shot. Can’t play more than 2 songs in a row off an album
  4. No more Dub Album of the Week. The latest outrage. For 27 years I have always talked over a singular dub release to keep a consistent flow bubbling so the music never stops. But Mixcloud keeps flagging the shows for DMCA violations. Their algo’s pick up the signature of the CD even tho I have “wrecked the mix” by talking over it. Nope.

<DMCA follies (1): No more Dub Album of the Week; 15 sec.>

<DMCA follies (2): No more than 4 songs per album; 30 sec.>

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Fiya bun the asinine DMCA!

So I decided to just punt away from CD’s …

<…No aluminum for I ‘n’ I>

and drop down some Black Wax. All 12″ singles. Long dubble length, combination style all the while.

3 Hours of Disco Mix; 19 sec.

Plus bass-delic echo


The role that the 12″ played in Jamaica was strictly for the dance. Dreads and pretty girls would head for the club. The clubs wanted the deejays to stretch out the songs so that a guy could rub a dub with his best gal and work up a thirst.

From there the 12″ spread into the New York and Miami discos catering to the gay, Latin and urban black markets. Reggae always ahead of its time!

DISCO – Never a four letter word on Smile Jamaica

<Reggae History Lesson: The 12″ Single started in Jamaica; 37 sec.>

So enjoy these two dozen A+ riddim explosions!

<A+ for sure!; 9 sec.>

bless, robt

Fred Flintstone loves the drum and the bass to make Wilma wind up her waist!

 Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Annotated Playlist: Jah-gust 15, 2015

<The Vinyl Reasoning; 30 sec.>

Set 1:

  • Mighty Threes – Rasta Business; 12” (April) ’78 Haledon, N.J.
  • Frankie Paul – Zion Train; 12” (Glory Gold) ’85 NY
  • The Jayes & Ranking Trevor – Truly; 12” (Channel One) ’77 JA; Marcia Griffiths cover

<Reggae History Lesson: Combination Style; 10 sec.>

  • Hubert Lee & Ranking Joe – Sing a Long; 12” (Waistline) JA
  • Judy Mowatt & Sister Carol – Screwface/Them Vex; 12” (Jah Life); ’86 NY; Bob Marley cover
The Screwface – Jamaican cousin to the Hairy Eyeball

Set 2:

  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Rainbow Country; 12” (Daddy Kool) ’79 UK

<Daddy Kool: UK Record Store & Label; 22 sec.>

  • Ras Midass & I Roy – Trouble Town; 12” (Harry J) ’77 Miami
  • Augustus Pablo – Crucial Burial; 12” (Rockers International) ’79 JA: Tosh update

<Melodica Tosh stylee; 12 sec.>

London Reggae Record shop

Set 3:

  • Pat Kelly – Sunshine; 12” (KG) ’80 UK;  John Denver cover

<Sunshine on my Shoulder; 16 sec.>

  • Cedric Myton & the Congos – Wherever He Leads; 12” (Go Feet!) ’81 UK
  • Johnny Osbourne – 2 YY’s U.R.; 12” (Hot Disc) Can. 
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Pat Kelly. Falsetto roots singer

Set 4:

  • Inai (sic) Kamosa (sic) – Trouble You a Trouble Me (Taxi) ’84 US

<Ini Kamoze – All Time Smile Jamaica favorite; 20 sec.>

  • Don McCarlos – Gimmie Gimmie Your Loving; 12” (Negus Roots) ’84 UK
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The Hotstepper

Set 5:

  • Lion Youth – Rat a Cut Bottle; 12” (Virgo Stomach) ’78 UK

<Time so hard that “rat a cut bottle” 9 sec.>

  • Junior Murvin – Bad Man Posse; 12” (Dread at the Controls) ‘82
  • Sister Netifa – Woman Determined; 12” (Jah Works) ’90 dub poet
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Time so hard that Rat a cut Bottle!

Set 6:

  • Tipper Lee & Rapper Robert – Come in a de Dance; 12” (Witty) NY
  • Naturalites – Black Roses; 12” (Realistics) UK
  • Misty in Roots – Wandering Wander; 12” (People Unite) ’81 UK
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Natural-Ites. Not the beer

Set 7:

  • Bim Sherman – Golden Locks; 12” (Revue) ’79 NY
  • Mighty Diamonds – Possie Are You Ready; 12” (Hot Heat) ’85 JA
  • L. Wright & Rockas – Shoot Me Some Food; 12” (Ubanghi) ‘82

<Hey Pres. Peace Prize, Shoot me some food! 9 sec.>

Don’t shoot guns, shoot food!

Set 8:

  • Heptones & Prince Lamont – Meaning of Life; 12” (Black Lion) ’77 UK
  • Leroy Smart & Ranking Barnabas – Time is the Master; 12” (Jah Life) ‘80
  • The Meditations – World at War; 12” (Hitbound) ’77 JA
  • Sugar Minott & Captain Sinbad – Hard Time Pressure (Sufferers Heights) ’79 UK
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World at War. Same today as 1977

Words of Wisdom:

<Word, Sound & Power!>

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