Son of a Diddley!: DMCA 3 – Smile Jamaica 0

Another Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive axed by Mixcloud over violations of the M** F***ing Digital Millennium Copy-wrong Act. Fiya bun!

<Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Jah-gust 8, 2015; 2 hr. 51 min.>


For 27 years I have always chatted over a particular dub album on every 3 hour edition of Smile Jamaica:

  1. So the music never has to stop: I want people to think Smile Jamaica is one three hour long song
  2. So I can avoid “dead air” if I am monkey-buterling at the Radio Station: I am the only guy there during Smile Jamaica. No engineer, no receptionist. There is a ton of shi…stuff I have to do to keep the signal firing out over the air, so rolling out some dub gives me time to juggle all the duties of being a Radio DJ
  3. Consistency of “the flow”

Since 2013 I have been hosting Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives at Mixcloud. Their algo’s must be extra sensitive: Even though I am talking over instrumental music, that counts as violating the idiotic Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Even though my voice makes the dub useless for piracy, doesn’t matter.

My shows are being flagged and blanked-out in America

Licensing restrictions

Mixcloud is a licensed Internet radio service with agreements with various Collecting Societies around the world (who in turn pay royalties to labels and artists based on their individual recording and publishing deals).

These agreements stipulate certain rules around what type of radio shows and DJ mixes can be listened to on Mixcloud:

US Rules:
– Maximum 4 tracks by an artist (and max 3 consecutively)
​- Maximum 3 tracks from an album (and max 2 consecutively)

As music lovers ourselves, we understand that this may be frustrating, and we are working on new frameworks with rights-holders to build a better service for everyone.


Now I will have to swap out my dub CDs every hour and see if that is under the threshold.

Fiya-bun the DMCA!

bless, robt

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Son of a Diddley! Those M…elon F….armers at the DMCA, quit picking on Smile Jamaica!

<Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Jah-gust 8, 2015; 2 hr. 51 min.>



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