Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives 25 Years: Audio Autobiography Sunday Nov. 16: Radioactive, KRCL; 6 pm; 30 min.

Interview with Smile Jamaica and blues, female duo’s long term experience at KRCL. 90.9FM; 6:00 PM Mtn. 30 minutes

<Radioactive: Nov. 16, 2014: KRCL Deejays; 30 sec.>

Tonight on KRCL, myself (Smile Jamaica since 1988); Brian Kelm (Monday Nite Blues since 1980) and Renee & Dawn Drive Time Imposters (2002-2008) talk about our history at KRCL.

KRCL – Local community radio station started Dec. 1979. Celebrating 35 years. I have been a part of the ride for 26 1/2 of those years (July 1988).

<Smile Jamaica: 25 Years of Reggae Radio; 30 sec.>

Radioactive: 6pm-6:30 Mtn. Time

bless, robt

WEB KRCL Logo with Tower and Com
Your station that rules the nation!


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