Smile Jamaica Preview: May 24, 2014: All My Heroes are Named Bob

Robert Allen Zimmerman: b. May 24, 1941; Duluth, Minnesota


All my heroes are named Bob*

  1. Bob Marley (natch)
  2. Bob Dylan (Happy Birthday Bob!)
  3. R. (Bob) Crumb – cartoonist and fellow crate digger extraordinaire

*(mere coincidence that I am a Bob as well. Known as Bobby to my family and friends in Montana. Son of a Bob, grandson of a Bob. I became Robert when I moved to Utah in 1986)


Today at 4 PM on Smile Jamaica: 90.9FM KRCL or live stream

  • Happy Birthday Bob Dylan: covers and woozy Reggae originals by Bob in livication for his birthday. Brilliant Roots updates of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and “Man in Me”
  • Dub Album of the Week: Dennis Bovell’s 4th Street Orchestra – Scientific Higher Ranking Dubb ’77; UK dubwize
  • Wailers Family Tree:  Bob’s last live show in Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania (9/23/80); rarities from dubble disk upgrade of Peter Tosh’s Equal Rights ’77. Bunny Wailer – Rootsman Skanking ’86. Bob cover disk
  • Vinyl is Vital: Half way through. I give you one extra in every Vinyl set. Female dub poetry, herb tune,  Sunsplash Live
  • Mutant Dub Files: Last half hour acoustic levitation inna Irie meditation! Heavy bass downtro, lounge, echo, dub step

Plus music from the sistren, 10″ extended mix vinyl, Seven Leaf tributes.

Interstellar overdub!

bless, robt

Sandra Bullock, “Houston! I need more bass for re-entry”

2 thoughts on “Smile Jamaica Preview: May 24, 2014: All My Heroes are Named Bob”

  1. Thanks. I have seen BD and BM in concert … Both had amazing room changing presence. You may enjoy BD posts on the immortal jukebox (BM, Toots posts to come) regards. Thom

    1. Greetings Thom,

      I have seen Dylan 5 times. Marley never came to the Great Falls Montana State Fair so I missed out on him back in the early 80s!

      Thanks for the headsup on Immortal Jukebox. Added it to my music favorites


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