Day 9 Cannabis Service Month: A Rare Photo of the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive



I grew up collecting comic books and baseball cards. Having a radio show for 25+ years gives me the necessary “excuse” to collect Reggae.

Like my mom who collects beanie babies, I collect and seek out herb tunes. In the same way an art collector doesn’t need to be able to paint to know and enjoy art, same with I on collecting and curating herb tunes for the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives.

The above photo is a portion of the herb tunes wing  of the Smile Jamaica Reggae Ark-Ive. (Ark as in Black Ark)

Smile Jamaica 90.9FM Saturdays 4-7 PM Mtn.

In a 3 hour show every third Saturday in April, near 4/20, I rent a Uhaul, (well not really, but…), and pack in 2 60 CD Suitcases; a 30 CD Suitcase for Mutant Dub cannabliss; a crate of vinyl for LP’s , a red carry case of 45’s, a Rasta bag for 10″s & 12″s plus my trusty red vinyl cleaning mitt and a partridge inna pear tree.

Most 3 hour Ark-Ive editions of Smile Jamaica average 30-35 songs. The secret stash from that photo is probably 250.

I have at least 800 herb tunes in the Ark-Ive including 1 digital that I wrote about for KUER Music: Jim Stafford’s “Wildwood Weed”.

bless, robt

<Cannabis: The Healing of the Nation, 4 min>


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