Day 2 Cannabis Service Month (Mutant Dub Spliff Odyssey)



Thanks to the democratization of media you don’t have to own your own radio station to do “radio shows”. KRCL used to allow us to stream shows off their website, but changes in the system put the kibosh to all that.

I am feeble at social media but I do know that people don’t expect to consume any media “live” as it happens. That’s why we have DVR’s for TV and podcasts for Radio Shows.

So my easy access to uploading Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives was in limbo. I might have carped about this on air and was glad that a listener, (Nerdshow – based in Ogden), turned me on to the wonders of Mixcloud.

So I can put up a sort of digital media archive or Ark-Ive for Smile Jamaica. As I say on air, “Listen on your time not my time”.  When a listener complained about slogging through Public Service Announcements, Radio Underwriting/Advertising and other interruptions, I started editing that stuff out and just have the streams pump Reggae, Dub and me talking about it. Telling stories.

But since I have a personal studio I have started doing online only content. No commercials. No time limit.

My musical fascination is what I call Mutant Dub: the crossover electronic bass and modern effects with Rasta themes, ricochet echo and orthodox Jamaican drum & bass. Not quite electronica nor lounge but heavier and “out on the perimeter” from Roots Reggae. By tradition, I tend to spend the last half hour in this sound during each edition of Smile Jamaica.

In a 3 hour show I figure that last half hour can be the experimental, challenging and odd stuff that keeps me motivated doing media for 25 plus years.

I try to use Smile Jamaica to enlighten people about this niche that appeals to a rather small subset in both the Reggae and Dance markets, I have built some special Mixcloud only shows devoted to Episodes that I call What Is Mutant Dub?

I have produced 3 so far:

Episode 1: What Is Mutant Dub?

Episode 2: Adrian Sherwood’s ON U Sound Label: LP 1-20

Episode 3: Dubwize Halloween


So now I am working on What Is Mutant Dub? Episode 4: Space Dust. Little green men toking juicy green herbs. I have 2 hours done so far. It incorporates all my favorite cannabis sound bytes. Especially the anti-marijuana hysteria high school industrial films that warn “one puff will lead to murder!”


So I’m on my way to 4 hours and 20 minutes from Mutant Dubbers like Dub Syndicate, Zion Train, Thievery Corporation and Audio Active. A World Tour devoted to the Seven Leaf.

<Smile Jamaica Mini-Dub Symphony, 40 sec.>

I will debut this Special Digital Dubplate Show  the morning of April 20th. Sunday soundtrack to yr Wake ‘n’ Bake! 4 hours and 20 minutes

bless – robt

<Alien Invasion Inna Irie Meditation, 30 sec.>


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