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Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: July 26, 2014 (Stream + Playlist): Nelstradamus Say: A-Pot-Calypse Right Now!

Starship Selassie I: Mutant dub UFOria out of Philippines


<A-Pot-Calypse Right Now!; 11  sec.>

Jump straight to July 26, 2014 Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive

<Smile Jamaica Salutation; 3 sec.>

“Beware when the 3 Seven’s (777) clash/crash

<Countdown to the A-Pot-Calypse Love Song: World War III soundclip: #1; 35 sec.>

My friends call me Nelstradamus. 

Not really, that is what I call myself to remind them of my dire political prophecies. Nelson + Nostradamus = Nelstradamus.

Nostradamus’s secret conduit to his predictions. The Seven Leaf vapors.

I remember saying to my coffee mates in 2003 that once we invaded Iraq, it would be a new Millennial Crusade. Like smashing your first right in the middle of a hornet’s nest. The Iraqis would most certainly not be greeting us with garlands of flowers and sweet meats.

Redder than Red – Perpetual Wars: North Africa/Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central/South Asia. The real legacy of 9/11 and Iraq 2003

Perpetual war in  dozens of West Asian, North African and Subcontinental countries. It’s quicker and easier to count the nations of Jah-frica who *aren’t* at war. Forget peace in the Holy Land. And will the last Christian Assyrian, Chaldean, Yacoubite, the indigenous people – my people – leaving Iraq and Syria please remember to turn out the lights.

Prince Far I: “Jonah went to Nineveh to warn the Nation. Tell them about Jah Love.” Jonah’s (Mar Yunis) tomb in Mosul was destroyed by ISIS jihadis

When Ukraine went hot at the end of the Sochi Olympics, I texted my pals: “World War III. Coming this summer.” They scoffed. I brooded. Sure enough right around the 100 year anniversary of World War Uno, (Aug. 1914) events are shaping up to see another European continental war of brother killing brother. We are back to the modern equivalent of Dr. Strangelove: “we can win a tactical nuclear war.” Yes we can? No effing way!

“Crimea river” (Dr. Paul Craig Roberts)

President Superfly stars in “Cold War the Sequel”: Jihad? More like Yeee-hawwwwd!

<Countdown to the A-Pot-Calypse Love Song: World War III soundclip #2; 21 sec.>

My remote viewing antennae are finely tuned via thousand upon thousand of Reggae prophecies predicting this would happen if mankind didn’t repent.

<Countdown to the A-Pot-Calypse Love Song: World War III soundclip #3; 21>

Rather than be depressed I chose to embrace a nihilistic approach by virtue of those same Reggae lyrics.  Listen keenly to this tune I played on this week’s stream that lit up the phones like a Vegas jackpot live on air.

Out of Boston, Jah-suchusetts: “Either way, you’re gonna get probed!”

<Spiritual Rez – Let’s Go Out with a Bang; 2 min 48 sec.>

<A-Pot-Calypse Right Now!: Smile Jamaica intro; 63 sec.>

Lyrical satirical

  • Girl, they say the end is coming soon
  • They’re talking about impending doom and total annihilation
  • Girls, what if what they say is true
  • There’s nothing really left to do but each other
  • If the nuclear bombs get deployed tonight
  • You’ll be glad you got some Afternoon Delight
  • So take my hand and come into my room
  • If the end is coming we should be too
  • Oh yeah: Let’s go out with a bang!
  • Girl, the tidal wave’s approaching
  • We might as well start groping
  • It’s not too late
  • Girl, if we’re all going down
  • You might as well be going down
  • …On me
  • Get it beyond we’re not an Alien Tribe
  • All I want is what’s between those thighs
  • If the Spaceships have surrounded the Globe
  • Either way you’re gonna get probed
  • Oh yeah: Let’s go out with a bang!
  • People are dying
  • And we’re 69ing
  • It’s a total panic
  • And we’re getting tantric
  • Oh yeah: Let’s go out with a bang!
Fellow devotees of the Anunnaki. Best Reggae novelty song since Smoke Two Joints and Monster Hash. Smile Jamaica approved!

bless, robt

Check the Playlist for photos and soundbytes.

The July 26, 2014 Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive


  • Louise Bennett – Linstead Market; Jamaican Folk Songs Sung By Louise Bennett (Smithsonian Folkways); ’55 10” vinyl; NYC
  • Jah Shaka – Coronation Dub; Coronation Dub: Commandments of Dub – Chapter 9 (Jah Shaka); ’89 UK Dub Album of the Week
  • Dennis Brown – The Writing is on the Wall; Complete A & M Years (A & M) ‘81
  • Jimmy Cliff – American Plan; Club Paradise (Sony) ’86 Soundtrack
  • Niney & Max (Romeo) – Aily & Ailaloo; Blood and Fire (Trojan) ’71; 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement

<2 Down, 48 to go!; 3 sec.>

  • Hollie Cook – Win or Lose; Twice (Mr. Bongo) 2014; Mutant dubstress UK***End of Set 1
Louise Bennett – Jamaica’s national treasure
  • Peter Tosh – Jahman inna Jamdung; Equal Rights (Legacy Edition) ’77; dubble disk rarity

<His Imperial Majesty Birthday>

<Peter Tosh: Jamdung definition; 35 sec.>

  • Dayjah Meets the Disciples – Rebirth (The Mix); King Size Dub Volume 1 (Echo Beach); ’95 female vox Jah-many
  • Carlton Livingston – Tale of Two Cities; 10”; 2010 UK mutant dub update
  • Bingui Jaa Jammy – Congo Natty; African Reggae (Putumayo); 2009 Burkina Faso West Africa***End of Set 2
Roots from the Mother Continent of Jah-frica. Found in Missoula, Jah-tana
  • Spiritual Rez – Let’s Go Out With a Bang; Apocalypse Whenever (Spiritual Rez) 2014 Armageddon love song
  • Lady Ann – Nice Like Me; Bad Gyal Inna Dance (Jump Up); 2008 J’can female deejay
  • Gyptian – Sensi; Hi Grade Ganja Anthems 3 (Greensleeves); 2010 herbtune set
  • Bunny Wailer – Saturday Night; Rule Dance Hall (Shanachie) ’87 Sam Cooke cover***End of Set 3
Fukashima, War inna Holy Land, Nukes over Ukraine, 777 Plane crashes every other day. “Let’s go out with a bang”
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – No Woman, No Cry; Live Forever (Tuff Gong) dubble disk last live show: Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania; 9/23/80
  • King General & Century – They Say (Sensimilla Can’t Smoke); 10” (Love Dub Music); 2006 mutant dub herb tune***End of Set 4

<They Say, Sensimilla Cyaan Smoke; 2 Down, 48 to go! II; 12 sec.>

2 Down, 48 to go: New York Times endorses Cannabis legalization.
  •  Benjamin Zephaniah – War; Dub Ranting 7” Vinyl (Radical Wallpaper) UK dub poet acapella; Vinyl is Vital set
  • Inner Circle – Natty Dread; Blame It on the Sun (Trojan) ’75 UK Marley cover
  • Ras Tesfa & Jafrica – Rome-antix; The Voice of the Rastaman (Meadowlark) ’85 dub poetry New Jah-sey
  • Crucial Bee – Come With Me; Just a Sting (All-Star) US Virgin Islands; herbtune
  • Lillian Allen – His Day Came; Conditions Critical (Redwood) ’87 Emeryville, Collie-fornya; Canadian Jamaican dub poet***End of Set 5
Benjamin Zephaniah - Dub Ranting - front
Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives rarity: 7″ EP, UK dub poetry, pic sleeve vinyl.

<Jah-tana Roadtrip set; 24 sec.>

  •  Chele Bandulu – Rich Man Poor Land; Chele Bandulu (Chele Bandulu) Missoula, Jah-tana; Set of Jah-tana Cratedigging haul
  • Horace Andy – Angie; Horace Andy/Ashley Beedle (Strut); 2009 Rolling Stones cover
  • Ras Midas – Kude a Bamba; Confirmation (Scorcher) ’99 best of
  • Omar Perry – Rasta Meditation; Man Free (Corner Shop) 2007 Lee Perry son***End of Set 6
Roots Reggae from Big Sky country: Jah-tana
  •  Red I feat. Camoi – Lost in Space; Jahdgement Day (Red I) 2012 mutant dub UFOria out of Manila, Phillipines w/ female vox
  • Sylford Walker + Welton Irie – Lambsbread + Lambsbread International; 10” (South East Music) ’79 Glen Brown prod’n herbtunes

<Lambsbread definition. 2 down, 48 to go! III; 13 sec.>

  • AKB feat. Sister Black – Half Full; Future Present (Reyal) ’96 Jah-llywood, Collie-fornya***End of Set 7
Sylford_Walker_-_Lamb's_Bread- Vinyl Hel [Ras t Dread]
Lambsbread collie makes me jolly
  •  African Head Charge – I Want Water; Drastic Season (ON U Sound) ’83 UK Adrian Sherwood prod’n; mutant dub set
  • Zion Train – Watching Deep Water; Passage to Indica (Universal Egg) ’93 UK female vox

<2 Down, 48 to go! IV; 8 sec.>

  • Dubblestandart feat. Dillinger – Ten Tons of Dope (Sounds from the Ground Mix); Heavy Heavy Monster Dub (Echo Beach) 2004 Jah-stria herb tune

<2 Down, 48 to go! V>

A-pot-calypse Right Now!

Smile Jamaica Ark-ives: July 12, 2014 (stream + playlist): Jah-tana Roadtrip

This CD suitcase kills fascists–Woody Guthrie

(Quick jump to the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: July 12, 2014 w/ Playlist)

Read on for today’s Smile Jamaica Jah-o-graphical History Lesson


The photo above is from the Aluminum (i.e. CD) share of the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives I come from the land of the ice and snow. From the Midnight sun where the hot springs flow. Cratedigging in the land of my birth. Fort Benton, Jah-tana. Others might call it the Big Sky state: Montana

The oldest bridge spanning the Missouri River – Fort Benton: The Birthplace of Jah-tana

Found some great music this far North. Til I get back, enjoy last week’s edition of Smile Jamaica: July 12, 2014 Thanks for listening on the Mixcloud Here’s how we did on the Mixcloud charts for the July 5 Ark-Ive Episode

  • Vinyl: 7
  • Dub: 16
  • Reggae: 33

Give thankx for listening and keep spreading the word on 26 years of Roots Reggae!

So have you all ever heard the American folk tale about Shep? The loyal dog who lived in a train station. He waited for his (deceased) master everyday to return until he slipped on the railroad tracks and was killed by a  train that could not stop in time. That is the definition of loyalty and love. He is from Fort Benton!

The story of Shep

Shep – Looking down on Fort Benton from Jah’s Heavenly Abode as he plays fetch with Bob Marley

I’m gonna sprinkle some more photos from Fort Benton in between the sets of the Playlist below

bless, robt

As far as the steamboats could go up the Missouri River: Fort Benton Valley. When the railroads came, the town became a much smaller farming community

Playlist: July 12, 2014

  • Freddie McKay – Tribal Inna Yard; Tribal Inna Yard (Iroko) ’83 Fr. Vinyl
  • Aswad – Dub Fire; New Chapter of Dub (Mango) ’82; Dub Album of the Week
  • Ranking Roger & Blue Riddim – America and Russia/Selective Service System (Nancy Goes to Moscow) (ORA) ’85 La Habra, Collie-fornya
  • Aisha – Prophecy; High Priestess (Ariwa) ’88 UK; Faybiane Miranda cover
  • Rod and the Ideals – Helicopters; American Dream: Cali’s Prop 215 Soundtrack (Tru Reelz) 2013 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Echo Gallo – Happy Birthday Selassie I; Dub Royal: Best of Dub Flash (Dub Flash) Mutant dub: HIM b. 7/23/1892***End of Set 1
Lewis & Clark and Sacajawea: Bronze sculpture overlooking the levee. Fort Benton’s contribution to the 1976 Bicentennial
  • The Special AKA – War Crimes; In the Studio (2 Tone) ’84: Israel v. Lebanon/PLO
  • Jimmy Cliff – Children’s Bread; The KCRW Session (Interscope); 2013 Live on the radio in Collie-fornya
  • Sister Aricka – By the Rivers of Babylon; 10” (Dub Jockey) 2010 mutant dub***End of Set 2
Filmed in Fort Benton.Summer of ’73. I watched them film a scene. Cameraman told me to move. I was in his way
  • Peter Tosh – Bush Doctor; Live at My Father’s Place (Rock Beat); live on WLIR; Long Island FM, 1978
  • Horace Andy – Fly Like an Eagle: See and Blind (Heartbeat Europe) ’98; Steve Miller cover
  • Culture – This Way; The Healing of the Nations (Fuel 2000); roots compilation
  • Icho Candy & Errol Scorcher – Captain Selassie/Under Me; Joe Gibbs 12” Super Groover vol. 5 (Ethnic Music) ‘82***End of Set 3
Grand Union Hotel, 1882. On the National Register of Historic Places. When I lived here it was a flophouse
  • Peter Tosh – Hammer (Extended Version); Equal Rights (Deluxe Edition); dubble disk bonus ‘77***End of Set 4
  • Mighty Maytones – Show Us the Way; One Way (GG’s Hit) ‘79 Vinyl is Vital set; JA
  • Prince Ras Murray – Informer; Militant Dread (Striker Lee) ’77 UK over Johnny Clarke’s Legalize It cover
  • Michael Palmer – Jah Is On My Mind; Star Performer (Tonos) ’84 UK
  • Iheka Chama – Sheltered Me; Mandingo Tribe (Clapper’s) ’81 Brooklyn; Nigerian group covers Bread/Ken Boothe***End of Set 5
Fort Benton was in the vicinity of the Piegan (Blackfoot) Native Americans before the arrival of white settlers and US soldiers
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Zion Train; Live Forever (Tuff Gong) Wailers Family Tree set: 9/23/80; Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania
  • Marcia Griffiths – Lonesome Feeling; Naturally (Shanachie) ’78 Bob cover
  • Bunny Wailer – Rule Dance Hall; Rule Dance Hall (Shanachie) ‘87***End of Set 5
Putting the Wonder in Wonder Bread. Chouteau County is the second biggest wheat producing county in the Nation!
  • Hollie Cook – Win or Lose; Twice (Mr. Bongo) 2014; `mutant dubstress
  • Ranking Joe & Jah Warrior – Solomon’s Weed + Solomon’s Dub; 3 the Roots Way (Jah Warrior) ’99 mutant dub herbtune
  • Patrick Andy – Self Control; 10” (Channel One) ‘83***End of Set 7
1886 Blizzard.preview
Lowest temp recorded in Fort Benton: -49 F. 1969 The Saudi Arabia of cold.

<Smile Jamaica comment on -19 below temps;  Winter 2014>


  • Al Haca Sound Sytem feat. Ras MC Tweed – Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall; Inevitable (Different Drummer) 2003 from Jah-spana (Spain); mutant dub set
  • Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras & the Congos – Happy Song; Meet the Congos (Icon Eye) 2012
  • The Archive feat. Ras Puma – Message for the Messenger (ESL) 2012 Washington DC
  • African Head Charge – Dinosaur’s Lament; Environmental Studies (ON U Sound) ’82 Adrian Sherwood
  • Natacha Atlas – Yalla Chant; Best of (Mantra) Al-Jahrian singer 2005
Charles M. Russell – The Wagon Boss. Fort Benton in the background. Look for coiled rattlesnake in southeast corner of painting


Smile Jamaica Preview: June 21, 2014: James Bond a killa!

“James Bond! Him a killa!”


“Summertime and the living is easy” — Billie Holliday

Smile Jamaica pon the Mixcloud charts (Day 3 of 7)

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive edition: June 14, 2014

  • Vinyl: 17
  • Reggae: 48
  • Dub: 29

4 days to climb into the Top Ten! Yes I! Get the Fever! O.J. Fever!


3 hours of All Killer, No Filler per usual on Smile Jamaica

Been harvesting nuff Roots to my iPod. Gathered up enough for a likkle set devoted to Neoliberal hit man James Bond.

Dr. No filmed in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I always root for the villain in the Bond movies

But wait! There’s more!

  • 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement plus bonus set devoted to the Seven Leaf
  • Roots Dawtas: Sister Aricka Militant Steppers, American Blues-Reggae from Jessica Burks; trance dubbers Alpha & Omega; Bob’s girlfriend Martha Velez Reggae-rock high-brid; Maybe even some Sly & Robbie meets No Doubt.  Last song World-dub via Al-jaherian songbird Natacha Atlas
  • Debut from Mutant Dubstress and  Lovers Rocker Hollie Cook Twice
Absolutely perfect album: dubby riddims, sexy and dreamy female vox, contemporary mutant dub. Smile Jamaica Grades this an A+
  • Wailers Family Tree: Tracking Bob’s last show in Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania. More rarities for sure-ty off Peter Tosh’s Equal Rights. Finishing up Bunny Wailer Rootsman Skanking
  • Vinyl is Vital: Black Wax World Tour
  • Mutant Dub: Last half hour. Bassgasmic!

bless, robt

Smile Jamaica live every Saturday 4-7 PM Mtn. Time:

  • 90.9FM in Utah
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  • Ark-Ive. Here on Smile Jamaica blog; without commercial interruptions
  • Twitter: SmileJ_KRCL for live alert and stream upload/blog posts
Sean Connery as James Bond
“I am not a Dread. I kill for the 1%”

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: June 14, 2014 edition (stream + playlist)



Thanks for helping Smile Jamaica make the Mixcloud Charts

June 7, 2014 Edition:

  • Vinyl: 5
  • Reggae: 45
  • Dub: 23

Help me this week move up the Mixcloud Charts

<Jump straight to the Stream: Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive: June 14, 2014>

Nostal-Jah for O.J. Fever! 20 years ago the first reality show.

Thanks to O.J. we have to suffer the Kardashians 20 years later. Fiya Bun!

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive: June 14, 2014


  • “Innocent til proven guilty”: O.J. Fever
  • Featured Dub Album of the Week: Hollie Cook in Dub (Mr. Bongo) ; dawta of a Sex Pistol
  • 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement:Yellowman & Fathead rub a dub; plus Niney & Max Romeo; Lloyd Brevett & the Skatalites
  • Wailers Family Tree: Bob final live show; Tosh rarity for Jah-loween, Bunny mid 80s and Ziggy Burnin’ cover. Hawaii 5-0
  • Vinyl is Vital: Mother Liza, Jah-tario Chalawa, Zap Pow Seven Leaf
  • Mutant Dub: Bill Laswell ambient and hard techno updates of Bob Marley
Hollie Cook_Concert.760191851
dreamy dubby lover’s rock. Smile Jamaica approved!

Plus my personal exploration on the outer perimeter of what counts as Reggae and Mutant Dub:

“Out here on the perimeter, there is no stars. We is STONED IMMACULATE”….Jim Morrison

<Jim Morrison meets Dub Syndicate; 5 sec>

Smile Jamaica Reggae High-brids:

  • Morcheeba: dreamy downtro with female vox
  • Beats International – Fatboy Slim proto Mutant Dub
  • Cymande – Hard roots from the English Diaspora: Jamaica, Guyana, St. Vincent hail up the first hippie (H.I.M.)
  • Hollie Cook – gorgeous lovers rock from dawta of Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols. Also in The Slits recent incarnation
  • Senegalese African Reggae: Toure’ Kunda – The Brothers Kunda
  • Led Zep: Whole Lotta Love Mutant Dub with female vox: The Dynamics
Whole Lotta Love Mutant Dub: Go out and buy Led Zep I, II and III dubble disk upgrade disks

4:20 Cannabis promotion. Obscure high-brids like Morcheeba, Cymande, Beats International, Sex Pistol dawta Hollie Cook, Senegalese African reggae, Led Zep mutant stylee

Smile Jamaica’s June 14, 2014 Ark-Ive Edition

bless, robt


Sister Aricka – Rivers of Babylon; 10” (Dub Jockey) ’93 UK militant steppers

Prince Fatty Presents Hollie Cook – Shadow Dub; In Dub (Mr. Bongo); 2012 Dub Album of the Week; daughter of Sex Pistol Paul Cook UK

Cymande – Rastafarian Folk Song; Cymande (Sanctuary)  ’72 UK black music hybrid group

Shinehead – Rough and Rugged; 100% Dynamite NYC (Soul Jazz)

Beats International – Come Home; Excursion on the Version (London) ’91 UK beats/reggae hybrid

Yellowman & Fathead – Herbman Hustling; Big Blunts vol. 1 (Tommy Boy); 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement

Twilight Circus – Dub Selector; Foundation Rockers (M); 2003 Mutant dub out of Jah-msterdam***End of Set 1

Cymande: British black group: reggae, jazz, rock, nyahbinghi, funk: Sah-man-day means Dove

Juicy “V” – O.J. Fever; 7” (Power House) ’94: 20 year of O.J. Simpson murder/trial

Doreen Schaeffer – I Don’t Know Why; 12” (Studio One) Movie Star riddim

Jah Mojo – Truth and Truth (DJ Version); Down Santic Way (Pressure Sounds) Leonard ‘Santic’ Chin prod’n

Toure Kunda – Hamidu; Toure Kunda (Celluloid) ’82 Senegalese brothers***End of Set 2

O.J. Fever June 12,1994: If the gloves don’t fit you must acquit. WTF?

Bob Marley & the Wailers – War/No More Trouble; Live Forever (Tuff Gong); last live show: Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania 9/23/80; Wailers Family Tree Set

Peter Tosh – Vampires (Dub Version); Equal Rights (Legacy Edition) ’77 dubble disk of rarities

Bunny Wailer – Gamblings; Rootsman Skanking (Shanachie) ‘86

Ziggy Marley – Pass It On; Hawaii 5-0 Soundtrack (CBS) Wailers cover***End of Set 3

Wailers Family Tree: Jah-loween rarity for sure-ty!

Hollie Cook – Shadow Kissing; Hollie Cook (Mr. Bongo) 2011 riddim shower (1): vox: mutant dub lover’s rock with female vox

Prince Fatty Presents Hollie Cook – Shadow Dub; In Dub (Mr. Bongo) riddim shower (2): dub

Aswad – Judgment Day; Hulet (Mango) ’79 UK; name means black in Arabic, Amharic

The Dynamics – Whole Lotta Love; Version Excursion (Groove Attack) 2007 female vox; Request; Led Zep***End of Set 4

Dawta of a Sex Pistol – Hollie Cook

Chalawa feat. Stranger Cole – Eyes of a Lion; Capture Land (Green Weenie) ’78 Jah-tario, Canada; Vinyl is Vital set

Mother Liza – Woman DJ Connection; Chant Down Babylon (Gorgon) JA

Zap Pow – Irieland; Reggae Rules (Rhino) ’80 Los, Jahngeles, Collie-fornya; herb tune

Satta – Piece of My Heart; Light of the World (Satta) ’87 Erma Franklin/Janis Joplin cover; Beechwood, Jah-high-O

Mikey Dread – Everybody Needs a Proper Education; Dread at the Controls (Trojan) ’79 UK***End of Set 5

Like Mikey Dread, Smile Jamaica also wants to broadcast from Outer Space

Bob Marley & the Wailers – Three Little Birds; Africa Unite (Tuff Gong); Request

Niney & Max (Romeo) – Aily and Ailaloo; Blood and Fire (Trojan) ’71 Niney prod’n herb tune

Black Uhuru – No Loafing (Sit and Wonder); Sinemilla (Mango) ‘80

Bam Bam – Stop the War; 12” EP (Bam Bam International) ’85 Los, Jahngeles, Collie-fornya***End of Set 6

Rarity from the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: Brother Killing Brother: Iraq, South Sudan, Novorossiya, Nigeria. Nuff cease!

Gregory Isaacs and Carlene Davis – Feelin’ Irie; Private Beach Party (RAS) ’88 herb tune

Pad Anthony – Lovin’ Stylee; 12” (Sunset) ’85 J’can lovers rock

Everton Blender – Hail the King; King Man (Heartbeat) 2003

Lloyd Brevett & the Skatalites – Herb Challis; African Roots (Moon Ska); ska Seven Leaf instrumental***End of Set 7

Herb Challis – You’ve got African drums inna mi Jamaican jazz. Nice like Reese’s!

Bob Marley/Bill Laswell – One Love (People Get Ready); Dreams of Freedom (Axiom) ’97 Ambient cover; Mutant Dub set

Morcheeba – Friction; Big Calm (China) ’98 UK downtro w/ female vox

Junior Delgado – Storm Is Coming (feat. Smith & Mighty); Fearless (Gee Street) ’98 rmx

Beat Pharmacy feat. Paul Hillaire – Race Track Jockey; Earthly Delights (Deep Space) 2005 South African

Funkstar De Luxe – Sun Is Shining; Keep on Moving (It’s Too Funky in Here) (Hypnotic); 2000 Marley cover

Mutant Dub loves Bob Marley



Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive Preview: June 14, 2014: O.J. Fever

20 Years Ago: June 13 – O.J. Simpson Murder/Trial of the Century


Smile Jamaica pon the Mixcloud Charts:

May 31, 2014 Ark-Ive

  • Vinyl: #4
  • Reggae: #22
  • Dub: #15

You can help me push last week’s up the charts for the next few days

June 7, 2014 Ark-Ive; Day 4 of 7

  • Vinyl: #5
  • Reggae: #60
  • Dub: #28

Give Thanx!

1994 White Ford Bronco: #1 stolen car in America 20 years ago

So here is what is on tap for Smile Jamaica this afternoon

June 13, 1994 started the O.J. Simpson murder saga that riveted the nation. My family was just as sucked in as everyone else. My brother thought he was having a panic attic as they read the verdict.

A friend of mine owned a 1994 White Ford Bronco fetishized in O.J. and Al Cowlings feeble run for the border.

In the black and Caribbean communities there was a definite belief that O.J. was innocent. Wounds from the Rodney King riots two years previous were still raw.

We are gonna hear an oldie but a goodie defending The Juice at 4:30.

Juicy V – O.J. Fever; 7″ at 30 min marc. of Ark-Ive

Here is what else you can expect to hear this afternoon:

  • Dub Album of the Week: Prince Fatty Presents Hollie Cook in Dub (Mr. Bongo); Dawta of a Sex Pistol dub bliss
  • Vinyl is Vital midway
  • Extended mix 10″ and 12″ featuring female vox
  • 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Wailers Family Tree: Bob’s last live show: Pittsburgh 9/23/80; Peter Tosh rarity from Equal Rights  ’77 dubble disk; Bunny Wailer – Rootsman Skanking ’86
  • Mutant Dub in last half hour
Dub Album of the Week: So the music never has to stop!

Summer Time and the living is easy: “Ice wata for ur dawta, here comes anotha scorcha!”






bless, robt

Smile Jamaica live every Saturday 4-7 PM Mtn. Time:

  • 90.9FM in Utah
  • Stream:  Tune In Radio
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“Ask mi no questions and I’ll tell you no lies”

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: June 7, 2014 edition (stream + playlist)



June means Summer. The best time for Roots Reggae. Celebrating 25 years on Smile Jamaica with nuff roots and unique selections.

Keeping my ears open to anything with that Jamaican swivel of the drum and bass. So that means Johnny Cash, Joe Strummer as well as The Clash, Taj Mahal, Yoko Ono, Morcheeba, The Ruts punkdub. Canadian Jamaican soul reggae. And defiling your ears with Lords of Acid at the bitter end of the broadcast.

Plus the usual high-lights: 420 Cannabis Service, mutant dub, mamas & dawtas love Vinyl is Vital. Spongi Reggae extended mix jams pon even more black wax.

Listening to these Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives helps me on the Mixcloud chart.

As I post this I am charting for the May 31st edition:

  • Vinyl: 4
  • Reggae: 22
  • Dub: 15

Give I a spin and pass it to your friend

bless, robt


  • Aswad – Bubblin’; 12” (Simba) ’86 UK
  • Ruts DC/Mad Professor – Whatever We Do; Rhythm Collision Dub (ROIR); ’82 punkdub; Dub Album of the Week
  • 10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Mercy; Midnight Landing (ROIR) 2003 NY
  • The Selecter – They Make Me Mad; Too Much Pressure (2 Tone) ’80; 2 Tone UK ska w/ female vox
  • Abja – Preservation of the I; Mahogany Road (I Grade) 2006 US Virgin Islands
  • General Plough/Welton Irie – Bubbling Telephone; One and One = Two (JA); 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement
  • Laurel Aitken – Apollo 12; The Pama Years (Pama) ’69***End of Set 1


  • 4th Street Orchestra – Still in Dubb; (Scientific) Higher Ranking Dubb (Rama) ’77; dub of I’m Still in Love With You
  • Bunny and Ricky; Bushweed Corntrash; 10” (Upsetter); Lee Perry Black Ark herb tune
  • Gregory Isaacs – Private Beach Party; Private Beach Party (RAS); ’85; Request***End of Set 2
Bushweed, corntrash = schwag
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers – Crazy Baldheads; Live Forever (Tuff Gong) last live show: 9/23/80: Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania: Wailers Family Tree set
  • Bunny Wailer – Dance Rock; Rootsman Skanking (Shanachie) ‘86
  • Peter Tosh – Babylon Queendom (Dub Version); Equal Rights (Legacy Edition)(Columbia/Legacy); dubble disk of rarities
Rarity for sure-ty!
  • Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer – Redemption Song; Unearthed (American): Rockers do Reggae Set; 2003 Bob Marley cover
  • Taj Mahal – Johnny Too Bad; Mo’ Roots (Columbia) ’74; Slickers cover
  • Wayne McGhie & the Sounds of Joy – Cool It; Wayne McGhie & the Sounds of Joy (Light in the Attic) ’70; Canadian-Jamaican soul group does reggae
  • Yoko Ono – Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him; Double Fantasy (Geffen) ’80***End of Set 4
Two fallen heros sing the music of another in Jah’s Heavenly Choir (Bob Marley)
  • Marcia Griffiths – Give Love; Rock My Soul (56 Hope Road); ’84 JA; Vinyl is Vital set: All mamas & dawtas
  • Ranking Ann – Dangerous M.C.; Something Fishy Going On (Ariwa) ’84 UK Mad Professor prod’n
  • Sis Nya – Zion I; Jah Music (Jah Shaka) ’87 UK Jah Shaka prod’n
  • Abacush – Batta Dem; In Progress (People Unite) ’84 UK female group
  • Sister Netifa – Traveller; Woman Determined (Aluta); UK dub poet singing about the Middle Passage***End of Set 5
Female dub poet chants about the Middle Passage
  • Matumbi – Man in Me; Best of (Trojan); ’76 UK vinyl: riddim shower (1) – Bob Dylan cover
  • The Clash – Man in Me; London Calling (Deluxe Edition) ’79: The Vanilla tapes rarities
  • Boney ‘L’ & Vibronics – Babylon Children; 10” (Jah Tubbys) 2006 UK; female vox, militant steppers***End of Set 6
  • Morcheeba – Small Town; Who Can You Trust? UK downtro w/ female vox***End of Set 7
sublime Bob Dylan cover that inspired The Clash as well
  • The Dynamics – Lay Lady Lay; Version Excursion (Groove Attack); Mutant Dub set: 2007 Bob Dylan cover, Jah-many
  • See-I – Global Gangsters; Dinner of Herbs EP (ESL) Wash’n DC
  • Life… – Christine Adelsi; 10” (King Earthquake) 2012 UK militant steppers
  • Dub Pistols – Ghetto; Point Blank (Deconstruction) ’98 UK
  • Lords of Acid – Marijuana in My Brain; Voodoo-U (American); Belgium: herb tune w/ female vox
Lords of Acid Seven Leaf debut on Smile Jamaica

Smile Jamaica Playlist: May 17, 2014 (No stream this week)



KRCL’s top rank Windows 95 machines just could not handle the dub wise of last Saturday (May 17) edition of Smile Jamaica. 

Alas, no stream but here is the Playlist:

bless, robt

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive: May 17, 2014

Crucial Bee – Give Thanks and Praises; Just a Sting (All Star) US Virgin Islands vinyl

Chalawa – Natural Mystic Dub; Exodus Dub (Westons); ’77 Canadian dub version of Bob Marley LP; Dub Album of the Week

Aswad – Red Up; Aswad (Mango) ’76 UK; Aswad = black in Arabic/Amharic

Zion Train – Customs Check; Passage to Indica (Universal Egg) ’93 UK mutant dub instrumental

Patrick Andy – Join Me; 10” (Channel One) ’83 JA

Lone Ranger – Ganja Man; Top of the Class (Studio One) JA vinyl; 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement

Zema – How Long?; Look at the Heart (Melchizedek) ’99 female artist out of SoCal***End of Set 1

Aswad – “black man” in Arabic and Amharic

Bunny Wailer – Rock ‘n’ Groove; Rootsman Skanking (Shanachie) ‘86

Christine Adelsi – Babylon Shores; 10” (King Earthquake) 2012 militant steppers

B.B. Seaton – Rainbow Love; The Great Ken Boothe Meets B.B. Seaton & the Gaylads (Soul Beat) ‘74

Beat International – Three Foot Skank; Excursion on the Version (Go-Beat) ’91 Fatboy Slim***End of Set 2


Bob Marley & the Wailers – Them Belly Full; Live Forever (Tuff Gong); last live show: 9/23/80: Stanley Theatre; Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania

Pato Banton – King Step; Mad Professor Captures Pato Banton (Ariwa) ‘85

Dennis Alcapone – This a Butter; My Voice Is Insured for Half a Million Dollars (Trojan); compilation

Marcia Griffiths – Tell Me Now; Naturally (Shanachie) ’78***End of Set 3


Concert poster for Bob Marley’s last live performance 

Peter Tosh – Hammer (ShaJahShoka Dub Plate); Equal Rights (Columbia/Legacy) ’77 dubble disk of rarities

Horace Andy – Kunta Kinte; Roots and Branches (Ariwa) ’97 riddim shower: (1) vox; update of Creole “Beware” riddim

Aquizm & Mad Professor – Kunta Kinte version; 10” (Ariwa): riddim shower (2) dub; **End of Set 4

Alex Haley’s Roots

Desi Roots – Black Justice; Doing It Right (Hawkeye) ’80 UK; Vinyl is Vital set

Riot Squad – A Chapter a Day; What the Hell is Going On? (Riot Squad) ’89 Margate, Florida

Sly & Robbie – Fire and Brimstone; Raiders of the Lost Dub (Mango) ’81 UK Black Uhuru dub

Scorcher – African Princess; Roach in a de Corner (Scorcher) ’80 JA

Third World – Satta-Amasa-Gana; Rockers Soundtrack (Mango) ’79 JA***End of Set 5

“put da needle pon de record!”

Apache Indian w/ Desmond Dekker – Israelites; Time for Change (Explorer) 2005 update

Mike Brooks – Sinner Man; 10” (Teams)

Althea & Donna – If You Don’t Love Jah; Uptown Top Ranking (Virgin Front Line) ‘78

Aggrolites – Jimmy Jack; Live (Brixton) 2011; Los Jahngeles ska group***End of Set 6

#9 Billboard Top 100; June, 1969

Dennis Brown – Live After You; 10” (Observer Gold)

Asherman Meets Dub Street Rockers – Keep Steady + Steady As She Goes; Zion Ready (Jump Up); Jah-cago, IL

Blackstones – Tribute to Studio One; Tribute to Studio One (Studio One); tribute to the foundation Coxsone Dodd label***End of Set 7

Coxsone Dodd – Inventor of Reggae Music 

Aldubb feat. Nuwella Love – So Many Tears; Let There Be Dub (One Drop) 2010 Jah-many; mutant dub set

Black Star Liner – Ga Ga; Yemen Cutta Connection (Echo Beach);  ’96 Hindi style dub

Boozoo Bajou – Night Over Manaus (Soulboy Collective Version); Boozoo Bajou Remixes (Stereo Deluxe) Jah-many 2003

Dubphonic – Nora Sun; Relight (Hammerbass) 2009 Fr.

Dub Syndicate – Guns and Cocaine Crime; Acres of Space (Lion and Roots) 2001 UK

Grace Jones – Well Well Well; Hurricane (Lookout) 2011

Nibiru – The Mutant Dub Homeworld