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Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive Preview: June 7, 2014: Johnny Cash, Yoko Ono & Lords of Acid


Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer sing Bob Marley: Rockers do Reggae!


Smile Jamaica’s Chart Progress on Mixcloud: (May 24, 2014 Ark-Ive)

  • #5 on Vinyl
  • #15 on Reggae
  • #17 on Dub

Here is where you can go to help me push the latest podcast edition, May 31st into the charts. Give thanx!

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive Podcasts

This is the first Saturday of the month. For about the first decade of my 25 years hosting Smile Jamaica, I used to do a special feature every first Saturday musical episode: The Reggae Album Side of the Month.

My Reggae mentor, John “Rutabaga” Reese – who was hosting Smile Jamaica when I moved to town – started the Vinyl showcase. It was mainly so he could step out for a cigarette and get caught up on the monkey-butlering we deejays have to do at KRCL

Monkey Butler – someone forced to do annoying, menial tasks of useless purpose in addition to, and at the same time, as their regular job

In tribute to my spar Rutabaga, I continued the Album Side of the Month. Smile Jamaica is mostly a Jamaican Jukebox of singles, (i.e. a single selection off an album or 7,10, or 12″ piece of vinyl singles). I wanted to play an obscure and top rank Reggae album from Side A or B: Tracks 1-4 or 1-5, usually. A roots Reggae album not re-issued on CD. Gems from my 30 year collecting Ark-Ive. Vinyl is Vital, of course. Sink into the riddim. Relax, stay awhile. Jus’ cool, dreadie.

Album Side of the Month: rare, vinyl only, top rank

Then a piece of bullshit legislation came into law that made my Album Side of the Month illegal. The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). No more than 3 songs in a row off an album. I couldn’t do a whole 3 hours of one artist, like Bob Marley, anymore. No bootlegs. A bunch of other twaddle that did absolutely nothing to stem the tide of illegal downloads.

Clinton signed this in 1998 and it will be the reason I don’t vote for his wife in 2016. I wrote to Utah Senator Orrin Hatch to try and stop this bill from becoming law.

I basically told our Senator for Life my tale of woe, “Hey Dread, I’m a radio deejay in Salt Lake City, Utah. The state you supposedly represent. My show is called Smile Jamaica. I have this tradition of focusing on one album by an artist to hear what Reggae sounds like on a long player piece of wax. Rather than my usual habit of  juggling individual songs, featuring different artists, on a variety of formats. A little context. Part of my tradition of Reggae History Lessons. I’m trying to educate while I entertain. I’m showing off the fruits of my Ark-Ives. I have zero interest in aiding and abetting song  theft. I want people to buy this music. Begging you a ten cent, Senata Haatch!

“I volunteer my time on a non-commercial radio station. I am committed to public service in the community.I don’t get paid. Don’t want to get paid. How about a non-profit exception for what I do?”

I basically got the International Symbol of Ill Will

<Orrin Hatch 1; Smile Jamaica 0; 40 sec.>

The International Symbol of Ill Will

So that brings me back to Johnny Cash. In the immortal words of Bob Marley, “When one door closes, another will open.” Somewhere in the last decade I have started a different, legal, tradition for the first Saturday edition of the month on Smile Jamaica.

Rockers do Reggae

Yoko Ono makes her debut on Smile Jamaica this afternoon

Last month I gave you Billy Idol’s maiden voyage on Smile Jamaica. This week I have: Johnny Cash (debut), Taj Mahal (perennial) Wayne McGhie: Canadian-Jamaican soul/reggae hybrid and Yoko Ono (debut).

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive: June 7, 2014 sets:

  • Rockers do Reggae (above)
  • Bonus Rockers: Version galore on Bob Dylan’s Man in Me: Matumbi vs The Clash; Morcheeba (mutant dub with female box) and I will end the show with Lords of Acid: mutant dub herb tune (debut). Yes, hard techno comes to Smile Jamaica in the same show as Johnny Cash. Selah!
  • Dub Album of the Week: More rock/dub crossover: The Mad Professor Meets Ruts DC: Rhythm Collision Dub (ROIR). Punkdub
  • Wailers Family Tree: Bob Marley’s last live show in Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania: Sept. 23, 1980; Peter Tosh rarities & obscurities from Equal Rights ’77; Bunny Wailer – Rootsman Skanking ’86
  • Vinyl is Vital: (midway). All female artists laying down the crispy black wax attack.
  • Mutant Dub: (last half hour): Even more Rockers: downtro-dubby cover of Bob Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay”.
Smile Jamaica debut: mutant dub swings off its axis into post industrial: Unholy Trinity: mutant dub(ish), female vox, Seven Leaf: “Marijuana in my Brain”

Good luck to Collie-fornya Chrome. It is going for the triple crown today at the Belmont Stakes. If he wins, I am going to play a Jamaican horse race tune with Dreadlocks versus The Pope around 5:00 PM

Jah Guide Collie-fornya Chrome. First horse since ’78 to win the Triple Crown? 4:52 Mountain Time we’ll find out







Smile Jamaica live every Saturday 4-7 PM Mtn. Time:

  • 90.9FM in Utah
  • Stream:  Tune In Radio
  • Ark-Ive. Here on Smile Jamaica blog; without commercial interruptions
  • Twitter: SmileJ_KRCL for when it is live

Current chart status for May 31, 2014 Smile Jamaica Ark-Ive (3 days):

  • Vinyl: 11
  • Dub: 41
  • Reggae: 59

Give a listen, spread the word, move Smile Jamaica up the charts!

bless, robt

Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives: May 24, 2014: From One Bob to Another (Stream + Playlist)

Bob Dylan turned The Beatles on to the Seven Leaf


Here is the Bob Dylan 73rd Birthday Ark-Ive of Smile Jamaica (May 24, 2014)

  • First set devoted to Bob Dylan on his birthday: 2 Bobs, 2 vinyls
  • Wailers Family Tree: Live Bob, rare Peter, 80s Bunny, 70s Marcia, Marley cover
  • Vinyl is Vital: Jah-ronto, Canajah by way of Emoryville, Collie-fornya, Ja-High-O Seven Leaf, Live Sunsplash to Bob, Rockers Soundtrack, Inner Circle covers Rupie Edwards
  • Mutant Dub World Tour: France, Jah-many, UK

11 of 33 Vinyl. Coincidence? I think not!

bless, robt



Don Carlos – I Love Jah; 10” (Negus Roots) ‘80

4th Street Orchestra – Higher Ranking; (Scientific) Higher Ranking Dubb (EMI) ’77 Dennis Bovell: Dub Album of the Week

Bob Dylan – Don’t Ever Take Yourself Away; Hawaii Five-O Soundtrack (CBS); Happy Birthday Bob Dylan Set

Matumbi – Man in Me; Best of Matumbi (Trojan) ’76 UK vinyl roots update of Dylan song from New Morning

Arthur Louis – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door; This Is Reggae Music vol. 2 (Island) ’75 US vinyl from Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Soundtrack

Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright; Live at Budokan (Columbia) Jah-pon 1979; ***End of Set 1

Also ran to Cheap Trick in Best 1979 Budokan, Jah-pon live album

Abja – Good Sensimilla; Mahogany Road (I Grade) 2006 US Virgin Islands; 4:20 Cannabis Service Announcement

Horace Andy – Problems; 10” (Glimmer) ‘78

Pato Banton – Absolute Perfection; Never Give In (Primitive Man) ’88 UK toaster

Marcia Griffiths – Steppin’ Out in Babylon; Steppin’ (Shanachie) ‘79***End of Set 2

The Aretha Franklin of Reggae

Bob Marley & the Wailers – The Heathen; Live Forever (Tuff Gong); last live show: Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania; 9/23/80

Peter Tosh – Blame the Yout (sic) (Dub Version); Equal Rights (Columbia/Legacy) ’77 dubble disk of rarities

Bunny Wailer – Cry to Me; Rootsman Skanking (Shanachie) ’86; Wailers update

Pluto Shervington – Natty Dread; Jah Love (Music Club); **End of 3, Wailer Family Tree


Aswad – Roxanne; Big Up (Gut/Mesa) ’97 The Police cover

Johnny Clarke – Don’t Let Jah Down!; 10” (Sip a Cup) 2007 UK militant steppers

Aisha – Downpressor; High Priestess (Ariwa) ’88 Mad Professor prod’n

Bedouin Soundclash feat. Vernon Buckley – Higher Ground; Street Gospels (Sideondummy) 2007 Jah-ronto, Canada; lead singer of The Maytones; ***End of Set 4

1988 foundation record in the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives

Lillian Allen – Rub a Dub Style in a Regent Park; Revolutionary Tea Party (Redwood) ’85 Canadian dub poet; Vinyl is Vital set

Satta – Ganga Bongo; Light of the World (Satta) ’87 Beechwood, Ja-high-O herb tune

Inner Circle – Irey Feelings; Blame It on the Sun (Trojan) ’75 UK Rupie Edwards herb instrumental

The Wailers – Them Belly Full; Live at Reggae Sunsplash: Tribute to Bob Marley (Elektra) ’82 US

Burning Spear – Jah No Dead; Rockers Soundtrack (Mango) ’79 Jah-maica***End of Set 5

Vinyl Is Vital rhymes with Ital!

Bob Dylan – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door; Live at Budokan (Columbia) ’79 in Jah-pon

Gregory Isaacs – Rock On (Horns Version); 10” (Observer Gold) Niney prod’n

Black Uhuru – Plastic Smile; Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Heartbeat) ’87 rmx “don’t show I your teeth, your plastic smile nah work”***End of Set 6

“Don’t show I your teeth, your plastic smile nah work”…Michael Rose, Black Uhuru

The Selecter – Red Reflections; Celebrate the Bullet (Chrysalis) ’81 2 Tone ska w/ female vox

Robert Emanuel – You Can’t Push I Over; 10” (Main Line) ‘77

Easy Star All Stars – Money (Mad Professor rmx); Dubber Side of the Moon (Easy Star) 2010***End of Set 7


Botom Botom – Something Divine; This Is Not a Stereotype (Hammerbass); Mutant dub: France w/ female vox

Manasseh Meets the Equalizer – Angry Dub; King Size Dub vol. 10 (Echo Beach) Jah-man label

The Chosen – Mash Down Rome; Rhythm & Sound w/ the Artists + Versions (Asphodel) Zion Train – Hovercraft; Get Ready EP (China) ’95 UK

Zion Train – Hovercraft; Get Ready EP (China) ’95 UK

Yoda loves the Mutant Dub


Smile Jamaica Preview: May 24, 2014: All My Heroes are Named Bob

Robert Allen Zimmerman: b. May 24, 1941; Duluth, Minnesota


All my heroes are named Bob*

  1. Bob Marley (natch)
  2. Bob Dylan (Happy Birthday Bob!)
  3. R. (Bob) Crumb – cartoonist and fellow crate digger extraordinaire

*(mere coincidence that I am a Bob as well. Known as Bobby to my family and friends in Montana. Son of a Bob, grandson of a Bob. I became Robert when I moved to Utah in 1986)


Today at 4 PM on Smile Jamaica: 90.9FM KRCL or live stream

  • Happy Birthday Bob Dylan: covers and woozy Reggae originals by Bob in livication for his birthday. Brilliant Roots updates of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and “Man in Me”
  • Dub Album of the Week: Dennis Bovell’s 4th Street Orchestra – Scientific Higher Ranking Dubb ’77; UK dubwize
  • Wailers Family Tree:  Bob’s last live show in Pittsburgh, Jah-sylvania (9/23/80); rarities from dubble disk upgrade of Peter Tosh’s Equal Rights ’77. Bunny Wailer – Rootsman Skanking ’86. Bob cover disk
  • Vinyl is Vital: Half way through. I give you one extra in every Vinyl set. Female dub poetry, herb tune,  Sunsplash Live
  • Mutant Dub Files: Last half hour acoustic levitation inna Irie meditation! Heavy bass downtro, lounge, echo, dub step

Plus music from the sistren, 10″ extended mix vinyl, Seven Leaf tributes.

Interstellar overdub!

bless, robt

Sandra Bullock, “Houston! I need more bass for re-entry”

Greetings! The Empty Barrel




This is Robert Nelson. I am the host of Smile Jamaica, Roots Reggae & Dub radio program on KRCL 90.9FM. Salt Lake City, Utah

4-7 PM Mountain Time since Oct. 1989.

  • KRCL.org
  • Mixcloud.com: Smile Jamaica Ark-ives podcasts. Search: Smile Jamaica or Bobbylon
  • Twitter: SmileJ_KRCL
  • Facebook: None. I hate Facebook. They spy for the Security State. Tom Green said of Facebook, “Voyeuristic narcissism”

I toil as a University Librarian at the Marriott Library, University of Utah. My title is Manager of the Audio Studio in the Digital Scholarship Lab.

This is my attempt to use New Media/social media to showcase how my avocation (Community Radio) intersects with my vocation (Academic Librarian/Digital Humanities)

So here is what I hope to accomplish with yet another blog on the Internet.

My Terrestrial Radio experiences: (KUTE 1987; KRCL 1988-); Postive Vibration, 3 o’clock Roadblock, Global Gumbo, Smile Jamaica, Radioactive

Smile Jamaica Ark-ives: Playlists, Podcasts/Mixcloud, Music reviews, reggae/music news, deejay/radio tips and stories, autobiography: 25+ years of radio, Mutant Dub Files

Cratedigging: music collecting, cataloging, organizing, obsessing, autobiographical story telling, vinyl formats, reggae archives,  Itunes archives/playlist hierarchy, rock/soul/techno/world interest

Academia: New Media, Multi-media Archives, Digital Humanities, University audio projects/digital archives, Interviewing for Research, Media Trends, Mass Media, KUER Music, Middle East Library, Curriculum Library/Education, Religious Studies: Islam, Eastern Rite Christianity, Rastafari

Interests: Progressive Politics, Ancient Aliens, UFO Watching, Seven Leaf, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco Giants.

All my heroes are named Bob: Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Bob (R.) Crumb

Magazines subscribed to: Rolling Stone (Lifetime Subscription), Mojo, Uncut, Mixmag, The Nation, Sports Illustrated, Vice Magazine

I have a steep distrust of social media long before Edward Snowden and really have a steep learning curve on social media. This is the first time I’ve not embraced the new media trend.  iTunes was the last media trend  I jumped into from the start. Social media baffles me. I have no instinct for it. So I will stumble along til it’s second nature.

So I am calling this The Empty Barrel. From the Jamaican saying, “The empty barrel makes the most noise!”