Day 19 Cannabis Service Month: Smile Jamaica’s 20th Annual Cannabis Service Show



Getting Red I (I mean ready) for Smile Jamaica’s 20th Annual Cannabis Service Show

For the next 3 hours it will include trying to “pack” about 350 songs into 35 rinsed out on air; at most;

Smile Jamaica 420 Ark-Ives 2014 edition: 20th Cannabis Service Show

Including canna-spired soundbytes, movie clips, Reefer Madness cautionary PSA’s and Jah knows what else.

This show is either my highest (no pun or maybe pun intended) show or the lowest.  Either way it’s on. Gonna celebrate some free speech while we still can in this country.

To quote Dry and Heavy: “Whenever I get low I get high”

I will link the Ark-Ive here and on Mixcloud for pot-sterity, I mean posterity.

Plus tomorrow at 4:20 AM start your easter celebration right with Smile Jamaica’s What Is Mutant Dub? Episode 4: Space Dust.

4 hours and 20 minutes of Mutant Dub at 4:20 AM on 4/20. Linked here on the Smile Jamaica blog and Mixcloud

I always start these annual 420 shows with Jah Woosh – Marijuana World Tour

I also play Sly & the Revolutionaries – Black Ash Dub as my Dub Album of the Week. Which has all the great Jah Thomas soundbytes like “Pass me the Rizla, pass me the herb”.

From Jah Woosh:

The Marijuana World Tour taking you to the four corners of the Earth. Buying and smoking the herb and the products there of.

My World Tour starts in Hong Kong where I met a lickle Chinaman. He gimme some opium. Then I trod forth to a place called Pakistan and there I met a lickle Paki man. Him gimme Paki Black

Taking you to the four corners of the Earth. My World Tour takes you to: Germany, Holland, Lebanon, Colombia, England, Thail and Jamaica.

And my World Tour still continues

One Love

bless, robt

Fear Of A Green Planet


Day 18 Cannabis Service Month: Best of American Ganja Farmers



Coming down the home stretch of the 20 Days of Cannabis. So the Smile Jamaica Ark-Ives has filled you in on Jah-maican Reggae Herbtunes and 4 hr 20 min of Mutant Dub: a high-ly world and Euro phenoemon.

Good ole Americans love the Seven Leaf too. Here is Smile Jamaica’s Top Ten American Herbalists

1. The Toyes – Smoke Two Joints and Monster Hash; The Toyes (CD Tunes). All killer novelty classic. The former awards video game stalwarts two joints for every 10,000 points. The latter works on 4/20 and Halloween. Boris Pickett would be proud.


2. Future Pigeon – The Mummy; Echodelic Sounds of Future Pigeon (Record Collection) . Out of Los Jahngeles, this is another ditty that works in April or All Hallow’s Eve. “Roll a lickle spliff wif de papyrus while we smoke Sensemeenia inna Mesopotamia”


3. Ben Harper – Burn One Down; Reggae Sampler (Virgin). If Smile Jamaica tracked requests over the past two decades or so this gentle acoustic niyahbinghi number would be near the top. “Let us burn one from end to end. Pass it over to me my friend.”


4. Dub Lounge international – Dub Hangover; Dub Lounge International (Ancient Vessel). Seattle: usually the dub is blissed out riffing on the original vocal. In this case dub rid dims pump out a gravity-free mix with vocals straight no chaser. “I’ve got an Herb hangover and I don’t wanna let it go”


5. Collie Buddz – Come Around; Collie Buddz (Colombia). New Orleans by way of Bermuda. With his name you would think he was in league with the Seven Leaf.  Ragga vocal style with a hint of Autotune. Thick and sticky Roots Riddim updating an old Zap Pow Reggae lick.


6.  10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Walkey Walk Tall; Presents (ROIR) Upstate New York, like #4 another truth in advertising group. They are good for one or more herbtunes on nearly all their releases.FB-contest-header-image1

7.  Natural Roots – For My Sensi (extended); CD Single (Rock da Joint). Homegrown in Utah. Nice horn licks, rub a dub riddim and winsome female backing vox. Drum and the bass mashes up nicely with the Sensi ride. Bliss at nearly 7 minutes


8.  Mystic Roots Band – Pass the Marijuana;  Constant Struggle (Stay Positive). Chico, Collie-fornya. Nuff herbal meditations from this group. Features special guest intro


9. Rootz Underground – Herb Fields; Movement (Riverstone) Nice slinky one drop tribute to guerrilla growing the Ganja crop.


10. Easy Star All Stars – One Likkle Draw; First Light (Easy Star). The label and collective out of New York. They brought us two volumes of dubadelic Dub Side of the Moon. This groover features Junior Jazz and Daddy Lion on the vox.


Gonna play a set of American Herbalists in 2 hours: Smile Jamaica 90.9FM 420 Cannabis Service Show



Day 17 Cannabis Service Month: Smile Jamaica’s 4 hr 20 min @ 4:20 AM, 4/20/2014 Easter Sunday



I bet I am up and at ’em before any of you readers take the tykes out for any Easter Egg Hunt.

So my 4 hr 20  min Mutant Dub Herb Special is finished. Magnum Dopus!

So I’ve rinsed out 50 plus tracks from around the globe. Starts with my favorite Weedstepper Soom T and ends with the Bush Doctor Peter Tosh dubadelic  10″ pic sleeve  vinyl mix from Record Store Day a few years ago.

Here’s how your Holiday Weekend works: Good Friday, Record Store Day Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday


I will hit send on the Interwebs this Sunday 4/20 at 4:20 AM at the Smile Jamaica Mixcloud page as well as here

Mutant Dub Files: Episode 4 – Space Dust. 260 minutes of Seven Leaf mixed with heavyweight dub

For once I don’t say a word. Just herbal meditations and Canna-bass

Here’s the Straight Dope:

  • Bong – 4
  • Collie – 1
  • Dope – 4
  • Flavors – 2 High Grade, Lebanese Blonde,
  • Ganja – 1
  • Growing/Farming – 1
  • Hemp – 1
  • Herb – 4
  • High/Stoned – 4
  • Legalize – 3
  • Lifestyle – 5
  • Marijuana – 3
  • Police/Arrested – 2
  • Rizla/Rolling – 3
  • Sensimilla – 4
  • Spliff – 2Weed – 3


  • Brazil: 1
  • Brooklyn: 2
  • France: 1
  • Jah-cago: 1
  • Jah-maica: 2
  • Jah-many: 3
  • Jah-pon: 5
  • Jah-scow, Scotland: 3
  • Jah-stria: 2
  • Jah-suchusetts: 1
  • Los Jahngeles: 2
  • Ska-dinavia: 1
  • UK: 21
  • US: 4
  • Wash’n DC: 3

“See ya” or more like “hear me” Sunday AM and have this Dub Episode for your Soundtrack as you celebrate early and often

bless, robt

<Easter Dinner 2014; 1 min of Grace>


Day 16 Cannabis Service Month: Collie-rado & Washington plus…?



“Legalize it, I will advertise it.” Two states down, 48 to go.

  • 48. Idaho
  • 49. Wyoming
  • 50. Utah

The prohibition against Cannabis is much like saying the earth is flat. There is absolutely no compelling reason to keep this plant illegal much less the stone age (no pun) sentences handed down for a lickle stalk o’sensi grooming in your pocket. (Black Uhuru)

I remember the T shirt from back in the Reagan “Just Say No” Era about the DEA: “One seed is all we need to make you bleed.”


  • Deaths from cigarettes: 480,000 per year (1 in every 5 American deaths)
  • Deaths from alcohol: 88,000 per year
  • Deaths from narcotics: 40,000 of which 60% are from prescription opioids like Oxycontin
  • Deaths from marijuana consumption: 0 for all of mankind’s history

WTF? When I did radio interviews at KRCL on their listener call in program, Radioactive,  I did several shows devoted to harm reduction and the cruelty and downright racism of the drug war.

You would have thought that all these baby boomers who lit up in the 60s would have come to fruition and at least decriminalized the Seven Leaf as they sunset into retirement. (I guess all of the politicians in Washington, DC were in their dorm rooms playing with their slide rules while all the other hippies were having fun and wasting their lives.)

Obama practically claims he invented hot boxing as a youth in Hawaii and now as a lame duck he won’t even reschedule Cannabis so it can be studied for the plant’s effects; good or bad. Lame indeed. In Reggae there is a saying, “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies”.


Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The unthinkable happened when Colorado and Washington legalized it in 2012 despite legislative hostility and veiled threats.

The world didn’t collapse. Society didn’t implode. There weren’t murders and dead bodies strewn on the highways.

<Marijuana Killer of Youth PSA 1 min>


In fact Collie-rado made a nice score of 3.5 million on their 25% cut of the haul since Jan. 1. Crime didn’t go up. Tourism is increasing. Marijuana consumption and sales are going to become boringly routine. No more skulking about waiting for the man over an 8 track of schwag. You stop at the liquor store for a sixer or bottle of wine and then head to Weedmart for your smoke. How civilized.


The next two election cycles are going to see more states at least attempt to legalize it in addition to about a dozen others who have some level of medical marijuana laws pending or passed

Medical Marijuana Legislation


Alaska, Arizona, Collie-fornya, Nevada, Oregon, Maine, Hashachusetts, Montana, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Collie-rado and Washington succeeded, in large part, because they promoted Cannabis as safer than alcohol. Or, “let’s tax it and regulate it just like alcohol”.  In my opinion, those strategies are better because of their honest intent.

Citizens and politicians who don’t smoke want to think that responsible use will not come at a societal price. And local government entities, who have been slammed by the Great Recession, are looking for ways to fill the coffers now that the bubbles have burst. 15% excise tax and 10% sales tax are winning arguments.

The medical defense is more of a sticky wicket since so much of Cannabis health effects (or lack of harmful effects) are “conjecture”. Prohibition has made it so difficult for American universities and health agencies to actually conduct double blind studies. Incrementalism is fine but that grey area leaves casual users in limbo and seems to undermine the “intent” of the laws. It’s “medicinal” seems cynical and dishonest to non-users.

Legalization cuts the Gordian Knot and makes it easier to vote up or down on the merits of state regulation and clear cut rules of possession and consumption.

My Mom voted for Montana’s medical marijuana law. I asked her to vote for legalization if it comes up in 2014. She said, “If that’s the only way you will come home more often, I will vote yes.”

Here’s where I go for the Sensi Scorecard of: what’s up, polls, handicapping potential and anecdotal information.

Jon Walker of writes a near daily posting called Just Say Now that will keep you informed of the progress of the Seven Leaf at the polls. Smile Jamaica approved!

If half of those states say yes (and the polling is looking good most everywhere; upper 40% and many states over 50%), legalization will be a regional phenomenon in the West, Mountain West and Northeast.

If California says yes, (the 8th largest economy in the world), the walls are gonna come tumbling down pretty much everywhere until we get a Federal Law. Selah!

My only fear is: what will the the total end of Cannabis prohibition do to the quality and quantity of my precious herbtunes?

bless, robt

From the back of a Rolling Stone ad I saw as a youth


Day 15 Cannabis Service Month: “Bob Marley smoked 100 spliffs a day! 100 spliffs a day mon”



(Clip from Bob Marley’s funeral)


I was cratedigging last weekend and swung by the magazine rack. Something caught my eye and I nearly wet myself.


Whenever I go to Jah-buquerque to see my Sister and family, we go to a local cafe for breakfast. They used to have a whole wall devoted to magazines. I liked that because they had The Beat magazine: a Reggae and World Music mag that I wrote Mutant Dub reviews for in the mid to late 90s. I’d grab a copy off the wall and point out my review to my fams.

So we pop in last month and boom: All the magazines were deemed redundant when everyone reads content for free on their gadget. They apologized to the evolution to more seats with plugins.

How does a perennial magazine like Rolling Stone move units in that environment? One way is to release issues for collectors of “artifacts”. Those of us dwindling consumers who want a physical memento as opposed to a utilitarian digital object.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my iPod. I have to have something to listen to from my car in the parking lot to my office and back. But very little of the music I play on Smile Jamaica comes digital born. It’s vinyl at home, CDs in the car and office.

I seriously average between 4-8 hours of active listening per day. Every day. Being a librarian I keep lists everywhere. I have 50,000 songs on my iTunes. And those are albums I listened to on headphones before I rip them and move them to playlists: herb tunes, UFO, Marley Tributes, Occupy Wall Streeet, Rockers doing Reggae. But it’s 99% physicality for surety! It was “rinsed out” on vinyl or aluminum (isn’t that what cds are made of?)

When I get iTunes gift cards at Holiday time, I mainly buy Dubstep 12″s I can’t find locally that I read about in Mixmag. 

There are diehards who want the cd (or better yet vinyl), magazines, actual books, magazines, comic books and music scores. There is something to be said for small scale catering to niche markets of collectors and people who want to give their eyes a break from the cathode ray nipple.

Rolling Stone has released several theme based issues devoted to the stalwarts like The Beatles, Dylan, Rolling Stones. Collections of stories and photos from the magazine on glossy page stock.

It is meant to drive even subscribers to reach for their wallet.  (And I have a lifetime subscription to Rolling Stone. That is my next article for KUER Music).


If you dig the magazine Wax Poetics (and you should if you don’t), it is very reminiscent of that attention to a better quality page than magazine glossy slicks.


The Marley Special Collection issue is top rank.

  • How Bob Marley Changed the World
  • An Encounter With the Legend; excerpt of Bob’s first cover story Aug. 12, ’76; 4 months before he was nearly assassinated in Jamaica
  • Visiting Bob Marley’s Jamaica musical travelogue of the Island
  • Living Legacy: 5 of Bob’s 11 children reflect and share memories of their father.

Plus the obligatory Top 50 Songs and artist reflections. Before I read the magazine, I ventured a guess at what would be judged Bob Marley‘s #1 song. My guess came in at #3.

70 high quality photos in color and black and white.

And since this is  Cannabis Service Month. The “toker’s tally” of those 70 is 4:

22_020411marley_76_1 tumblr_m0p1inGVMK1r8mtp8



Now you see him in action, let’s hear a lickle draw of Bob in service to the Seven Leaf

bless, robt

<Smile Jamaica’s Marley Mini Marijuana Mix 2min>

Day 14 Cannabis Service Month: Mutant Dub A-Zed for Zombie



In America we say A-Z. Across the pond they say A-Zed. Day 14 of Smile Jamaica’s Cannabis Service Month is a foreshadowing of the Sunday 4/20 show at 4:20 AM of 4 hours and 20 minutes in Canna-bass sounds.

<Soundbyte: What’s Yer 420? 1 min Smile Jamaica Ganja Choir>


Here is what you can expect to hear with 4 hours and 20 minutes online at Mixcloud (linked here of course) and the last half hour of this Saturday’s edition of Smile Jamaica: 90.9FM KRCL. 4-7 PM Mtn. Time

Mutant Dub Herb Warriors World Tour: A-Z

  • #s:  2 Bad Card – Weed Specialist; Hustling Ability (ON U Sound) UK
  • A : Audio Active – Free the Marijuana; We Are Audio Active – Tokyo Space Cowboys (ON U Sound) Jah-pon “Just turn up the maximum…higher….Higher….HIGHER!!!!”
  • B : Brooklyn Jungle Sound System – Sensi Man (the Ghetto Theatre Proudly Presents the Further Adventures of); Black Rose Liberation (Baraka Foundation) Dr. Israel’s collective out of Brooklyn, NYC
  • C : Creation Rebel – The Dope; Psychotic Jonkanoo (Statik) early ON U Sound: He who traffics in dope will hang by a rope 
  • D: Digitaldubs – Liga Legalise; #1 (ROIR); Brazil
  • E: Martin EZ – Light It Up; Babylon Central Soundtrack (ESL)
  • F: Future Pigeon – The Mummy; Echodelic Sounds of Future Pigeon (Record Collection) Los Jahn-geles, Collie-fornya “Roll a lickle spliff wif d’papyrus! Smoking Sensemeenia inna Mesopotamia!”


  • G: Groove Corporation feat. Dillinger – Cocaine in My Brain; Remixes From the Elephant House (Guidance) UK
  • H: Headcornerstone – Hot Like Fire (Groove Corporation Rmx); King Size Dub Chapter Nine (Echo Beach) Jah-many
  • I: Barry Isaac – Mr. Calliman; 10″ (Reggae on Top) UK
  • J: Jahtarian Dubbers – International Farmer; Jahtarian Dubbers vol. 2 (Jahtari); Peter Broggs Roots original; Jah-many
  • K: Kenny Knots & Bush Chemists – Good Sensimilla; Gimme De Music (Conscious Sounds) UK
  • L: Lazyboy TV – The Manual (Chapter 4); Lazyboy TV (Universal)


  • M: Major Lazer feat. Mr. Evil & Mapei – Mary Jan; Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do (Mad Decent) Jimmy Cliff? No! Jimmy Spliff
  • O: Overproof Sound System feat. Cheshire Cat – The Herb; Nothing to  Proove (sic) (Different Drummer) UK
  • P: Pama International – Evening Time; Float Like a Butterfly (Asian Man) UK


  • S: Earl 16 – Herbman Corner; Steppin’ Out (WEA)
  • T: Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde; Mirror Conspiracy (ESL) Washington, DC “too low to find my way, too high to wonder why”



  • V: Venus Vibes – Cannabis; Pro Cannabis 3 (Dope Dreams) Jah-many
  • W: Word Sound I Powa – Puro Malo; Live From Planet Crooklyn (ROIR) NYC
  • Z: Zion Train – Healing of the Nation; CD Single (Universal Egg) UK 



I’m short a few letters but have all the Continents represented but Antarctica

Stone the Penguin


Anyone Sprechen sie Hanf? Makes no Sensi to me

bless, robt

Cheech and Chong Zombies

Day 13 Cannabis Service Month: Smile Jamaica Weedstep Review: Soom T & Disrupt – Ode to a Carrot (Jahtari); 2010



<Soom T – Ode to a Carrot: Smile Jamaica Mini Mix; 4 min 20 sec.>


One of the things I want to try and accomplish with the Smile Jamaica blog is to introduce readers to new music releases and titles that I favor and listen to for the purpose of “rinsing out” on KRCL 90.9FM Saturday’s 4-7 PM. Smile Jamaica on “your station that rules the nation!”

In the spirit of the season, I’ll start with Soom T & Disrupt – Ode to a Carrot (Jahtari) 2010. (Click link for track list and metadata)

Soom T is the singer. Disrupt the Dubstep producer. Jahtari is a major Dubstep label out of Jah-many.

Here is Smile Jamaica’s definition of Dubstep: heavy bass and dance music that focuses more on the “wobble” at the expense of the “echo”.

Most Post Modern Dub that I have been calling Mutant Dub for 25+ years  is the evolution of Jamaican Dub. Orthodox Jamaican Dub of its 70s heyday, made by guys like King Tubby and Lee “Scratch” Perry, concentrated on turning the vocal inside out and deconstructing or inverting the song structure.

The focus is on delay and ricochet echo of the riddim guitar and vocal; with the drum and bass pushed up in the mix. In Reggae the guitar serves as a rhythm instrument. That makes the perfect soundscape to chop that guitar down stroke (the “chukka chukka” sound of Reggae) into shards of cascading reverb.

The vocal becomes texture as it reverberates or drops in and/or fades out. In the coffee table book Reggae International, by Stephen Davis & Peter Simon, they call this studio phenomenon “X Ray Music”.

Mutant Dub is the European (for the most part) evolution in sound using contemporary UK and German dance music, modern instrumentation and studio craftsmanship while punching up the Jamaicanesque echo in both tempo and volume.

The Holy Trinity in this sound was Adrian Sherwood’s ON U Sound, the Mad Professor and Jah Shaka. They bridged the gap between 70s Roots Jamaica and today’s Dubstep, Lounge, Techno and Downtro.


21st Century Dubstep serves to lessen the echodelic environment and goes for over modulating the bass. That phenomenon is where you get the pulsating vibrato effect which has a more dark and ominous sound that is less kinetic and more dense. The brooding and malevolent “wubba” effect. Geared at maximum volume right at your groin.

One of the other components of Dubstep is the tendency to cut all that “murk” by layering in tinkly video game effects and bleeps and boops.

Soom T & Disrupt have crafted a typical Dubstep release in Ode to a Carrot which showcases the “wubba” as well as the 80s Atari lo fi sound.

Soom T is a wee female Singjay out of Glasgow, Scotland. Singjay is a style in Reggae that combines a synthesis of Jamaican toasting along with singing. Think Eek a Mouse or Sister Carol. Singjay = singer + deejay.

In addition to her album, Soom T has been a featured rub-a-dubber for collectives like Mungo’s Hi Fi. Ode to a Carrot is, essentially, a “concept” album devoted to the Seven Leaf; 15 tracks on disk or dubble LP all devoted to Ganja.

I play her with frequency on Smile Jamaica: as a way to get more quality women’s music into the show, herbtunes and Mutant Dub. That’s why I usually call her The Weedstepper on air.

Vocally she has a winsome, youthful voice with a little Scottish burr and sass in her delivery.

The lead off track “Roll It” grabs you by the eardrums with its “Bic flicking” intro and green smoke exhale. Lyrically, it is anthemic pot propaganda full of four letter middle finger salutes in praise of aggressive cannabis consumption in all its style and glory. The thud of the bass is leavened with slicing electronic syncopation while video game effects swirl in and out. “Suck it, f*** it, everybody inhale to get stoooooned.”

“Boom Shiva” is old school video game soundtrack welded to Digital Reggae Sleng Teng bass Riddim underneath Soom T’s double time lyric delivery. The Wubba interlude will make your fillings ping. “Never Get Caught” shows our gal so boastful she brags about selling weed to the cops. She blows smoke their way again on “Puff the Police”. “Puff” being a substitute for another 4 letter word.

“Saved by a Ganja Leaf” showcases her unique rhythmic speed rap over a gurgling bass and chunky pump organ chop chop. She is fearless in her devotion to the Seven Leaf. She inspires me to do the same here on the Smile Jamaica blog. Selah!l

“Puff That Weed” is straight in the UK tradition of 80s speed rappers like Smiley Culture packing dubble the lyrics per BPM. The throwback 80s Riddim has some Dubstep grit in the baseline. She segues into more of a cool down the pace outer space echo on “I Need Weed”. Nice to mix up the flow of the disk for a sense of free from gravity expansion with some old school Mutant Dub stylee.


“Ganja Ganja” is straight out of  the 80s synth pop tradition with its thudding drums and keyboard burps.  A heavy dose of video game effects makes it contemporary. More great programming, as 80’s dance funk slides straight into slow and sticky rub a dub bass on “Wee Rant”. This features Soom T’s spoken word narration sounding like Spud’s li’l sister from the flick Trainspotting.

You could listen to “They Call It Pot” and use it for your research paper detailing the different types of marijuana:  Cannabis Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. In between her lecture, Soom T vamps it up on the singing part. Very overt video game texture on the mix. “Weed is Sweeter” is smokey Weedstep Lovers Rock where Soom T sings in a very fetching and attractive chanteuse style. She surfs on a more space age classic Neodub riddim that approximates the weightlessness of space. 21st Century Spliff Odd-yssey as opposed to Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey.  Very slinky way to end the set.

Hopefully Weedstep will become as much a perennial sub genre as Mutant Dub has become. At least on Smile Jamaica.

<Soom T – Ode to a Carrot: Smile Jamaica Mini Mix; 4 min 20 sec.>

bless, robt

soom 01


Smile Jamaica is hosted by Robert Nelson on 90.9 FM KRCL in Salt Lake City, Utah (Saturdays, 4-7 p.m. MT). Ark-ives available weekly here at the Smile Jamaica blog.